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Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal: What A 70 Year Old Lady Taught Me At The Beach



Feel Good Project day 129

The best prescription I ever was prescribed:

“Go the the beach EVERYDAY.”

Yes, this really happened after my healing session with my extremely talented pal Mary Attalla this past Tuesday as she helped with my digestive flare up beyond words, and helped get me back on the healing track.

She did also send me away with the strong suggestion to make it my number one priority to make it to the ocean daily, to walk barefoot on the shore to receive the powerful negative ions, as well as get ‘out of my head’ and more into my body.

Trying to grasp what it really means to get out of my head, but like everything else in this life, it’s all a part of the journey.

So, I took Mary’s suggestion to heart (with a handful of other suggestions that I am following that really seem to be helping me return to a place of being comfortable in my body again and out of tremendous pain) and have been making time everyday this week to walk on the wet sand and really ground in.

To the earth.

To myself.

To healing.

The day here was beyond gorgeous, in fact it was better weather than many Summer days we have. Quite incredible, given that it’s just the first official week of Spring. I am NOT complaining. In fact I am loving it and soaking it up.

It really IS medicine.

I forget and take it for granted often that I can literally walk a block down my street and be at the edge of the world, where all my worries disappear into the horizon and the dreaming of anything being possible begins.

The pace has been slow and lingering along the shore, as my body is still not quite up for major sweat kind of working out. These walks are luxurious and decadent, often in the middle of the day while the world is at work and the kids at school, where I feel as if the beach becomes my own personal dream world.

My walk along the sand today held such healing thoughts and feelings for me. I carved out time on this gorgeous day to spend time reading with Justin at the beach, where I was able to make it through 30 pages of Lissa Rankin’s new book The Fear Cure.

She has so many nuggets that I had so much to gather up in my heart and ponder as I took a reading break and meandered down the shimmering shoreline to use the restroom.

Along my seaweed strewn path I was filled with so much HOPE, after a VERY very dark week of struggle. It’s as if the worst has been put behind me yet again for now and I am just living from such a state of pure gratitude.

After milling some thoughts around in my head, I decided to try this ‘get out of the head’ business for a bit.

So I found my 4 B’s.





Yes, the first three are self explanatory.

The fourth yes, you read that right.

I took a banana with me on my ten minute walk down along the shore to the restrooms, and something extraordinary happened.

While I was barefoot, concentrating extra on my breathing and letting myself learn how to just be, I took TEN minutes to savor the flavor of a banana. Doesn’t sound like anything special…oh but it WAS!!!!

When does one ever take ten minutes to eat a piece of fruit? I for one rarely to never have. Time always seems tight, and I usually just mow through my food, which I am learning to slow down and take more time.

The smell the luscious overly ripe fruit mixed with the wild ocean mist was invigorating, and I decided I wanted to really linger in the moments with the gift of flavor and sweetness it offered me.

Hands down a glorious experience. To revel in the little things, to return to the wonder.

The journey back from the bathroom to my towel brought another precious and unexpected gift.

A beautiful, older woman stood yards in front of me along the wet sand, looking out to the ocean waves. She looked so classy and peaceful as she observed the waves roar in to the shore and then settle at her feet.

She wore her hair long and the most beautiful grey color I have ever seen. A classy, black, one piece swimsuit made her probably 75 year old body look marvelous. What caught my eye even more so was a beautiful, thick, gold braided necklace that wrapped around her think neck.

I thought to myself, “Why wear such a treasure to the beach of all places?”

The voice in my head immediately answered, “Why NOT?”

The whole ‘life is not a dress rehearsal’ quote came to mind, as well as thoughts of seizing the day and everyday being a special occasion so bust out the fine china on a Wednesday night!

I felt peaceful and invigorated simultaneously.

She then proceeded to wade out into the still chilly water, and then fully committed to the plunge. Bobbing around and frolicking about with no one but herself, enjoying her own company stunned me and took my breath away.

I was elated by watching her freedom.

Reminding me that I too, have this peace and spirit within me set a part of me even more free than I have been in a long time.

The healing journey is quite a road to be certain. I am so blessed beyond words and grateful to be back up and on the road to living again. Although no ‘fixed’ by any stretch, I am on my way again…

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: The feel of the salt water kiss my skin, only to be dried by rays of golden light upon return to my cozy warm towel. True heaven.


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