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I Walked Away From Something I Really Wanted And That’s When The Magic Happened



Feel Good Project day 99

Upon waking today, I decided to be more intentional about living in the flow.

VERY cool results.

Had a rummage sale with my friend for the second Sunday in a row, both of which days I had one big ticket item I was looking to sell, but hadn’t had any luck. I consoled myself with the fact that I could list it on Craigslist tomorrow instead and let it go.

The twist though is that I needed to make EXACTLY $120 from this sale to be able to make my bills this week that I had already sent off in the mail IN FAITH that the money would be there when they cashed. So, I knew my time was running short and I needed a miracle.

I left the garage sale a tad early, and my pals said to just keep my items out and they would be happy to sell them for me if there was any interested buyers.

I had been camping out for 4 hours and made a few bucks which most definitely helped, BUT the minute I left to come home was when the magic happened. Choosing to trust and have faith that the money would work itself out, I got a call within 10 minutes of walking in my front door. Of course my item had just sold. Of course.

So, I had everything I needed AND when I added it up-it actually left $5 extra in my pocket, which lets me take a donation based yoga class in the park tomorrow with my friend Robin.

Oh the provision.


The miracles did not stop there.

Later in the afternoon Robin met me for a walk along the beach, seasoned with amazing conversation as it always is with her. Upon returning home, I realized somewhere along the path I lost the brand new knitted hat my mom spent the most of last week working on for me. I’d only work it twice and it was already my favorite slouchy beanie.

My heart sank.

Robin suggested we drive back closer to the beach to look for it, so we did and came up empty. We drove back to my place when we realized there might be another stretch of beach trail where it could have possibly fallen. So, she drove us back down to a different stretch, where we parted ways to look.

I was sure it was gone as the trail was so heavily populated on a beautifully warm Sunday afternoon. I searched in hope and turned around to meet Robin, only to find her waving it up in the air at me from a distance! Couldn’t even believe my eyes. It had been way over an hour since I dropped it on a crowded trail, and some kind soul had picked it up and laid it out of harm’s way on a beach trail bench just waiting for us to come fetch it.

Talk about feeling LOVED!!!!!

Days like today make me feel like God is totally rooting for me, and that is the very best feeling of all.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Knowing that I can easily get back to my more strict diet and start new tomorrow so I start feeling digestion-wise MUCH better. The fact that every waking day is a new opportunity leaves me in complete awe. (Oh-and both the above miracles felt PRETTY DARN amazing as well:)

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