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I Used Our Laser On A Friend And Here’s What Happened



Feel Good Project day 117

You know what is blowing my mind lately?

The circle of giving.

It is really crazy that I find myself smack dab in the middle of this giant, beautiful love fest that keeps on giving and giving.

Kind of like the whole ‘pay it forward’ thing. People and scenarios are literally flying at me from seemingly out of nowhere ever since I committed to quitting my job and trusting that I’d be taken care of. The truth is-I really am.

Just in ways I never expected.

The really beautiful part is that the more I get blessings heaped on me from both friends, family and strangers alike, I am thrown JUST as many opportunities to return the love, just in very different forms.

Often I find myself comparing the gifts that I can give back to others and mine often feel way less deserving, or that someone got jipped because the gifts I am given are SO amazing that mine I offer pale in comparison.

Whether this is true or not, it’s how I sometimes feel.

I realize though that what we get and what we give away don’t need to be the same, and in fact they CANNOT be the same, as the recipient of the talents and gifts are as completely unique in and of themselves.

For example…a wonderful friend offered to work on both Justin and my bodies for specific challenges we are having physically. It is a gift of serious time and energy, and we hope what we have to offer her back is on the same level. The thing is-she does not seem to care and it does not matter! We all do our part and then God takes care of how it gets received and distributed.

That very night after we were given assistance, we were able to help a different friend in turn who was dealing with a crisis in her body, by offering Q-Laser sessions to her! Anything we have that we can share with others to help heal and thrive we will do!

Often times I am finding though, it’s all about listening to the quiet promptings that we need to hear, guiding us in the direction we should go. This friend who we used the laser on the last two nights had this physical problem for a whole day before we got to her, and I just didn’t think to offer the laser as help! I just was NOT thinking of it for some reason, which is so weird as I cannot live without my laser ha ha!

Anyway, the point of all this is that it is such an amazing thing to watch how help goes around and around if we let it, and gives us all our own unique ways to jump in and get involved…no matter how tiny or huge.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Walking in the light sprinkling rain twice today to get Maggie out on walks. The cold pitter patter against the asphalt was refreshing music to my ears and soul.

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