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I Had A Meltdown Today & Doubted What I’m Doing But Then I Decided To Do This Instead



Feel Good Project day 73

Today things seemed more real as far as me winding down to the last days at the salon.

Real in a great way as I introduced the salon owner to the friend that will be taking my place and my clients when I step down. That felt final to me. It also brought on a moment of freak out as our bank account literally dwindled down to under ten bucks left over by the time our last bills go out in these next few days.

The old me wants to flip out and change my mind and run back to everything ‘safe’. The problem (although I can’t really call it that) is that the OLD me is ceasing to exist as I delve into the new world of dangerously trusting the new UNSEEN path before me.

I have no idea how we are still going or how things will continue to roll, but I trust anyway.

Besides all THAT, I spent the afternoon with Robin (one of my two best friends) painting mugs at a pottery place in our town. As a belated Christmas gift, I decided that this would become a new tradition for she and I- to start the new year with something creative that signifies NEW life, goals and dreams.

We both chose mugs as we know that we will use them everyday, and as we do we will be reminded to go for our dreams in 2015. I am pretty sure she will enjoy her morning coffee in hers, and I will be sipping my bone broth! Ha! Hey, to each her own right?!

Our conversation was filled with SUCH life. She always fills me (and the whole room as well wherever she is!) with such HOPE, encouragement and words that feed my soul. Having a true soul friend is rather quite miraculous. That is a blessing I will not ever take for granted, as I know they are rare to find even ONE in a lifetime.

I have to say, between a day like today filled with such high hopes for this year, as well as yesterday with my home spa day, I am feeling pretty darn amazing. It’s such a treat to have both my body and spirit feeling fed and refreshed.

Digestion report: I took a turn today to feeling pretty crampy and bloated again. I attribute it to getting a bit (or perhaps a LOT) cocky in feeling great and I drank half a glass of red wine at the pottery place today…and now I am paying for it. I really really thought I could get away with it and come out unscathed but apparently not the case.

Oh well, I cheated and I now pay the price. It’s really a challenge to not judge myself for messing up, but all I can say is that I am reminded WHY I do not cheat more often as it’s never worth feeling bad. If I can just pound this into my thick head!!! Tomorrow is a new day, and man am I ever thankful for that!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Seeing movement in our requests for change. We have been literally looking and praying to move from our current apartment for over two years and we’ve had complete crickets. Frustrating often beyond belief but we are learning much through the process. Today Justin was walking Maggie when a lady chased him down the street to tell him she’s been wanting to catch one or both of us to ask if we wanted to rent their house that they were going to be leaving and renting out starting march 1st. We thought maybe this was that synchronistic story we’d been praying and waiting for! We went back tonight and the lovely couple gave us the tour and it was small and gorgeous, but truth is, it’s almost triple our rent so that was CLEARLY not in the cards for us. Instead of focusing on being disappointed, we chose to see it as MOVEMENT-that God has something coming our way and hasn’t forgotten about us (because this is often how we FEEL)…

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