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I Got My Saliva & Hormone Tests Back Today & I’m Beyond Frustrated!



Feel Good Project day 116

Today I have decided undoubtedly that the reason I am allowed this frustrating journey through digestive hell is so that I stay grounded, humble and on the path with so many others, so that I may truly have compassion, empathy and rejoice in the victories along the way…no matter how small or large!

Such a journey I never saw myself on.

I wanted to throw my hands up again today when I got my saliva/adrenal/sex hormone panel results back today, which showed a few hormone challenges for sure, but nothing as major as it FEELS to me in my body.

It sounds crazy, but I really almost wanted there to be something SO off in this test that I could have some explanation of why things have been behaving the way they are lately.

Of course I am happy that my adrenals are making a comeback from the past testing last Spring, so on one hand I am super elated that all of my hard adrenal work is paying off.

It’s bizarre to be both encouraged and then left scratching my head as to why all of these strange symptoms?!

A few more blood tests will be run next week, but I am not expecting much to show from them either.

SO, what conclusions can be drawn?

Well, it’s either all in my head, all in my body, a combo of both, can be fixed by internally fixing my body, fixing my thoughts ABOUT my body needing fixing, OR fix my body completely using my mind to do it.


That’s seriously heavy.

Sounds a bit nuts, but this is where I find myself.

As I carve out intentional time to pray and meditate and listen, I have faith the answers will come if I just hang in there. That is something I need to work on actually though-the ‘just hanging in there’ part. I don’t want to hang in there anymore. I’ve been doing that far too long.

How about thriving while figuring it out?

Yes. I like the sounds of that much better.

That is why this project exists-to figure out just this. I have a few new cards up my sleeve about how to pull this very thing off, so I will stay in the game and keep going and figure out the thrive part along the rocky road…

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Husband and puppy kisses are pretty special, and sometimes I take them for granted. Today I really appreciated them more than normal…probably a great day to remember to revel deeper in the good stuff in life!

Image: Giordano Aita | Dreamstime

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