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I Can’t Believe That What This Fortune Cookie Told Me Was True



Feel Good Project day 109

Today, EXACTLY one week to the day that I found my fortuitous fortune cookie message in the street, I ‘received’ what I had been promised-and NOT in any way I ever saw coming!

I spent all week looking for and dreaming up scenarios of what exactly could be coming my way and yes, those dream situations DID include winning the lottery and someone gifting me a million dollars:) I AM only human right? After all, the fortune DID say to prepare myself to receive, so I was thinking if I had to prepare for it, maybe it’s be something BIG!

Big is a relative term when it comes to the amount something blesses you at the particular moment I am finding out.

Last week at this time, a juice fast wasn’t still a solid commitment in my head, and I was still toying around with when to start this adventure. SO, my gift found me today and only made sense given the journey of this week with the fast.

What I was gifted today were 28 GIGANTIC lemons from a former client/now friend who texted me out of the blue to come and grab a ton of lemons from her porch that she had picked for me.

Now, this is huge to me for three reasons:

  1. Now being on this fast, juicing gets very expensive and lemon prices are through the roof right now for organics! Justin calculated that this generous offer saved us about $42 and will come close to lasting me the entire duration of the fast! WOW cool!!!!

  2. The gift of lemons KEEPS coming my way and WON’T stop. What am I starting to think this all symbolizes? That takes us to the next point….

  3. Robin gifted me with a word for my year at the beginning of January (which is interesting by the way as I usually pick a word for MYSELF every year, and this year I really didn’t resonate with one particular one as there were many!) The word MORE is what she gave to me and it sure is becoming more apparently every single day. This is what this represents I am starting to see. That God is giving me MORE than I need, even in times that look slight and non-abundant.

With me leaving my job, I was a tad fearful that we wouldn’t be able to survive financially. Although we are scraping by lately and just making enough to pay the bills, we are here and somehow (grace of God) making it with everyday miracles.

That’s what I believe the lemons are for.

Robin texted me back when I showed her a photo of my box of lemons, and she beat me to what I had just been thinking myself which is:

‘Unbelievable! God just will not stop giving you that message of more’


So, tonight I juiced a giant, organic backyard lemon and just felt complete and total peace and trust while drinking my green juice for dinner.

This receiving thing is pretty darn cool I have to say. What’s the best about it is that it’s very seldom what you think and expect it to look like:)

Day 4 of fast went pretty great today. Had 3 juices and two bowls of broth, tons of water and a tiny bit of coconut water for added electrolytes. Felt a tad bit not myself due to shaking a bit between juices, but after it faded I was back again and my energy level seems to really be picking up today which rocks.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: In a floating session today between chiropractic appointments, I got the very strong message to laugh more and have more fun! Life has been stressful and so serious lately that I need to do what my favorite Dixie Chicks sing about, “you gotta loosen up those chains and dance….” GREAT advice!

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