How To Cook Veggies And A Recipe by Robert von Sarbacher


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How To Cook Veggies And A Recipe by Robert von Sarbacher


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Veggies are the key to everything working in nutrition – if they are cooked and cooked properly to retain vits and mins and enzymes – this is the key though for 99% of everyone on the planet thinks cooking them til they are soft kills all enzymes and rids them of all vits – this is a totallll fallacy and propaganda to make sure you never eat veggies – ever! No matter how many supplements you take they only work in the body according to the amount of veggies you have in you and water and oxygen.

One of the greatest combo recipes in the world for veggies is… yellow squash, broccoli and spinach, and white onions, with butter oil and salt and pepper and trocomare spice and herbamare spice…(spinach is required to be organic or do not get it at all! It is totally worthless now for any nutrition if not organic, it’s just empty! Can substitute also beet greens b/c they taste exactly like spinach, don’t know how that happened.) (uh, unless you are not using spinach for nutrition but to undo a detox side effect then it doesn’t matter if it has no nutrition in it – it will work for that side effect removal)

When you are back onto eating meats again (for those that are vegetarians for a few months,) you can also put in here some smoked chicken or smoked brisket if you can find a reliable source for smoked meats… (not cured) like I can find here at Whole Foods Grocer – just cut up already cooked smoked meats (NOTTTT UNCOOKED SMOKED MEATS) and throw them in the veggies and eat that way – thus you will actually eattttttt your veggies for the first time in your lives! And not mind!

Whenever you cook veggies via steaming or via boiling – boil in purified water never in distilled … distilled and/or de-ionized water are for cleanings and for making teas… not for drinking on a regular basis…See Source list for Water Purity and shower filters etc and the use of Spring water with it! Etc – cook in clean water….

When boiling you must NEVER boil veggies or steam them for more than 15 mins or all the enzymes will be dead…. I personally never let my clients ever steam veggies for the pure reason that they are always destroyed b/c of the nature of steamers – they are ridiculously impossible to work with at all times ( when one part of the veggies in there is perfectly cooked the others are perfectly raw! And so on) Steaming almostttt never cooks veggies correctly ever! When you are desperate for perfection – use boiling method only – you will lose almost none of Vit and Min and Enzyme content if you are doing this like so! Yet they will be as soft in <10 mins as if you had cooked them for 1 hour… one is perfection the other destroys… This involves 2 steps ONLY – Step one, put veggies in water that is ALREADY briskly boiling, set timer on 10 mins - this may cause it to stop boiling for a few mins when veggies hit the water esp. if they are cold! Best to use room temp veggies but either way it will work even if cold - that’s fine, just wait til 10 mins is up (which it might have JUST now come back to boil) and take it off the heat or wait the 10 to 12 mins til it starts to finally boil again then take it OUT… step 2, DUMP IT, strain it! Remove it from the heat… stop the cooking process… DO NOT turn off the stove and leave it there in the hot water! This will kill it! Do not place it originally in water that is cold and wait the 30 mins to an hour for it to start boiling, they will be dead b4 they start boiling! Do not have to wait for it to come back to a boil after you put them into boiling water though - so you can count down your 7 to 10 mins of cook time starting right when put the veggies into boiling water…just start counting from the min you put all the veggies in EVEN if those veggies caused it to stop boiling…no big deal! It will boil again in a few mins or sometimes 10, then when starts boiling again, it’s usually perfect 30 second to 2 mins after that… sometimes right then with no more wait you can take them out! Either way I have taken them out before - even though did not come back to a boil - and still almost always cooked perfectly – the definition of perfect is NOT “al dente” which means partially crispy – you don’t want them partially raw and partially cooked – make them soft in sometimes 5 sometimes 7 sometimes 10 and very rarely 12 mins please… never over 15 or they are dead. Corn will almost always cook in 5 mins, asparagus 7-8 mins, 99% of everything else in 10 mins and green beans is 12 mins (but even then the water has to be furiously boiling b4 putting them in) Ok, so to rehash that::: if for example you put in yellow squash, into briskly boiling water and then it stops boiling - that doesn’t matter, just set your timer for 10 mins RIGHT WHEN PUT IN THE VEGGIES, and if it comes back to boil way b4 ten mins, like 5 to 7 mins, then wait 2 mins after that and dump them, or if it comes back to boil at 10 mins, can wait extra 30 seconds and dump them, but if does not come back to boil by 11 mins, dump them anyway… or just do 10 mins every time no matter what… whichever.. everyone has a different stove… NOTE: often if you don’t have water come back to boil within 10 mins that is irrefutable proof that you have put in too many veggies for the quantity of water you have. NOTE: This seems to be a HUGE misinformation going around that you must cook veggies in TINY amount of water to not loose nutrients – this is a lie – the key is timing NOT heat of water and not quantity! Put them in a lot of water if that makes it easier for you… I always cook veggies in a gallon or more of spring water – esp. since I make gargantuan quantities at a time – enough to last 2 people 4 to 7 days, 3x/day meals.

Steaming will kill veggies as easily as boiling but b/c of massively uneven heat distribution … do you see a problem?? Most veggies will be “al-dente”… little hard or crisp or what have you… that’s fine if you prefer it that way but you will not get as much benefit from them if half raw – why???? b/c it will send you into detox at the exact time you have to have building … on the other hand, in general, all raw veggies are more powerful than cooked IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DETOX – or if you are wise enough to know how to combine certain foods in your diet to eat raw… so that you don’t end up in hospital from detoxing over load – like eating apples or using living sulfur or drinking pure Plant Minerals or buy a book by David Wolfe or Dr. Cassar or Dr. Gabriel Coussins or Dr. Jubb… all these will give examples of how to eat raw without ending up in hospital b/c you are clueless as to what you are doing… they will show you how to avoid pitfalls… I cannot tell you the endless raw foodists or vegans or vegetarians who suffered for NOTHING for a decade trying to figure out the secret and trial and error til they finally how to never have probs eating veggies raw… there are short cuts from those that have been thru the hell hole so you can avoid it – like myself and books from those in the industry for decades… etc.

However you should KNOW that none of the raw foods – even if more powerful – will build collagen and elastin in the face!!!! They will not youth you even close to what PROPERLY COOKED VEGGIES WILL – UNDER THE CONDITION YOU USE BUTTER (NOT COCONUT OIL) AND SALT AND PEPPER (BUTTER MAKES DETOXING OFF COOKED VEGGIES IMPOSSIBLE – COCONUT OIL FORCES DETOXES FROM COOKED VEGGIES EVEN IF COOKED! – THUS BUTTER WILL MAKE YOU BUILDDDDDDDDD NOTTTTT DETOXXXXXX) thus your face starts filling in wrinkles and your eyes, sucked backed into your head b/c of aging, start to come out again as you youth and on and on… this is PROPERLYYYYYYYYY cooked veggies with ENZYMES STILL ALIVE!!!

NOTE: Here is the key – when using cooked veggies with butter – the liver never becomes overloaded – wait it gets better – not only do you build and also build collagen and elastin – but also tendons and sinew and cartilage and muscle (without working out) – though that latter can be accomplished with raw TOO ( – muscle building only – without working out – with a few tweaks you can even do cartilage with eating raw too) – but you start to remove wrinkles super fast as face fills in on top of which – yes, it gets better – you stillllll detox but without forcing liver over the detox threshold of what it can handle – so no detox side effects and since it’s the BODY doing detox and not the food the difference is super powerful!

Asparagus is the key to super health in general with veggies – esp. when very weak in feet and feet are sooooo painful (like with elderly or even young waiters and servers) so you must instead eat plenty of Asparagus – the more you eat the better you become and faster you become super healthy – like in 5 days or so – if willing to do 150 cooked asparagus per day…. With BUTTER! don’t forget what happens to all the insane people to eat cooked with no butter or an alternative to butter… there is NOOOO way around this that I have found in 20 yrs – butter forces building!!!! Forces you NOT to go into detox from those cooked veggies but will not forbid the body to detox from all other foods or herbs or etc you might be taking TO DETOX – just building only form the cooked veggies you ate with butter… with me so far??? Use the recipe of tons of Asparagus with little white onion…

Rules for Veggies: always consume then with onion – white ONLY – not yellow or red or purple – only the ones that make you cry the most – that’s where the power is!!!

Veggie Stock recipe – how to make a Veggie TEA:

Take one whole green cabbage (not Napa Cabbage but regular green cabbage you are used to seeing in USA grocery stores) and cut in half and throw in big 4 gallon stainless steal pot! (they are like $40 at Wal-Mart in USA) then put in ginger root about 5 inches long with all the ranches still on it, cut it in half and throw it in… then put in ½ a bunch of parsley then throw in 1 yellow squash – a big one – cut in ½ and throw it in… .. bring to a boil then put on simmer for 1 to 4 hours or longer even… you will be KILLING all the veggies in here ON PURPOSE!!! When done you can throw them away – keep the broth… drink it regularly – you will notice a change in your body you cannot hardly believe and will notice immediately the wonderful feeling of heat rushing thru your veins upon first drinking a good quart of this hot broth right off the bat – it’s amazing… I use it whenever I’m taking cooked and seasoned veggies and drinking them via blender real quick b/c I’m in a hurry – I put in hottt veggie broth with them instead of hot water and blend and wow what an affect!!! Whoa… (NOTE: this is where you would use only pesticide free produce ….)

Making and eating veggies is not the easiest thing – I have insane people EVERY day try to make veggies 3x/day fresh – this is only for those that have NOOOO interest in nutrition – why????? b/c in 20 yrs I’ve never found a living being who could continue this pace ever – not even a house wife!!! But they have tried no matter how much I beggggggged and pleadedddd with them – NOOOO DON’TTTT, PLEASEEEE DON’TTTT and finally after 6 months they got a revelation that nutrition is evil and should never be done for any reason – eat crap all day and God will take care of you anyway! Skip all nutrition sorta… – cute revelation don’t you think? After I begged and pleaded with them to NOT be insane telling them they will become self destructive and self annihilating if they try to destroy themselves with impossible feats like cooking 3x/day fresh veggies! Something soooo utterly meaningless it’s impossible to even watch never mind do it in actuality but NOOOO they did it anyway – and this is the result.

So, I’m going to beg you to PAY ATTENTION and learn from the insane so that you do NOT go insane.

NUTRITION IS EASY if you follow directions and make it easy – here’s the directions – make enough to last for 4 days minimum – in my fridge it will last for 4 days b4 going bad but it will last for 7 days in glass – I use plastic so I cook 2x/week only! I make large amount of veggies but you could do this fast if put in like 3 gallons of water and chopped up tons of veggies but this is unwise… never cooks right unless you have industrial cooker so please be a normal person – get out your 1 ½ gallon container stainless steel pot and let’s start from there please… here’s how it works… chop up 13 normal sized yellow (or green) squash, 1 large white onion, 2 whole broccolis, and 2 lbs of spinach – yes that 2 gigantos of spinach in the already Org, washed and ready to go containers you see everywhere – next bring water to a boil and put in spinach first it will cook down to nothing (though barely fitting in at first) in about 1 ½ mins – NOW throw in other veggies (I sometimes throw in the veggies on top to push the spinach down – b/c it looks like it won’t fit b/c spinach took up all the room) hehe – anyway…

Now, I WILL NOT get all the veggies in since the sliced veggies of brocc and squash and onion and etc make more than 1 ½ gallons cut up raw as it is! So this will take 2, sometimes 3, cookings in a row meaning it will take about 2 hours 2x/week to do this cooking… with me so far? So immediately upon putting in spinach I put on timer at 10 mins and take the timer with me as I go to watch TV or chat on phone or whatever… it works great…when it goes off I should see when I look at the pot that I the veggies already came back to a boil (if not I know I put in too many veggies given the quantity of water, and will wait one more min to see if comes back to boil but at 11 min mark I dump them period regardless!) into a STRAINER/COLLANDER with a giant catch underneath like a 4 gallon stainless steel pot or a giant stainless steel rounded mixing bowl like thingy. This will catch all the hot water and I will put my 1 ½ gallon or so pot back on hot stove and put in water immediately and set timer for 15 mins and go watch TV – waiting for this water to come back to a boil so I can put in more… the problem is that I know it will not fit all the rest of the veggies – there’s room – but for the amount of water in that pot it will not be enough time – so I put in half the veggies left when water is boiling and then repeat all those steps again… and repeat again with the last of the veggies.

Note: it’s always beneficial after getting the veggies thru the colander to put into container going into fridge – to put in butter and salt and pepper first – then put them into fridge… this is how it should be! I in fact go one step further and put in ice first like cubes – not many to slow down cooking process – but I know a lot of people who buy the “covered ice” things that are frozen but covered and put that in to cool it down faster and then wash it off and put back in freezer for later use… it’s up to you – fine either way…. b/c whether you use ice cubes (not many) or frozen ice wrapped or none of that to cool it down faster it will NOT matter – all the matters is that it is OUT of the hot water!!!!!! And strained and fine! Yay!

NOTE: for those doing the 150 asparagus – that’s 5 bunches of asparagus from any regular store or 3 bunches from Sam’s club – it doesn’t matter the size of the asparagus in this case – i.e., let’s say Safeway or other grocery store has giant sized asparagus b/c beginning of season – well they will still bunch the same weight!!!! Whereas Sam’s always bunches about double the weight!!!! So whatever 5 normal bunches comes to that what you want and once you cut off the bottoms (I save them for juicing or super blender drinks later since they are like bamboo shell!!!) they will fit perfectly in even smaller pots though I still use my 1 ½ – 2 gallon stainless steel pot for most things!

Let’s put this in perspective:

RAW vs. COOKED (properly cooked):

You eat one raw yellow squash and the stomach says WOW look at all those living enzymes like 300 of them (making this up on quantity of enzymes – just for example purposes) – then stomach says “pancreas this is superrrrr high fiber and hard to digest so I want you to make a large amount of stomach acid for stomach and large amount of digestive enzymes for the intestines please”… so the pancreas immediately starts into stealing enzymes from the body to mnfr this – maybe 250 to 350 enzymes are stolen to make this breakdown and digestion possible and this does not include the energy loss from moving thru the intestines b/c of B vit loss from so much bulk – this is the nature of meats cooked or raw or just Raw Veggies (note: this would not happen (B vit loss) if you for example consumed 500 bananas a day despite it’s bulk content b/c it’s SOFT!!!!!) and also the reason why you could say that meat has B vits in it in order to replenish what is loss from bowel peristalsis movement and bulky hard items moving thru it… anyway, I digress…

The point is that you are from either breakeven to negative enzymes every time you eat raw – or – to put this into much worse perspective – you are aging every time – (note : this would probably NOT be the case if you were eating raw and were an African jungle dweller – b/c they have nothing in their bodies to detox out unlike you – a filth pile of fast foods and pesticides and super toxins and preservatives and food colorings and etc etc etc…. – their (African jungle dwellers) bodies could grab muchhh fewer enzymes to digest foods more easily than you could – this whole subject, though, I go into in seminars, but will stop here for now on that info)

Now Properly Cooked foods on the other hand are quite different

You take that same size of yellow squash properly cooked this time and eat that (with butter) and stomach says wow look at all those pure enzymes – like 225 to 250 enzymes – same original size squash b4 it was cooked – and stomach asks the pancreas to create the stomach acid and digestive enzymes and so it does using up maybe 25 to 75 enzymes to make this totally available and digested to the body.

Thus every time you are 100% VERY enzyme positive every time you eat – thus making you YOUTH as enzymes and hormones are the key to youthing – also the ester oils from the foods you ate in veggies and onions and etc are super youthing too b/c they are used (now available b/c you COOKED THEM WITHOUT KILLING THEM – raw food eaters would have gotten NONE of these ester oils b/c stomach acid cannot break them down ever! Nor can alcohol tinctures nor etc – only properly cooking them can do this) to mnfr hormones! Yay!

I always get a slacker yelling at me saying with a mocking tone – how does he not know that enzymes are killed at 118 degrees!!! Yes that is absolutely true… then he says how do you not know that boiling water is 212 degrees! Yes that is absolutely true… to which the mocker’s face becomes puzzled… “huh”, he says… lol “you do realize you just confessed that nothing you said could possibly happen, right?” hehe..

Yes it is true that 118 degrees kills all enzymes and 212 degrees is more than 118 degrees – but 118 degrees ONLY KILLS ENZYMES IN A PETRI DISH!!!!! This is false info put out there for the purpose of making sure you never ate your veggies b/c with this info you could say well whoohooo – veggies were worthless all along – never eat those again in my life… and the ubiquitous “THEY” were enthralled to see such impossible ignorance and lies and disinformation go UNCHALLENGED! What Suckers “they” said! This is why the nutrition industry is the most impossibly evil industry in the world – far exceeding and eclipsing in many aspects – the evil of the pharmaceutical industry – the WAR industry and mafia, professional mass murderers and hit man cannot even comprehend this level of evil – it never occurred to them they could reach this level of evil in a 1000 lifetimes – this is the CURRENT state of so called Nutrition Industry of the world… and it will always be this way! Want to know if something works – try it! Don’t just assume b/c they told you so… if you see living collagen form under your face and elastin growing and rebuilding your fossilized face wouldn’t you believe? I sure do! If you saw your face turn back the clock despite not having a single wrinkle on your face and already looking good – would you believe! I sure do!

So stop being a sucker and eat your veggies please!

NOTE: one of greatest collagen builders in the world is OKRA! And all slimy veggies! EVEN IF DEEP FRIED – but ONLY under the condition they are friend in GOOD unkillable OILS! Like living coconut oil – which I have and which I sell (it does NOT alter the taste of foods though) … unlike 99% of other coconut oils… I make them into soups (this requires more info to show how to make soups with veggies in them that are NOT dead) and can stir fry veggies and can deep fry them …

Stir Frying and Deep Frying

The key to the secret of these things is twofold – #1 use oils that can withstand the heats – like most nut oils and olive oil for stir frying – and #2 use onion in that oil b4 anything else hits that oil – even if only 2 mins – that’s the first thing – also never put in anyyyy veggies until the oil is HOT! Including the onion (call it #3 if you like)

I can pretty much guarantee that entire civilization today exist for only one reason – b/c of the onion – most notably the entire Asian section of our species – b/c they stir fry the whole earth in their pots but can you find a person in the entire country of China for example that is stupid enough to not put in onion first to so-called season the oil (I call it saving you from a nasty death) – b4 putting in anything else??? No one is that stupid – why – b/c they use the most evil oils on the planet to stir fry in – namely canola or worse – and if they did not use onions they would all be dead!!!! Rapeseed is another that is worse… and if you ever have a chance in this life to avoid rapeseed or canola – even if you have to use the nastiest hydrogenated poisonous oil you can find USE IT! ANYTHING is better than canola or rapeseed! Anything!

Now when doing a sauté stir fry – use olive oil or ESPECIALLY GHEE or nut oil or coconut oil and put in WHITE ONION first – (any onion almost will work for this but I use only white since it’s where the power is – can take and throw away that onion later in like 2 mins b/c it will have chemically transformed the oil by then!) anyway, if using more onions in the recipe that is fine but onion in there first – just a little bit like 2 tbl worth of onion is enough to start out and throw away – is how you begin stir fry’s = can stir fry to perfection any foods – this is how I usually do cabbage or Kale or collard greens or chard or any version of chard with Kale and/or spinach, etc etc etc and garlicsalt and pepper – red bell pepper or green and all veggies to broccoli to asparagus to squashes to etc etc etc… Chinese style stir fry’s or anything you want – just do it for 10 to 15 mins of stir fry!

White Onion transforms oil’s chemical structure to remove harmful affects of burnt or bad oils or etc… in the body it has many more affects than what it does on oil. That’s for another time.

Deep fry with coconut oil but put in a little white onion first… oil can be reused quite a few times if you put in white onion every time at the beginning then straining it out before use. Strain also the oil thru and unbleached coffee filter before storing away for use in the future again.

For info on doing French fries see file on “Cooking, Food combining and Potatoes”

Insidious and amazing corruption:

Want an example – POLICOSANOL – the extract was sooooo freakishly and amazing powerful at removing High Blood Pressure and cholesterol and triglyceride problems when the body started healing itself while using this – it was vastly superior to even red yeast rice that is soooo popular! Anyway, it made news everywhere in the nutrition field – NOW enters the nutrition industry to destroy – they immediately start extracting it from everyyyy other source EXCEPT from the source (sugar cane) from which it was originally extracted and used from – the results – NON EXISTENT – nothing happened as in original studies! It was worthless but they still sold it to you as if it was extracted from sugar cane! (actual alive sugar cane itself not bleached refined processed and annihilated sugar! Do not be confused on that point) … they knew there was a difference but still said it was Organic – living form – LOL even though worthless for heart issues… are you beginning to see how this industry works??? They aren’t stupid, they knew the power of wheat germ oil extract of Vit E and the studies were sooooo scary to the pharma industry that they immediately started to get their goons in the nutrition and food industry to make Vit E oil synthetically and extract it from ANYYYYY other source except Wheat Germ Oil! Most specifically they used Genetically Altered Soybeans!!! LOL

I can give examples on this until cows learn how to sprout wings and fly… but that’s two to start with… in my seminars I do more examples… muchhhh more!

NOTE: The affect of those drinking gargantuan quantities of veggie stock (Never put salt in that by the way) is amazing to see even though there are NO enzymes in it! The vits and mins and ester oils from it are there though! Keep that in mind… but those vits and mins are NO longer in the veggies – those veggies are dead and worthless now… Just watch the transformation of the human body and face when drinking it on a regular basis! Wow! It’s all in the veggies stock, vit and min tea basically now with all the ester oils waiting for you!

Want to see the human face build impossibly beautiful and wonderful amounts of collagen and elastin enough to scare the beegeebees out of any plastic surgeon? … eat veggies cooked properly – always with onions and use butter and good salt and pepper (see salt file) – pepper will increase absorption by up to 20x (it is not a poison – this again was disinformation put out there – to make sure you stayed away from it) – just use a decent and small amount of it with veggies…not a lot.

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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