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How Switching Lines At The Health Store Allowed Me To Stumble Upon Potentially Life Saving Information



Feel Good Project day 30

Whole Foods proved a very fruitful outing today.

I mean, when does that NOT seem to be the case? That place is like a vortex-you go in for an organic rotisserie chicken and come out with a full cart (and a skint wallet, if that word can even be used that way!:)

However, today for a very fortunate shopping experience in my opinion, as it has led me down a trail of breadcrumbs, giving me new information that has already spurred a huge change in me.

I was in line to check out (and picked the ‘wrong’ line apparently, as the two gals in front of me were exchanging what seemed like a dozen items. Oh well, I have been learning to live in the flow, so I chilled and enjoyed my time people watching.

Then a magazine caught my eye- the Well Being Journal.

The title alone sounded right up my alley, so I grabbed it and randomly opened to a page covering the subject of histamine intolerance.

Interesting as my good friend and next door neighbor Theresa has been on a no histamine diet now for a bit, trying to heal up from a myriad of chronic auto immune disorders as well. (by the way-she is the BEST neighbor! We have so so much in common, and we never think each other is crazy for trying all we do with our dietary and lifestyle adventures!)

I thought maybe I should buy this magazine for her, as I know this would be of interest to her, but I was shocked by what I saw in the article when it came to high histamine foods!

MANY of the very foods I have been ‘adding’ back in to my diet lately over the past six weeks or so were on this very list!

I felt like a 2×4 plank had hit me over the head! A huge ‘AHA!’ moment happened right there, so I added this wonderfully informative guide to my cart.

Best thing I could’ve done. Almost the entire publication focuses on gut health and healing. The articles cover everything from how emotional traumas play a huge part in both disease as well as healing of the body to healing MS naturally, which according to a certain article this has been done!

Pouring over the open pages, this information has given me so much HOPE. Never in a zillion years would I have dreamed I had a histamine intolerance (there is a blood test to know for sure, which I plan on doing next!) but it makes complete sense if I do, as my digestion has been creeping slowly back to a worse place than I have been for over six months, which has been super frustrating.

I don’t know about anyone else, but digestive problems are THE biggest frustration and ‘mystery’ to me at times, as it is so so hard to actually pinpoint the exact triggers to what sets you off and also how something that works splendidly for you for weeks or months, may all of a sudden turn on you and bite you in the you know what!

Talk about confusing!!!

On one level, my little experiment with eating new foods (nuts mostly) hasn’t been a total waste, as I truly needed to heal from the FEAR associated with this food group. I am mentally healthier for trying this and that is a huge step to feeling better and healing. Being a slave to fear is the most life squelching thing in my opinion.

However, it makes complete sense that I have not felt great since eating yummy raw vegan cheesecakes made with nuts, added kombucha back in more regularly, as well as indulged in a few glasses of sulfate free organic wine. ALL of these things are very high on the histamine list, and when I think back to when I added these things in is when I started feeling lousy again. (although, it has been a new level of lousy-NOTHING compared to how I was a year ago this time!)

What this information has done as well is sparked a fire to DO something about this.

I am obviously going to cut out these newly added foods again, but I am going to go a step further by ADDING things in to HEAL me up. And quickly.

I embarked tonight on a three day bone broth and juice fast.

I’ve done a few just juice fasts in the past year, however I am feeling really great when I do a ton of the powerfully all healing bone broth, so I am making up my own fast and combining the two.

I have no idea if this is a good or bad idea (from what I know, seems like a good call?) but all I know is that I am feeling uncomfortable enough again in my body to give it a try. I am super excited to start all over, recalibrate my system and start over again.

Juiced this afternoon around 4pm and then had a giant bowl of bone broth at 6pm, so this will ease me into the next three days. Might go longer if my body tells me to-I will just listen and follow it’s lead.

What a fortunate accident stumbling upon that magazine today-I feel as if I was waiting for help with the next step and it came my way!

SO grateful.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Returning a lost dog to a neighbor’s house in the rain! Justin and I were walking Maggie and came across the sweetest white lab just cruising by herself. We grabbed her and called the numbers on her tag but no answer, so we walked her back to her home (around the corner from our place) and opened the gate and let her in! The friendly neighbor called about an hour later and thanked us as they had no idea she had gotten out. The family went over to the park to play and she got out somehow and wanted to find them, and got lost in the process! Felt good to go the extra mile to help, as obviously if it were Maggie that was lost, it would mean the world to us.

Oh, and the RAIN was glorious today! Manna from heaven here to us in California, as we are in a severe drought. THANK You God!

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