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How I’m Clearing My Path That’s Full Of Lies To See The Beauty Beyond



Feel Good Project day 113

[spp-tweet “‘The eagle that soars in the upper air does not worry itself as to how it is to cross rivers.'”]

My greatest wish is that everyone would have a friend like my soul pal Robin. I know this because of how inspired I am when leaving her presence every single time I am with her.

The above line was sent to me in a text tonight. It was inspired from a conversation she and I shared over our Tuesday tea ritual and beach walk early this morning.

There is much background to the quote above as to why it hold so much meaning to both she and I, but some things are personal to me so I won’t go into too much detail!

However, I have been reminded this week by a different friend altogether about how an eagle who soars off the cliff should not look down after it takes it’s leap of faith…it should rest safely in the knowing that it’s wings were built for the
journey ahead to land it safely across the valley far below. I couldn’t help but think of this…

It only need TRUST and keep focused AHEAD. Looking down will only make it falter and doubt.

I was given this reminder also from the story in the Bible about Peter getting out of the boat in the middle of he storm to walk to Jesus on top of the water. He’s basically walking along just fine in such a miraculous manner toward Christ UNTIL he decides it’s a good idea to look down. As he does, he starts to sink. He is reminded to return his focus, faith and intent forward and OUT and ahead, not down or back behind.

That very act of doing so saved him and he returned to abide in the miracle that he found himself enveloped in.

So, in my opinion basically same story. Both BEAUTIFUL reminders to keep focusing ahead and forging on, no matter what the external (or internal) circumstances might be.

Feeling good is all about clearing a path through the lies to SEE the cliff on the other side-just to know it’s there. No matter how long it takes me to get there, it’s a gigantic comfort to just rest in the promise of a future beyond my wildest dreams.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: A little patience goes a LONG way…this morning’s tea time got a bit chaotic when the credit card machine at the cafe broke down and the line was out the door. I stepped in to try to help the flustered cashier remember how to manually run a credit card old school style- clunky machine and paper slips to imprint by sliding over the card. WELL, it took over 10 minutes and cut into my precious limited time with Robin, BUT got us FREE tea for a reward for being patient! LOVE the provision that keeps coming my way!


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