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How Do You Know If You Are Healthy? Here Are 5 Ways To Know For Sure

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Do you feel like health is something that can never be attained fully and completely? Do you feel like you’re always trying to get to that next level of health?

Perhaps it’s in the next cleanse you might think. Or maybe you’ll feel healthy after you detox from chemicals in your life. Or maybe you’ll feel healthy when you take this next product you’ve heard about.

The list goes on.

And on.

And on.

It’s endless. We are healthy because if we were not….. we’d be dead. So no matter what “level of health” you may in fact feel right now, you need to know that you’re already healthy. We just need to peel back the layers of the onion to see your true state of being.

It’s like Mount Rushmore or the statue of David, these images were there forever it’s just that the person who created them needed to chisel away enough rock to see what was already there.

You ARE healthy. Right now. Because like I said, if you just think about it, you would be dead if you were not healthy. All the way up until the day you die, you’re healthy. It’s just that some dis-ease is in the way of your true health expressing itself.

Health is a choice, much like happiness. We choose to be healthy with the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, the people we spend time with, the books we read, the media we consume and most importantly how we feel about all of those things.

You could have got all of those wrong except for the bit about how we think, and you can still be healthy.

If you’re moderately healthy, you’re young and you feel good but you’re frustrated because you haven’t reached that “next level” of health yet you might want to keep reading…

5 Signs You Are Extremely Healthy

are -you-really-healthy

Most people look at blood level markers, hormone levels and even how much muscle or how little fat they have. We all know that none of those things give you the real answer to the question.

Eat Without Pain

This is a big one. If you’re able to eat food and not feel any stomach pain or discomfort, welcome to the 1% club because I can guarantee you that 99% of people feel some sort of digestive pain or discomfort in their stomach after they eat.

It probably means you have high levels of hydrochloric acid in your belly, good bacteria in your intestines and your digestion is working very well. I would still recommend taking some kind of digestive enzyme or a digestive bitter (tell Michael we sent you for a free gift with your 1st order) and even some HCL to help improve digestion even more.

Have Sex As Often As You Like

The defining factor of an organism’s health and robustness (if that’s a word) is its ability to procreate. The ability to have sex as often as you like (even if just for pleasure) shows that your thyroid gland is working, hormones are firing and your virile.

A species that can’t have sex simply doesn’t survive. If you’re able to have sex as often as you’d like, feel blessed because you’re in the 1% club once again!

Sleep Through The Night

Let’s face it many people have sleep problems. If you can sleep through the night without waking up even once, you’re in a rare club my friend. Most people will get up and go pee at least once. Getting up like this makes me think that organs are beginning to not work properly. There’s something going on with the prostate gland if you’re a man or you have some issues with your liver gallbladder or kidneys.

Most people think it’s normal to get up to go pee once per night but that’s not normal. Look for some ways to improve sleep. If you’re interested my friend Shawn Stevenson wrote a book about it and we did a show about it with Syd Singer which you can listen to by clicking the prior links.

Eliminate Easily

Do you strain or struggle while going number two? How often do you go? If you go 2 or 3 times per day with relatively no problems each time, consider yourself very lucky my friend. Most people go once per day (even though they eat 3 meals and snack even more) and even when they do, they’re struggling and straining. That is NOT healthy.

My contention is that 3 times per day is the healthy amount of times one should go poop!

You Have Energy Left Over To Follow Your Dreams

Now here’s the real kicker. If you can do all of what I just described above and still have energy and vitality left over to pursue your dreams, you’re doing amazing. In fact you should be president of the 1% club. This is where the real gold is. Health is great and all but what good is energy, vitality and longevity if you’re not out there creating something awesome in the world with it?

Being healthy for “health’s” sake is pointless. What change are you going to make in the world that way? Now if you have the energy to pursue your passions and dreams with your new found health, you might as well have landed on the moon because not many people are in your company.

Consider yourself lucky and go help someone else do the same!

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