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Dr. Stuart Fishbein – Natural Birth, Home Birth & Why The Medical System Is Broken!

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  • Dr. Stuart Fishbein is our OBGYN and our plan was to have him assist us in our natural home birth of our twins Will and Ben.

    We went through the entire pregnancy with him. A listener turned us onto him in our first month and we had already gone to see another OBGYN and the difference was night and day.

    Unfortunately here in California natural birthing centers are not allowed to offer their services if you have twins.

    So that left us only two options.

    Have a hospital birth which we didn’t want to do or have a home birth with no midwife or doctor. Midwives here in California are required to have a medical doctor be present.

    So that left us either the hospital or me alone at home with Kate.

    Then a wonderful listener saved the day by letting us know about Dr. Stu.

    The first OBGYN we saw was supposedly more “naturally minded” (ya right) but he was egotistical and thought he was God’s gift to mankind.

    When we met Dr. Stu it was a breath of fresh air!

    To have a medical doctor like him with a team of midwives at home was the best option ever!

    Here are some of the topics we covered…

    Herd immunity
    Benefits of home birth
    Dangers of hospital birth
    Pregnancy tips

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    Guest Bio

    Dr. Stuart Fischbein, MD OB/GYN has been in private practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Southern California since 1986. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1982. He has a long history of support for Midwives and the alternative to the medical model of birth they provide. This interest began during his Cedars-Sinai residency where he had extensive training in vaginal breech and twin delivery and was selected as administrative chief resident and awarded house officer of the year. His experience was enhanced while rotating through LA County-USC Medical Center, at that time the busiest obstetric unit in the country, where he had the good fortune to be exposed to the midwifery model of obstetrical care. Early in his private practice career he was approached by several local “Licensed Midwives” to provide back-up support for women choosing alternatives to hospital based birthing. In 1995 he co-founded, The Woman’s Place, Inc., an innovative model of collaboration between Certified Nurse Midwives and Obstetricians, in Ventura County. In 2004, he co-authored, Fearless Pregnancy, Wisdom and Reassurance from a Doctor, a Midwife and a Mom, (Fair Winds Press, 2004, 2nd Edition 2010) with long time associate, Joyce Weckl, CNM; and writer, Victoria Clayton. He has three times been awarded Physician of the Year by the Doulas Association of Southern California and in 2008 received their first Lifetime Achievement Award. A long time outspoken advocate of a woman’s’ right to informed consent and refusal and the exercise of her free will, Dr. Fischbein is honored to be on the advisory board of the “Santa Barbara Birth Center” and working in collaboration with the wonderful licensed midwives at the Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center as well as a contributor to “Your Best Birth”, a book published in 2009 and authored by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.

    Dr. Fischbein has made it his goal to teach, speak and write about the normalcy of birth choices, the ethics of respecting a woman’s autonomy in decision making and reasonable, evidence supported options of selected VBAC, breech and twin vaginal birth. Follow him at Dr. Stu’s Podcast and on his Blog

    Show Topic:

    Natural birth, vaccines, informed consent and more!

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