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Ken Rohla – Dangers Of 5G + Tips From Justin & Mitigation Strategies For Creating a Healthier Environment

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Ken Rohla came on the show to discuss 5G, wireless technology, smart meters, dirty electricity, wifi, geopathic stress and how to mitigate the damaging effects of cell phones and all the radiation we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

He’s also the creator of The Rest Shield which we talk about during the show.

That was the plan, until after 3 live attempts we were unable to grab the audio feed from him and it would not work. I don’t know what happened.

Everybody else could hear his audio but for some reason I couldn’t hear him.

That would make for a terrible conversation. Actually it would make a monologue so we had to reschedule the show.

At the last minuted I decided to stay on and join our chat room audience in an “off the cuff” free for all friday show and talk about our plans for the show, The Extreme Health Academy and some practical mitigation strategies for lowering the damange this radiation is doing to our mitochondria and our cellular membranes.

I wasn’t planning on even continuing the show but since we’ve been off for a few months I had so much to share so I went ahead and hung out for a couple hours.

I hope you enjoyed this show!

Thanks for listening and sharing!

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Ken Rohla

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EMF and 5G Mitigation

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