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20 Drugs You Should Never Take, The REAL Cause Of Cancer, Sleep Tips, The Lack Of 1 Vitamin Is Causing All Diseases & Much More!


In today’s show we talked about quite a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes with Extreme Health Radio along with what’s going on in my personal life a little bit.

We also discussed some topics of the day along with some news articles we come across from time to time.

Part of my mission here on EHR is to open the world up of possibilities to you.

You see when a person goes to the doctor, the doctor tries to convince them that the only solution for them will come from the medical industry. That could be a drug, a surgery or other procedure.

The most important thing for them to do is to attach a label or a diagnosis to your particular health condition. This has two primary effects.

The first effect is that by giving your condition a name, they can then map that name to a drug. Their number one goal is to get you on a drug. Taking a drug makes you subservient and dependant. This is why all the drug commercials keep telling you to “ask your doctor”.

Do you think your doctor is going to tell you to do a coffee enema and an herbal detox and come back in 2 weeks?


They’re going to prescribe a drug.

The second effect giving you a diagnosis does is it maps your diagnosis to a “code” that gets tagged by your insurance company. This gives you a “medical history” along with the future option for denied coverage which is another way of protecting profits.

The entire system is a scam my friends.

It’s designed to keep you sick and dependent on their “solutions” which never work.

For example, if Nixon declared a “war on cancer” back in 1971 why is there no cure for cancer?

Because there’s more money stringing people along by lying to them giving them the false illusion they’re “getting close” to a cancer vaccine or some new drug on the horizon.

Well guess what?

Turns out there IS a cure for cancer!

Guess what it is?

It’s a healthy and properly functioning immune system.

But there’s no money in that for them.

This is why we do what we do on Extreme Health Radio!

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