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Celebrating 600 Shows, The Story Of How & Why We Started Our Show & Future Plans To Help Better Serve You!


Today we celebrated 600 episodes and starting our show 6 years ago. Can you believe we’ve averaged 100 shows per year!? I can’t believe it either it’s quite amazing.

We started the show by me quitting my well paying job and going into debt buying thousands of dollars of audio equipment not even knowing if I would like doing the show or if people would enjoy listening.

Talk about a gamble. What if I didn’t like doing the show? I couldn’t go back to my old job after I quit. What if I loved the show but nobody listened?

Fortunately I loved doing the show AND people now listen from all over the world and the show is wildly popular. We’re downloaded in over 150 countries if you can believe that.

We get so many emails per day I can’t even keep up! There are two amazing things about it…..I feel like we’re just getting started and I feel more inspired now than ever! The other amazing thing is that we’re able to actually help people with the work that we do.

Talk about a blessing to be able to earn a living AND help people and the planet at the same time.

I feel honored and blessed more than you can imagine. We have made friends and developed deep relationships with many people as a result of starting Extreme Health Radio.

I feel like I’m along for the ride!

Anyway Kate and I talk about our journey and our story on this episode. I hope you enjoy!

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