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Blue Light & Cancer, Bone Health, Listener Questions & More!

Some of the most fun shows I do are the “Free For All Friday” shows which sometimes happen on days other than Friday. 😉

This is where I get to connect with you, the listener and talk about what’s going on in the natural health community, my current health experiments, natural health solutions, philosophy, spiritaul insights and personal growth.

I really really enjoy these types of shows and will continue to do them, as long as you’re benefiting from them. We get emails daily from around the world saying how much people like the show.

We’re honored you spend your time with us!

In this show I talked about blue light once again. I’ve been really dialing into the blue light issue and how it’s affecting our health. You wouldn’t believe how much blue light damages our mitochondria and thus our genetic expression.

The first thing I recommend on a physical level is to optimize your light environment. Block all blue light and get your solar panel (aka your skin, the largest organ in your body) into the sun at the right times of day to optimize energy levels and hormone production.

I shared some ideas about bone health, osteoporosis and how to build stronger bones.

Finally I took some listener questions in the chat rooms.

So much fun. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording it!

Justin, Kate, Will, Ben, Charlee Brown and Coco Puff 🙂

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Show Notes

Chinese vaccine maker forging data
IBS Summit
Pregnancy Summit
Omica water filter
Berkey water filter
5 Hour John Taylor Gatto Interview
Blue Light and Cancer
Qigong Moving Meditation
Dangers of Mammograms
Dr. Christine Horner
The VieLight
Dr. Dewitt on Concussions
Magnetico Sleep Pad
Dr. Dan Engle on Concussions
Dr. Amen Clinic
The IMRS 2000 PEMF Mat

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