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Dr. Scott Sherr – Why & How To Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy To Heal & Transform Your Health

We had Dr. Scott Sherr on the show to share his insights and research concerning hyperbaric oxygen therapy and why combining oxygen with pressure is so helpful for the human body.

There are many practical uses for oxygen therapy. It has been said that no disease can live or thrive in the presence of oxygen. In fact there’s a book by Ed McCabe called Flood Your Body With Oxygen which goes into all the different ways of brining more oxygen into your body.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers combine high amounts of oxygen with pressure.

This combination of oxygen and pressure seems to have a rather significant effect on human biology and physiology. Is is possible to prevent all diseases by doing regular hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments?

I asked Dr. Sherr this question.

What if you already have a disease process going on, can you utlize oxygen chambers as part of your treatment program? Dr. Scott Sherr and I discuss this as well.

What if you wanted to combine hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy with traditional Western medicines? Are there contraindications? What should one look out for? We talk about all these questions.

I hope you enjoy this show with Dr. Scott Sherr all about the power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

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