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Karen Urbanek – Healing Epilepsy Naturally Using Herbs, Natural Medicine & Getting Off Pharmaceutical Drugs

Karen Urbanek joined the show today to talk about her story of healing epilepsy using natural healing techniques. She was having seizures and ended up getting off all of her pharmaceutical drugs and medications they had her on for having epileptic seizures.

Karen is the author of a book called LIVE With Outrageous Energy! Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease!

First, can you imagine having epilepsy and seizures? That has to be so scary. Then to have epilepsy at such a young age would add another layer of fear to the mix.

As if that wasn’t enough, being so young yet determined there had to be a better way than taking drugs, Karen started down the path of natural medicine.

Could it be that her body was toxic or perhaps it was deficient in a certain vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, amino acid or enzyme.

What could it be. There are literally thousands of different combination that could cause a person to have epileptic seizures.

She was able to narrow her seizures down to being gaba deficient if you can believe it. We talked about cells and how they’re alive and how we can support them for optimal health and healing at the deepest of levels.

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About Karen Urbanek

Karen Urbanek is an entertaining, science based educator who is on fire to help the world get back to the basics of health! Having grown up on medications for her epilepsy, Karen was motivated to remove all pharmaceuticals from her life. She became epileptic free at age 21using foods ad herbs, and further studied to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

An accomplished author, speaker, motivator and mother to eleven, Karen’s passion for the human body and the science of life is felt by all who meet her. Karen and her family ran two wellness centers, organic grocery stores and organic cafes before Karen became the President of the International Institute of Holistic Health and Education (I2H2E.com). She doesn’t know who loves your cells more, you, or HER! Learn more about Karen at I2H2E.com or KarensHolisticHealth.com

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