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Matt Blackburn – Biohacking Your Way To A Healthy Lifestyle, Red Light Therapy, EMF Protection, Clean Water & More!

Matt Blackburn our friend and founder of MitoLife joined us on today’s podcast. He was nice enough to offer Extreme Health Radio listeners a massive discount! Just use code EHR for 20% off. Thanks Matt! ๐Ÿ™‚

We talked on today’s show about biohacking, light therapy and how light affects our mitochondria and genetic expression, protecting ourselves from electromagnetic radiation, grounding ideas and even personal development and spirituality.

This show lasted almost 3 hours long! Whew!

I hope you enjoyed this one. This conversation with Matt was one of the most enjoyable talks I’ve ever had. I’m so fortunate to be able to be in a line of work where I get to talk to some of the most interesting people in the world.

I was talking with Kate after the show about Matt and when he was leaving I mentioned we need to do it again in maybe 6 months or so. He said that by that time he’ll have even more understanding and experience that he can share.

Do you have friends where if you don’t see them in 6 months or a year, nothing changes? They’re the exact same person, with the same beliefs, doing the same thing every day, working at the same job, living the same life.

You don’t see them for a span of time and nothing is different.

This is what I love about people who are into personal development, spirituality, biohacking and living their mission. You can tell this is what Matt is up to. He’s always learning, growing and experimenting.

We need more people like that in our lives. It’s so refreshing!

Here’s some of what we talked about…

How to filter your water
Tips for grounding
How to protect yourself from EMF
Why blue light is dangerous
The role of the mitochondria in our health
Why DNA doesn’t matter!
His top biohacks for the best sleep ever
What the biohacking community is missing
And so much more!

Matt Blackburn is a wealth of information and it was an absolute blast to have him on the show.

I hope you enjoyed it and we’ll definitely have him on again!

Thanks for listening I hope you get at least one nugget out of it!

Justin, Kate, Charlee Brown and Coco Puff ๐Ÿ™‚



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Show Guest:

Matt Blackburn

Guest Info:

I created MITOLIFE as a vehicle for transformation. To assist the creators, achievers and performers of the world to achieve profound levels of health and happiness so that they can show up fully to their work and leave lasting impact in everything they do.

My health journey and 10 years studying the mechanics, systems and science of human potential has lead me to a Mitochondrial focused approach to health that creates real and lasting results for those who are committed.

Show Topic:

EMF Radiation

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