Dr. Karima Hirani – Can Food Allergies, Inflammation & Sickness Be Mitigated Using Immunotherapy To Strengthen The Immune System? – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Karima Hirani – Can Food Allergies, Inflammation & Sickness Be Mitigated Using Immunotherapy To Strengthen The Immune System?

Dr. Karima Hirani joined us today on the show. I was doing some research a while back about ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) and her website kept showing up.

The more I looked into the work that she does, the more impressed I was.

In this show we talked about

How low dose immunotherapy helps with autoimmune disease
The cause of food allergies
How environmental toxins affect the immune system
Why immunotherapy is her #1 treatment for all her patients
How the immune system works
How oxygen therapies, Ozone and PEMF help the body heal
And much more!

We talked about why immunotherapy is her go to choice when treating patients. Some patients respond to PEMF while others respond to Ozone or oxygen therapies. Some respond to neural therapy and not PEMF.

But ALL her patients seem to get great benefit from low dose immunotherapy to help strengthen the immune system.

Kate has been taking low dose immune drops which are similar to what Dr. Karima Hirani is doing and she’s responding incredibly well. Low dose immunotherapy helps the body to recalibrate and strengthen the immunity of the body.

I hope you enjoy this show on low dose immunotherapy and consider it as part of your healing practice or your overall wellness disciplines.

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Show Guest:

Dr. Karima Hirani

Guest Info:

Our clinic offers holistic and natural treatments to adults and children under the supervision of a Board Certified physician. Dr. Hirani graduated from USC Medical School in 1993 where she is also Associate Clinical Professor at USC Medical School. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from UCLA. She offeres Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine therapies and services. Please visit the website for more information on the services we offer. Her main focus is prevention, I specialize in chronic illness

Show Topic:

Low dose immunotherapy

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