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Ty Bollinger – Flu Shot Side Effects & Do Vaccines Cause Cancer? + Much More!


Ty Bollinger is the man behind the world changing docu-series called The Truth About Cancer as well as the book Cancer Step Outside The Box.

He’s also the man behind The Truth About Vaccines which we talked about during this show.

Our buddy Ty Bollinger was nice enough to stop by and do the show with us and talk about vaccines. Do vaccines cause cancer? Is it possible that even flu shots can cause tumors and promote cell growth?

According to the research that Ty Bollinger and others have done, there is a direct “cause” of cancer from vaccines. Now I’m not stating that because I haven’t looked at the research myself, but several people I know from our show are saying this.

Vaccines causing cancer is this for real?

According to our guests the answer is yes.

So the next logical question is (if it’s true), do they know that vaccines cause cancer? And who are “they”?

Is it possible that the pharmaceutical companies are putting known cancer causing ingredients aka adjuvants into vaccines in order to kill people many years from the time of injection?

Is this a type of depopulation that’s also known as eugenics? Could all of this be true?

Or could it be true that vaccines do cause cancer but the pharmaceutical companies actually don’t know because they’re just focused on earning as much money as possible?

These are much deeper questions that I don’t have the answer for.

But I do find it interesting that people will line up for a flu shot or a vaccine shot without knowing the ingredients.

Ty Bollinger shares some fascinating and even shocking information in this show that everybody should hear. If you really want to get the real scoop on what’s going on with vaccines, I implore you to look at the video below and sign up for The Truth About Vaccines.

Click Here To Register For The Truth About Vaccines

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Show Date:

Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

Show Guest:

Ty Bollinger

Guest Info:

Ty Bollinger is a happily married husband, the father of four wonderful children, devoted Christian, highly regarded book author, medical researcher, health freedom advocate, former competitive bodybuilder and also a certified public accountant.

During the last 15 years, he lost 7 close family members due to cancer. He has devoted the last decade of his life to medical research to find alternative cancer treatments and cures so YOU and YOUR family don’t have to experience the same tragedy. He has summarized this voluminous amount of research on natural cancer treatments in his book, Cancer Step Outside the Box (Affiliate Link. Helps to support our work.).

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Cancer and vaccines

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