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Kate’s Weird Experience At The Doctor’s Office, Motivation To Eat Well, Listener Questions & More!


On today’s show Kate joined us again. We hope to feature her on a regular basis, at least two times a month if not more. Her schedule is very busy and it’s a challenge to get her on the show, even though she really wants to be.

If you would like to see her on the show more often, just let us know! 🙂

Kate shared her recent experience going to her OBGYN medical doctor who promptly told her she was a “bad patient.”

Can you imagine demeaning your customer like that? But it’s totally accepted and most patients blindly put their trust in medical doctors. In so doing, they subjugate themselves to the whims and controls of their doctor.

As if a doctor could know your body more than you can.

It’s a widespread tactic to try to confuse you, insult you or dis-empower a patient as much as possible. If a patient feels helpless and out of control that’s where a power vacuum happens and the doctor is right there to assume the role of being “in charge” of your health.

In point of fact, we are our own doctors. We are 100% completely responsible for our own health. Any doctor is not responsible for how our health is or how healthy we are.

Ultimate health freedom comes when we put into practices simple daily disciplines that empower us physically, spiritually and emotionally.

So Kate’s experience at the OBGYN was pretty comical and we discussed that on today’s show.

We also talked about why we should make better health decisions. Should we improve our health because we’re scared of getting cancer or should we improve our health to see what our human potential is?

With every new habit and change we make to our lifestyles, it’s important to have a handful of motivating reasons to stick with our good habits.

One day you might avoid pizza because you’re afraid of getting cancer or how your digestion will be after you consume it. The next week your motivating factor could be that pizza doesn’t help fulfill your calling in life. Pizza isn’t going to get you to become a superhero. Pizza isn’t going to help you reach your highest potential.

We need both negative and positive reasons behind the health choices we make. If we have multiple motivations, then we can use negative or positive in the moment we have to decide.

This helps us have a full quiver of both negative and positive motivational reasons behind our choices. It’s important to have these reasons in your mind at all times so you can pull from them at will.

If you’re struggling with a food addiction, sit down and write out all the motivating reasons you’d like to avoid those foods. Once you have an ethos or a standard to live by, you can then think of those the next time you’re tempted to eat poorly.

For me I’m motivated equally by both negative and positive. I want to be live out my fullest potential and learn all the lessons I came here to learn. I also want to avoid dying of cancer or being subjected to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

I want to be surfing when I’m 100 but I also want to avoid aging like I see other people aging.

Jim Rohn said you have to have both the positive and the negative in life. You can eliminate one. If you get rid of positive factors then you’re living a life full of fear. You’re afraid of all the bad things that will happen to you if you don’t eat right and take care of yourself like you know you should.

If you get rid of negative factors well then you’re living in a fairy land in the woo-woo world where you expect “the universe” or “God” to take care of you when you will not.

I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Thanks for listening!


Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for following up, and for the $125 refund. I apologize for just getting back to you now. Somehow, this message, and another message you sent confirming the purchase got routed to my spam folder.

Anyway, I appreciate the great customer service, and the quick delivery! I believe we ordered Monday, the 29th, and it was at our house on Thursday afternoon. My wife and I have used it twice already and we love it! I really think it’s going to give us multiple health benefits!

Thanks for the tips about using the towels and the corrugated tubing around the neck in your other email! Great advice! My wife is a huge fan of your show, and I have loved the two shows that I have listened to, and I plan to listen more often! Keep up the good work!



Hello Justin,

I remember your interviews with Dr. Marshall and was sadden to hear of his recent passing.
I was wondering if you had any thoughts on his sudden passing, although I read that he had been ill. I so admired him and his lifestyle and knowledge. His knowledge of the physics of the biofield and how to cure disease as well as utilizing digestive aids and hcl makes it more confusing as he was not old and yet his diet and lifestyle did not seem to yield him longevity. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to your passion.


Jerry D

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