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Patrick Durkin – What’s The Healthiest Bottled Water & Breakdown Of Alkaline Water, Reverse Osmosis, Spring Water & Well Water

Patrick Durkin is the man behind The Wellness Enterprise which is a place where you can get a deep understanding about what water is, why it’s so sacred and how to bring clean water into your life.

The more we learn about water the more there is to learn. I’m pretty convinced at this point we know less about water than we know about how the human body works. We know very little about the disease process and what really constituted health and wellness in a human body.

For example why does George Burns who smoked past his 100th birthday live for so long in pretty good health but somebody like Jess Ainscough succumbs to cancer? We’ll never know. All we know is to live as healthfully as possible so we give our bodies the best chance of living into our hundreds with abundant health!

Even though we know so little in terms of percentage about health and water, we do know A LOT!

I for one have questions. What is the best kind of water to drink? Take a look at all these different types of water that we can drink…

Well water
Spring water
Tap water (some call it tap liquid)
Structured water (aka hexagonal water)
Distilled water
Acid Water
Bottled water
Alkaline water
Kangan water
De-ionized water
Reverse osmosis water
Hard water
Soft water
Rain water
Mineral water
Snow water
Boiled water
Filtered water

The list of the different kinds of water is almost endless. It can all be so confusing. I asked Patrick Durkin about the different types of water and he had a lot to say about it.

As I said at the end of the show, it’s important for us to look at water strategically. Perhaps we need to ask our bodies and develop the connection to our higher selves in order to really know what we really need.

Also we might consider drinking different types of water at different times for different reasons. For example if you really want to cleanse the body, we might drink distilled water.

If we really want to nourish and hydrated our cells we might consider structured water.

We talked mostly in this show about the mechanics of water and next time we’re going to spend time bulk of the show talking about how we can energize the water with information.

Water (and food) is really just information.

This was a deep show and I hope you like Patrick’s take on what water is and how we can start thinking about water differently!

Thanks for listening!

Justin, Kate and Maggie

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Patrick Durkin, the founder of The Wellness Enterprise is on a mission to end the use of plastic water bottles. Dedicated to finding the best water for people so they will find it compelling to change their habits he has experimented with many water filtration technologies including Aquasana, Brita, Culligan, reverse osmosis, Kangen, alkaline water from Enagic, water coolers, water vending machines, water filters you put on your tap, whole house water filters, water pitchers from Seychelle and others like the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. Patrick offers the best water filtration and structuring technologies for water purification on including Natural Action Water from Clayton Nolte, Jivara Water products, UMH structuring devices, The Best Water Filter Ever and more.

If you find a water filter or purification system you like better than the ones at tell Patrick ( )because he is loyal to offering the best technologies, not defending the ones he sells.

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