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Dr. Bill Rawls – Symptoms Of Lyme Disease & How To Treat Chronic Lyme Naturally

Dr. Bill Rawls joined us on the show today to talk about the symptoms of lyme disease, where lyme disease came from, why conventional treatments for lyme don’t work and how to treat chronic lyme naturally using specific herbal protocols that help treat the lyme spirochete infection.

Conventional knowledge says that lyme disease is caused by a specific spirochete bacterial infection called borrelia burgdorferi. Dr. Rawls says that there are many other bacterial infections and spirochetes involved with lyme, not just one.

Dr. Bill Rawls is the author of Unlocking Lyme, Suffered Long Enough and The Vital Plan.

We talked about living a lifestyle where your immune system is strong, vital and robust. Then we talked about some specific herbal medicines for helping knock back infections and some of the symptoms of lyme. Finally we discussed what he calls the “hero’s” approach to treating lyme disease naturally.

Some of these include Ozone, PEMF (links below), Rife Machines and more.

Dr. Bill Rawls suffered with lyme disease and fibromyalgia at the same time about 15 years ago and was able to push back the symptoms of lyme disease using these natural herbal remedies.

For anybody who has a body that’s working to overcome lyme disease this would be a good interview to listen to and learn from.

I hope you enjoyed this show about how to treat lyme disease naturally with Dr. Bill Rawls!

Thanks for listening!

Justin, Kate, Maggie & Charlee

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Dr. Bill Rawls

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Dr. Bill Rawls graduated from Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University in 1985. He holds a medical license in North Carolina. After practicing obstetrics and gynecology for fifteen years, Dr. Rawls life was changed forever by a confrontation with fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. The years spent regaining his health laid the foundation for passions in both writing and natural herbal medicine. After successfully restoring his own health, he set about to help others do the same. Recognizing the profound limitations of conventional medicine for treating chronic conditions such as chronic Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, he devoted his life to finding a better way. Ten years of intensive self-study in herbal medicine and other natural therapies combined with numerous seminars and a certification course in holistic medicine define his present practice focused on health restoration. He uses his passion for writing and study of natural herbal medicine to reach out to those left behind by the current healthcare system. Dr. Rawls has written extensively on health topics, including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic immune dysfunction, and other health and wellness topics. His has authored two previous books, The Vital Plan, about general health and wellness, and Suffered Long Enough, an earlier book detailing his personal journey with fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Rawls resides on the coast of North Carolina where he enjoys other passions including boating, kayaking, kitesurfing and yoga. He lives with his wife of thirty years, who teaches biology at a local community college. Together they live and promote concepts of wellness. Their two adult children are also involved in health and wellness professions.

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Lyme disease

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