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Ken Rohla – Scalar Energy, EMF, Hemp Paste, Bone Health, Red Light Therapy & Much More!

Ken Rohla came on the show today from Fresh And Alive. He’s always a very interesting person who is into some unique ideas. He thinks a lot like I do.

What I like about Ken is that he’s open minded but also very even keeled, level headed and logical. With that said he’s got some pretty far out there opinions, which is exactly why we have so much fun talking to him!

Ken Rohla is the man behind the Rest Shield that we sell on our website. In this conversation we talked about scalar energy and how scalar energy disrupts EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) being emitted from cell towers, computers, wifi, dirty electricity and much more.

I don’t know much about scalar energy as it has never been something I’ve studied but it’s a very interesting topic. Ken made some comparisons to tachyon energy, the morphogenic field, radionics and much more. There are many names for scalar energy.

During the show I likened it to having access to the akashic records.

Whatever it is, according to Ken’s research, it mitigates EMF radiation in the home or office.

We also talked about ormus, red light therapy hemp paste and so much more.

Near the end of the show we took a few listener questions.

I hope you enjoyed this show with Mr. Ken Rohla.

Here are the listener questions we tackled!

I recently was told that I have high blood pressure for the first time in my life. I am 42 and had normal blood pressure a year ago. I refused to let them give me medication and have been working on getting it down naturally. I am listening to the podcast and am enjoying it. I look forward to hearing more of them.

Shelley C


Hi Justin,

I hope you’re well too

Well, You and Kate mentioned Ken Rohla’s story about the yogi making black holes as something usual, even though in my opinion i think that piece was the most important thing because the other stuff that Ken mentioned like ORMUS effects and orgonites are everywhere online by other people with before/after images,
I wished you asked more about the practical use of the personal black holes, and how it relates to the black holes up there in the sky which been studied by Harvard with special telescopes designed for this purpose.

Thank you for your work and efforts though



Thank you Justin,

I am 62 years old and have degenerative bone mass and a torn meniscus of the right knee post horn.

Love swimming, walking and yoga. From India so would like advice accordingly for a better diet plant to improve bone mass and prevent oestoarthritis from setting in.

Thank you again,



Hi Justin,

My name is Lauren Donovan and I’m turning 50yrs old next week. I was diagnosed with Invasive Intraductal Carcinoma a couple weeks ago which is milk duct cancer and my breast specialist surgeon wants me to do 3 months chemotherapy. After get a Masectomy and axillary node dissection of my right breast. I’m overly sensitive to alcohol or chemicals so I’ve been desperately researching for alternatives, Or integrative naturopathic/holistic treatments. My son told me you would be a good person to ask about this or for a referral to a holistic doctor who has had success healing this type of cancer. I have HealthNet HMO insurance under covered California.

In Gratitude,
Lauren D

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