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Lindsey Duncan – How To Lose Weight Safely, Detox The Body, Cleanse The Liver & Conquer Candida

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Lindsey Duncan from Genesis Today had some really unique things to say to us today about lots of different topics. He’s really a great guy and has been practicing for 30 years and studied under the great Bernard Jensen for 7 years.

He was lively today and I think you’ll really enjoy this interview.

He talks about healthy weight loss, the role of insulin in the body, how to get rid of candida, and how to cleanse your liver.

He also spoke about how he focuses on eating an alkaline diet even though he eats lots of raw foods. He’s based out of Austin Texas and is doing amazing work. He talked about how green coffee can help you lose weight as well as some liver cleanses you can do to help your body detoxify its organs in a unique way. He advocates cleansing each organ in a specific order to get the best results for your health and healing.

Lindsey Duncan from Genesis Today has been on the cutting edge of health and nutrition for over 30 years so this is a great conversation we had.

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Listen to this interview if you want lots of unique insights into your health conditions.

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why noni is one of the most powerful fruits on the planet
  • How to detox your liver and gall bladder (He mentions 7 herbs, some of which are overlooked)
  • 2 substances that can radically improve your body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals.
  • 1 way colonics and enemas have been abused by people over the years
  • His thoughts on how rebounding cleanses the lymphatic system unlike any other
  • Why sweating is so important
  • And so much more!

Duncan explains exactly why our culture is so sick and what we can do about it!Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Friday 12/20/2012
Show Guest: Lindsey Duncan
Guest Info: Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN has over 40,000 clinical hours seeing patients. He’s the Founder & CEO of Genesis Today, Inc.
With over 28 years of clinical experience, naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan is one of the world’s leading experts on superfoods, herbal medicine, natural remedies and natural health. From deep within the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains of Inner Mongolia, Lindsey has studied with indigenous people around the globe so that he can authentically bring Mother Nature’s most powerful medicines to the forefront in mainstream America.

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Topic: Cleansing, Weight Loss, Alkalinity, Detoxification
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Phone: (800) 916-6642

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