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Dr. Susan Luschas – How She Turned Her Family’s Health Around, Parasites, MTHFR, Methylation & So Much More

Today we had Dr. Susan Luschas from Debug Your Health on the show to talk about how she completely turned her entire family’s health around. Her daughter initially got sick and kept getting worse and worse as time went on.

She couldn’t figure out where her illness was coming from or what was causing it. She tried everything. Eastern Chinese medicine, folk herbalism, supplements, cleanses, detoxes, acupuncture and everything in between.

Still no progress was being made and on top of that her daughter was getting sicker and sicker.

She had to do something.

So she decided she would take on the role of helping her daughter recover. She no longer gave up her health to a person in a white lab coat. She assumed the role and took complete responsibility.

This is when real healing happens…in the moment we realize we are responsible.

She soon discovered genetic mutations such as MTHFR and how that affects methylation pathways in the body. She discovered heavy metal detoxification and even parasites.

Cleansing the body of parasites and heavy metal can be a long process but it can be huge when looking to figure out unknown sickness.

I hope you enjoyed this show with Dr. Susan Luschas!

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