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Maryam Henein – What’s Happening To All The Bees? How Bees Are Showing Us Humanity Is Off Track & More!


Maryam Henein joined us to talk about the documentary called The Vanishing of the Bees, which is a great film about why all of our bees are dying.

It tackles what’s been called “colony collapse disorder”. What’s causing colony collapse disorder? Why are all the bees dying? Why does America have to ship in bees from Australia and around the world to make up for all of our bees dying?

Many people have speculated it could be cell phone radiations and cell towers that have been erected all over the world. We know that frequencies affect the behavior of bees and they are electrical beings.

Are frequencies from power lines, cell towers and cell phones causing bees to mysteriously abandon their hives and vanish?

Some other people think it could be the treatment of bees. We are now shipping bees all over the country to pollinate different crops at different times of the year. All the stress and poor treatment could also be playing a factor as to why the bees are dying in record numbers.

Other people have speculated that it could be parasites and fungus that are killing the bees. That’s also a likely cause. When bees are not treated right and they eat fake sugars, parasites can take over, just like in humans.

But what the documentary was postulating was that systemic pesticides were mostly at fault here. I suppose that because of these pesticides, it weakens their immune system and thus causes them to succumb to cell tower radiation, parasites and stress.

I think it’s a combination of all of them together which is a microcosm of humans which Maryam so eloquently described.

This was a great show and very fascinating to figure out how we can stop the bees from dying and protect them, not for what they do for us like make honey and help produce food but because it’s the right thing to do.

I hope you enjoy this show with Maryam Henein about bees!

Thanks for listening!

Justin, Kate and Maggie

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Maryam Henein

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Maryam has more than fifteen years experience working as an investigative journalist, a documentary and television producer and professional researcher. Her credits include producing documentaries for the BBC, Discovery, Robert Greenwald and Morgan Spurlock. As a journalist she has written for publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Science & Spirit Magazine, and The Cairo Times. The former Montrealer gained notoriety by breaking a story about Dodi Fayed’s imposter, who duped hundreds across North America and set a precedent in Canadian legal history.Working in front of the camera, Maryam co-wrote and hosted a program for TLC about the Ark of the Covenant. Following a near death experience several years ago, Maryam delved into the science of nutrition and alternative ways of healing. She also became more conscious about the environment and went on to produce a piece on the Exxon Valdez Oil spill for Robert Greenwald and The Sierra Club. She has worked developing numerous documentaries on topics ranging from Creationism to Family Annihilators. Her curiosity and tenacity energizes her work as a documentarian. Currently, she has become enchanted by and devoted to the making of a film about the The Vanishing Bees.

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