TMatthew Phillips – (Warning Controversial) The Vaxxed Movie Controversy, Suing The State Of California, The Dangers of Vaccines & Much More! – Extreme Health Radio

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TMatthew Phillips – (Warning Controversial) The Vaxxed Movie Controversy, Suing The State Of California, The Dangers of Vaccines & Much More!

TMatthew Phillips is an attorney out of the state of California who is suing the state over SB277 which requires mandatory vaccinations for any child that wants to attend public school.

For what it’s worth, I would do whatever you can to get your child out of public schooling as fast as possible. They only thing they’ll learn in public are propoganda, out right lies and how to be a good slave for the system.

Public schools don’t teach kids about where money comes from, how to manage money, how to garden, how to farm, how to think critically and how to start your own business. They don’t teach children how to be self reliant in all areas of life.

They don’t teach kids how to work with each other as one. The school system in my opinion is a complete joke and a way to indoctrinate every generation to trust authority figures, go to war, pay taxes and never question anybody while making sure we get sick along the way in order to make millions off our existence from cradle to grave.

If you want to learn more about this I would highly recommend watching this video with John Taylor Gatto below…

But I digress…

Attorny TMatthew Phillips is suing the state over SB277 saying that vaccines prohibit the right for a child to have free state sponsored education.

We talked about the movie Vaxxed and he has some very strong opinions about that film that you might not have heard before.

I hope you enjoy this show with Mr. TMatthew Phillips!

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Monday 11/28/2016

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TMatthew Phillips

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