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Kraig Carroll – The Story Of Kraig’s Wife & The Connection Between Benzene Cancer & Diabetes!


Kraig Carroll is the author of How Is It Possible? which is a story about Kraig’s late wife and her journey through being diagnosed with breast cancer and diabetes.

Kraig suspects that the main culprit of her wife’s illness was constant exposure to a chemical known to cause cancer, reproductive issues and more called Benzene.

According to Kraig, benzene is in all petroleum products. This means that benzene is in all plastic products. And as you know, plastic off gasses or out gasses its chemicals into the air.

So think about all the plastic products you use in your home or work and think about how much benzene that could be off gassing? Not a pretty picture. Is it any wonder then that lung cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers there is?

On top of that, benzene is in almost all gasoline. So anytime you smell gas from filling up your car at the gas station or smelling a gas powered lawn mower, you’re exposing yourself to the chemical benzene which is a known carcinogen.

According to Kraig, his late wife’s father used to work with lots of chemicals and notably benzene. When he would come home after work his clothes would smell and be loaded with chemicals from a full day’s work.

That’s how and why Kraig believes his wife’s health issues were caused by exposure to benzene.

In every sad story there is a silver lining and that’s what Kraig shared on today’s show. He shared how he was able to effectively treat his wife’s staph infection MRSA, her breast cancer and diabetes following specific protocols.

He even helped revive her after she suffered multiple heart attacks in one day. The doctors after shocking her dozens of times effectively gave up and said there was nothing left they could do. Kraig implimented what he calls the Heart Pressure Point Technique which you can see below.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Kraig Carroll. I also shared many of my thoughts afterwards and shared some ideas with you as well.

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Kraig Carroll

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“We have done everything we know how to do and the team of cardiac experts quit on Shirley and called the time of death.” Introducing “Shirley’s Law” our concept of natural healing and wellness that took us seven and a half years to find and implement in the hospital after Shirley was diagnosed with the most deadly staph infection on earth, the MRSA. “How Is It Possible” is a super love story about doing the impossible, not once, not twice, but many times while trying to save my wife’s life inside a heart institute where the experts could do nothing for my wife’s severely diabeticlly damaged heart…

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