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Howard Martin – Reconnecting With Your Heart, Listening To Your Own Intuition (not other people) And How To Live More Authentically In Today’s Culture

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Howard Martin from the Heart Math Institute joined us today. He’s the author of Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart as well as The HeartMath Solution: The Institute of HeartMath’s Revolutionary Program for Engaging the Power of the Heart’s Intelligence. He’s also one of the main people behind the EMWave which is a device where you can regain your heart resonance.

I’ve used it and it’s really quite impressive. I share more about that during the show. But the Emwave is a great device to tell you when you’re in stress or not. And many times we don’t feel when we’re in stress but we are.

In today’s show with Howard Martin we talked about living from the heart instead of the brain or mind.

Our culture is addicted and obsessed with science, rational and logic, which are all good things. But I feel we are way out of balance. We are dominated more by how we think, what other people think and fear of making wrong choices that we are disconnected from our heart.

Our gut instinct or some people call it intuition has been severed and we no longer trust our own gut for making decisions. It’s my contention that we already know what choices to make.

Deep down within ourselves we know which direction to take. But we trust the opinions of others. We crunch numbers. We rely on science and advice from other people rather than follow our own hearts.

It’s this disconnection which keeps us slaves to seeking the approval of others.

Howard Martin talks about how this disconnection can be fixed and what we can do in order to live more full, honest and authentic lives.

As I said during the show, my belief is that we must start with turning off outside influences that don’t serve us. We must stand strong in our convictions and do what we know we should be doing.

It all starts with no longer listening to what other people have to say about our lives. It’s only when we can silence the voice and opinion of others can we begin to hear what that voice deep within us is saying.

It’s soft voice but it gets drowned out by ever other person giving us their thoughts and opinions because we ask for it. We’re afraid of making big scary decisions that go against the advice of others.

All of this causes unnecessary stress to our bodies. I believe that all disease is caused by stress.

How do we learn to turn down the volume of other people’s opinions while turning up the volume to our own hearts?

This is what the Heart Math Institute is all about and it’s what Howard Martin and I discussed during today’s interview.

I hope you enjoy.

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Show Date:

Monday 8/30/2016

Show Guest:

Heart Math

Guest Info:

Howard Martin is one of the original leaders who helped Doc Childre found HeartMath in 1991 and played a key role in launching the Global Coherence Initiative. A business leader, Martin has been a spokesperson for HeartMath around the world, speaking to and delivering training programs to Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and the U.S. military, schools and ecumenical organizations.

  • Executive vice president of HeartMath LLC, GCI Steering Committee member.
  • Gives approximately 75 interviews each year across all forms of media.
  • Speaks internationally on developing the new heart intelligence necessary for navigating life during these changing times and the importance of and techniques for creating global coherence.

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Living from the heart

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