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Raw Food People Going To Jail, Why We Do FFAF Shows, Bee Stings, Dr. Burzynski Cancer Update, Listener Questions & Much More!


On today’s #EHR431 episode Kate and I covered a lot of material. There was so much to talk about in the natural health community and so we dove right in.

We took listener questions, talked about lots of the biggest news stories in alternative health, shared some books we’re reading and what’s going on in our own lives.

We also discussed previous shows and what we thought about certain guests.

Many times people who listen to the shows think we buy in completely to what our guets have to say. I can say without a doubt that this is not the case.

For example we had on Dr. Doug Graham who talked about the 80/10/10 diet. This diet is very high in fruits and very low in fat.

I don’t agree with Dr. Graham because I don’t eat that way.

What Extreme Health Radio presents are options. Options you might not hear in mainstream media. These are dietary protocols that might help some of you get over the hump of your own healing journey.

Sometimes we offer options for healing, cleansing or even energetic information that you might be able to add to your tool belt of natural healing.

Obviously not all of you will resonate with 100% of all the shows we have here but we can’t just cover one subject. For one it would be boring and also it would alienate people who want to hear about other subjects relating to natural living.

Could you imagine if all we talked about was veganism or coffee enemas?

Not only would it get boring for you but we’d literally run out of guests.

Because health involves fitness, diet, nutrition, cleansing, emotional health, mindset, success and the environment there’s always lots to talk about.

This is why we have our Free For All Friday shows.

We get to connect to you and answer some listener questions and allow you to come into our lives a little bit and see what we’re up to in our own health protocols.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Here are some listener questions we covered:

HI! I listened to your podcast on Biofilm with Robert Von Sarbacher and spoke with him over the phone about his Methuselah product. I’m a bit skeptical still and wanted to know whether either of you have the product yet and if so what was your experience?



Please have Dr. Natasha cambell mcbride again. For people who are not pregnant would it still benefit if you were to put yogurts and kefir on the skin like she states if one cannot consume them? It should be fine right?



Could you direct me to the show about Crossroads with Dr.Dan Engle…thanks !


Hi Justin and Kate. Opinion on dental problem. When you had your root canal teeth replaced, replaced with what? I just had a front tooth break off at the gum line. They say it is calcified. My dentist recommends a root canal. I don’t know what to do.

Ron Evans


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Friday 5/13/2016

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Free For All Friday

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Raw food gurus, cancer updates, listener questions and more!

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