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Kate’s Home Altar, The Meaning of Totem Animals, Why Symbols Are Dangerous, Bringing Back Daily Rituals, Listener Questions & More!


I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been patient with us during our shows recently. As most of you know we took a huge leap of faith and got a studio outside of our home.

Our intention with this new space is multi layered.

First we wanted to create a place where guests wouldn’t have to meet us in our home. We felt it was best to keep the two separated.

We also wanted to start having more “in studio” guests. When they can’t travel we will do Skype but our focus is to have 100% of our guests come to our studio location.

In studio guests tend to be much more fun. It’s fun for us because we get to meet all kinds of cool people in person and have deeper connections with them, but it’s also better as a listener because the conversations flow much more fluidly. It really allows for more depth and connection during a podcast.

With that said, our intention also is to create two new podcasts from being able to have access to a studio. I am going to be starting a new show about topics such as, “conspiracy theories” of all kinds, religion, spirituality, ancient civilizations, personal growth and development, success, business, contract law, history and basically anything I’m interested in.

It’s going to be called the Justin Stellman Podcast (JSP). 🙂

Kate is going to be starting her new podcast where she will be talking with friends, experts, industry leaders, authors and inspirational people about topics she’s interested in.

Each of these new podcasts will be done separately (i.e. I will not be on hers, and she will not be on mine) while at the same time continuing to do weekly shows for Extreme Health Radio (a topic I am very passionate about).

The new podcasts will also be available on video (Thanks to your support and kindness we purchased 3 high resolution cameras and production computer) via Youtube.

We might consider doing live video as well depending on the response to the new format.

Having a live show costs a lot and I know it’s challenging for people to clear their schedules to listen to a live show. With that said, if you guys enjoy the live video format, perhaps it’s something we’ll consider if it’s not too costly.

By the way, if you want to be notified when we’re about to go live, Twitter will be the only place where we will be announcing it just before we go on. The only other way to know if we are live or not, is to sign up to our newsletter.

With all that said, we are having to transport mics and equipment back and forth from the new studio to our home until we get fully setup in the new studio location.

Because of that, it’s been challenging to get guests on during this transition.

As many of you know Kate and I are very much on our own health and healing journey so we like to share what’s going on in our lives during these Free For All Friday shows.

And as I’ve said before, our #FFAF shows focus much more on spirituality, emotional health, what we’re learning, books we’re reading, alternative health news and topics of that nature.

The interview shows are much more geared to answering health questions and introducing people to unique guests who are helping others to heal naturally.

On this show we talked about Kate’s home altar she’s been setting up and how she’s using it and why. She also discussed how the home alter has benefited her.

We also talked about totem animals, what they mean and why they keep popping up in our lives.

Another topic we discussed was symbols and how they can really cause us to believe this virtual reality we’re living in is actually real and how that affects us when we put faith in symbols rather than what’s real.

Then we talked about the importance of health and self care rituals and really loving yourself and what that means. We also talked about worry and how that affects our health on a negative level.

And as always we covered these listener questions from our most amazing audience!!

Here are some listener questions we covered:

Regarding #426 psychedelics, past lives etc

i listen 2u guys often, mostly cause i’m always searching 4 health info – often disagree, BUT u said ” lose ur pwr. by … reminisce about what doesn’t exist anymore” THANKS MY BROTHER. that hit my very soul. i stopped everything i was doing 2 listen again, drink it in, then I wanted to thank you



Great show : ) Interesting what you said about the relaxed, flowing clothes worn by spiritual leaders. I think it’s true, the more spiritually conscious you are the more in touch with your body and how clothing restricts you, your spirit and aura, synthetic materials do this. By the way, perhaps you could do a show on Astrology? It’s connected to psychic awareness and Ayurveda, makes so much sense. By the way, Justin, being a Sagittarius means you’re an adventurer archetype, into philosophy, different religions, travel – makes sense then that you will be focusing on these subjects and conspiracies in coming shows. Kate I think you’re a Virgo? the healer archetype, earth mother – I think that makes sense too all the best with your studio plans! 🙂



Hi J&K,

Sandhiya Ramaswamy is, indeed, the coolest name 🙂 I wanna say it over and over, sing it, make a song out of it, lol! I just wanna say I love your show, I listen often. Thank you for the abundance of great information on my top concerns of health and spirituality, and your always positive energy. Lots of love for you justin and kate!


Hello Kate and Justin,

Tears in my eyes as i write you this mail,i dont know where to start but in my own short words,am very glad that ive come across you on line,in fact i can say this is the best thing ive ever come across on internet,i wish i have money to bring you guys down to my country to hold seminars and and conference at least to let te people know that there is hope,i said this because in my country its not everyone that have access to internet and everyday people are dying of this disease and there is nothing anyone can do,it will be very hard even if you tell a cancer patient in my country to get this essential oils because they cant even get it to buy,i’m touched but to be sincere i dont have the means to introduce this to my country as a whole because its a pity to see people in hopeless situations which can still be corrected but they die ignorantly,all i can say now is may God be with you,provide for you and protect you from every attack,i hope one day i will boldly have the means to invite you guys to my country and see what we can do to save the situation,.i love you guys soo much and i wish you all the best of life,you are save life therefore you shall be provided with long life and prosperity,

from Kin,


On Last Thing!

As always your support via your donations and bookmarking our Amazon link to use each time you purchase is how we keep our show going. Thank you for bookmarking our Amazon link even if you’re not buying anything right now! 🙂


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