Bryant Meyers – The 5th Element Of Health Electromagnetism & How It Can Reduce Pain & Inflammation As Well As Increase Oxygenation Along With Many More Health Benefits – Extreme Health Radio

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Bryant Meyers – The 5th Element Of Health Electromagnetism & How It Can Reduce Pain & Inflammation As Well As Increase Oxygenation Along With Many More Health Benefits

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  • Bryant Meyers joined us all the way from Florida. For those that don’t know he’s the author of a great book called PEMF The 5th Element of Health which I highly recommend you check out.

    I originally became aware of Bryant Meyers from researching the PEMF mat.

    I am always looking for new technologies and gadgets to help speed up the healing process which why I’m such a huge fan of things like the FAR infrared sauna, the BioMat and Bellicon rebounders.

    These tools can aid us in our healing and even speed up the healing process. So when I became aware of Bryant Meyers and his work into pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy. He’s a scientist, a physicist and he’s into quantum biology, string theory, quantum mechanics, spirituality and much more.

    You really cannot separate health from things like past traumas, energies and frequencies, emotions and spirituality. In my opinion this is where the root level lies for deep restorative healing of the body.

    He’s done a lot of research into the schumann resonance, pulsed electromagnatism emanating from the core of the earth and how these energies and frequencies affect the physiology and biology of our bodies.

    Over time these frequencies (in my opinion) change the genetic expression of our very DNA. We know now that there may be a connection with how electricity can affect blood sugar levels in the body.

    There’s also growing evidence that the radiation being emitted from cell phones and cell phone towers have a negative (whether it’s cancer or other health issues we don’t know) affect on the body.

    So when we remove ourselves from the natural radiation and magnetism of the earth we begin to express genetic breakdown causing degenerative chronic diseases in the body.

    He talks about a device which is a mat that can mimic the schumann resonance of the earth and help to restore the circadian rythyms of the human body. As you know we are all freq ency, energy and vibration so it makes complete sense to me that a device such as the IMRS 200 PEMF mat would have this kind of effect on re-regulating the energies of our cells and DNA.

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    Show Date:

    Friday 5/22/2015

    Show Guest:

    Bryant Meyers

    Guest Info:

    Bryant Meyers (B.S., M.A. Physics) is a bestselling author and leading expert in the field of Energy Medicine and PEMF Therapy. Bryant is a former TV show host and former Physics/Math Professor at Central Michigan. For over 18 years Bryant has researched, tested, tried, and investigated over $500,000 worth of energy medicine, studying with many of the world’s experts. He has personally helped thousands of people with energy medicine and PEMF therapy devices to achieve pain relief, better sleep, and overall better health. Bryant currently lives in Sarasota Florida, near the beautiful Siesta Key Beach (rated #1 beach in the U.S.).

    Show Topic:

    emotions, spirituality, electromagnetism, schumann resonance, natural healing, life extension

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