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Dr. Ed Park – Can Telomere Activation Allow Us To Live To 200 Years Old & What Are The Implications?

Dr-Ed-Park-Bio-Pic2Today we spoke with Dr. Ed Park author of the book Telomere Timebombs (I highly recommend it!) and he’s also the man behind the product TA-65 which we talked about along with his other product Recharge, which we are going to start taking soon. We’ll report back to you as to our experience with it.

We were turned on to Dr. Park from a listener and when I began to research the work that he’s doing, I was highly impressed and immediately became excited to introduce him to all of you.

Some interesting things to consider about living a very long life span…

Are humans able to live until we’re 200, 400 or more years old? Imaging living in a healthy, vibrant, strong and youthful body all the way until we’re that age?

Would you want to do it?

[spp-tweet “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing. George Bernard Shaw”]

It means you’d out live multiple generations of family below you. It’s a concept that’s inconceivable and maybe that’s part of the problem. Because we’re so programmed for early death maybe it actually imbues itself deep into the very fibers and strands of our DNA?

Maybe this energetic blockage of how long we can live actually affects sub atomic particles which actually cause our telomeres to get snipped off from our DNA because telomerase isn’t abundant enough. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but it’s just a theory.

Would you want to live that long?

Today we had Dr. Ed Park join us in the studio to talk about telomere activation, anti aging (some people prefer to call it pro youthing) and life extension using a super concentrated ancient Chinese herb called astragalus.

Dr. Park was gracious enough to make the drive and come into our studio.

After the show was over we talked extensively about what it would mean to live for hundreds of years. Would there be over population? Would there be issues with people running out of money? Would there be a drain on natural resources?

These are all topics we discussed at the end of the show.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Dr. Ed Park as much as we did and if you did would you consider clicking “like” and “share” on this page to let your friends and family know about the work he is doing?

Kate and I would greatly appreciate that! 🙂

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    Show Date:

    Wednesday 9/10/2014

    Show Guest:

    Dr. Ed Park

    Guest Info:

    Dr. Ed Park, MD, MPH, is a telomere and telomerase expert and founder of Recharge Biomedical. He graduated with honors from Harvard University with BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Biological Anthropology in 1989.

    Dr. Park received MD (Doctor of Medicine) from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and MPH (Master of Public Health) from Columbia University, School of Public Health, in 1993.

    He completed internship and residency at Beth Israel Hospital, a teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School in 1997.

    Show Topic:

    D Ed Park, telomere, anti aging, pro youthing, astragalus, young, youthful, vibrant, long life, life extension, herbs, Chinese medicine

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