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How To Get A Different Perspective On Your Life, The Shadow Effect, Living With Masks On, Why We Have To Make People Feel Comfortable With Us & Much More!


FFAF-Show-New2Kate and I had a great time talking about many different subjects during today’s show. And by the way, this was a show that was never supposed to happen because we were scheduled to talk with Dr. Larry Lytle about the Q-1000 Laser.

It’s interesting how we wear a mask in certain areas of life. When we’re with one group of people we wear a certain mask. If we’re around another group of people we act like a cameleon and act in a way that pleases that group.

And all the while our true opinions and our authentic self never really shines through because we’re too scared of what other people think about us.

It’s quite interesting.

Kate and I were talking about this the other day. Is it better to “drip feed” our new found opinions to fearful people or would it be better to come right out and tell those same fearful people a lot of facts about us that would make them uncomfortable?

Would they be able to actually handle that?

People are scared of their loved ones become people that make them feel uncomfortable. So they create a story in their head about who they think you are. And when you begin to act outside the margins of that story, they start to “call you out” on things or they begin to tell you things that will scare you into being the character they have made up about you.

It’s all lies.

You’re lying to them about who you are, and they’re lying to you not just by creating a fictitious story about you but also presenting their lie to you. So now we have two “lies” interacting with each other and we think we know people.

All we know is what each person chooses to reveal to us. Like we talked about during the show, we all have a shadow effect, a dark side if you will. We all have it. It’s not until we can truly act and be who we are that we have a fighting chance of people acting authentically towards us.

We also talked about the value of having a life coach. Kate is seeking a life coach for her that she can confide in and get perspective from. Many people think a life coach is a bit presumptuous. But I think they can see things in your life from different angles and can offer some 3rd party objective insight and guidance in your life.

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Show Date:

Thursday 7/31/2014

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Free For All Friday

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Life coaching, the shadow effect, pleasing people

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