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Susan Smith Jones – Detox 101, Why Detox, How To Detox & How Often We Should Cleanse The Body


susan-smith-jones-bio-picSusan Smith Jones phd joined us today to talk about all things related to cleansing and detoxification. It quickly became apparent to us that we barely scratched the surface of everything we wanted to cover.

She’s an expert in this subject and we only began what could have been a 5 hour conversation with us.

I believe it’s more necessary than ever to rid the body of chemicals, stress, toxins, bad energy, poisons, heavy metals and undigested foods.

In today’s toxic world full of contaminants and pollutants, it’s ultra critical to have more going out than coming in. Cleansing is something that has to start with your daily habits. It starts with getting proper sleep, reducing stress, taking the right supplements and eating healthy food.

You can add in more green vegetable juices and green smoothies to your diet to help you get rid of toxins. We highly suggest getting a Vitamix or a high quality juicer and take your health to the next level.

It’s my contention that this is what ultimately causes disease. So we talked about things like herbal cleanses, colonics, juicing, coffee enemas, fasting and more. We really need to have Susan Smith Jones on again to get deeper into these issues to provide the best content for you guys.

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Show Date:

Wednesday 7/16/2014

Show Guest:

Susan Smith Jones

Guest Info:

Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Columnist, Holistic Wellness Consultant, and Pulitzer Nominated Author. Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Columnist, Holistic Wellness Consultant, and Pulitzer Nominated Author

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Detoxification, cleansing, colonics, coffee enemas

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