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BREAKING NEWS: Kate’s Project Has Launched, Muscle Testing, Removing Blockages, Living With Intention, Awareness & More!


FFAF-Show-New2Wow. Today was a mammoth of a show. We actually talked for a few minutes over 2 hours!

Yikes. I hope this was okay and that you enjoyed it. We played a short pre-recorded clip of Kate’s friend Bo Wong from my organic life when she was here working on a secret behind the scenes project (that’s no longer a secret!) called Empowered Women’s Channel.

They’ve been working on that closely together for the past 8 or 9 months like crazy. It’s amazing to see it fully come together. They’ve been meeting with people in person and over the phone, recording podcasts, creating videos, building the website, and making the artwork all behind the scenes.

Not only that but they’ve been writing articles, editing articles and doing so much more. The story of how Kate and Bo met is on this show and it’s quite fortuitous how it all happened. To see such driven girls that have a desire to help women empower their lives, is so cool to see.

To see Kate’s journey from junk food eater living a fast paced (yet completely scattered and stressed) lifestyle, to completely doing a 180 and now helping others along the way is amazing.

She has really strong peanut allergies and goes into anaphylactic shock where her throat closes up and she could actually die. She reacts to food easily and can’t eat certain other foods like soy and legumes. She was always very anxious and had built stories around her food choices. She would only eat one or two types of foods because she knew she was safe. She was always worried about how certain foods were cooked if we went to a restaurant.

It was hard to watch. There was lots of anxiety and emotion behind her fears of death and her throat closing in the event she accidentally ate some sauce or the chef used a knife on her food that he had previously used with peanut butter.

To see her completely change her life and have all of that be lifted is amazing. She’s a completely different person now no longer living with that kind of fear. She’s no longer worried about eating new food and she’s no longer under the thumb of her fears and emotions. It’s awesome to see.

Not only that but she’s now going to be helping women do the same on her new website with Bo!

We talked about the importance of living with intention and Mike Tyson’s quote when asked how he was able to knock his opponites out so quickly, “I throw every punch with mean intention”. We talked about how we can bring more intention into every area of our lives. This parlayed into being aware of what’s going on around us.

I believe awareness is the key. Most people are walking around with their iPod in their ear and not aware of how their actions are affecting those around them. If we were more aware and lived with more intention in every area of our lives, this world would truly be a better place.

We also talked about removing energetic blocks that could be holding us back from everything we want to accomplish in life. Lots of us might have blocks that show up as stories we tell ourselves about why we can nor can’t accomplish certain things. We talked about how to remove them so we can get on with the business of making the world a better place.

We also talked about how important it is to reconnect with our food by using muscle testing aka Applied Kinesiology. For those that don’t know the concept behind muscle testing is that everything is energy from the cells in our body to the food we eat. Energy is either attracted to or or pushed away from other energies. By using various techniques we’re able to listen to our body to let it tell us whether or not a food is right for us in that moment.

We talked a lot about why it’s important to test all the food and supplements you consume.

It was really a great show and we hope you enjoyed it. Please leave us a review in iTunes if you can along with a rating. That will help tremendously!

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