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Rod Czlonka – The Tumor Is Not The Cancer It’s Merely A Symptom, The Politics of Cancer & More!

rod-czlonka-bio-picIt’s always a fascinating discussion when we have Mr. Rod Czlonka on.

For those that don’t know he had terminal brain cancer back in 2003 and was able to heal it naturally. Since that time he’s written a couple of books (see below) and helps people with their nutrition and living an anti cancer lifestyle.

Recently I read a report where there will be 24 million people diagnosed with cancer by the year 2035.

Can you believe that? That’s just in one year.

Why are so many people diagnosed with cancer? In my opinion it’s because of many reasons. Our soils are depleted of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Even organic food is very much lacking in nutritional qualities and phyto-nutrients.

We’re exposed to chemicals more than ever before in human history.

We are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones and other devices like cell towers, computers, iPad’s and laptops. Unless we learn about the damaging effects of EMF and how to to shield ourselves from these high frequencies, we’re going to suffer the results.

There are so many other reasons why cancer is on the rise as well. We’re not breastfed by healthy moms with high amounts and multiple strains of beneficial bacteria and as a result our immune systems are terribly lacking. We get vaccinated which further depletes our already sluggish immune systems.

The list goes on. I could go on and on about why cancer rates are soaring these days.

But the good news is it is possible to heal and to do so without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Just as a disclaimer, I’m not saying you should pursue non conventional treatments but what I am saying is that if I were diagnosed with some form of cancer I would look into them very seriously.

Don’t follow my advice I highly encourage you do do your own research.

But Rod Czlonka teaches us why our bodies are so weak and what we can do to not only prevent cancer but also heal it without using conventional methods that (in my opinion) end up damaging the body more than the actual cancer itself.

So please don’t ignore the cancer epidemic. It’s much easier to prevent it and live an “anti cancer” lifestyle than it is to heal cancer naturally once you’ve been diagnosed with the disease.

Please share this episode with everyone you know who might benefit from this information! 🙂

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Show Date:

Thursday 1/30/2014

Show Guest:

Rod Czlonka

Guest Info:

At 41 (2003) Rod Czlonka’s life was on the fast track and moving in the right direction until he was diagnosed with a brain tumor he then underwent 19 sessions of Radiation therapy and 3 months of chemo therapy. Rod would take no for an answer and kept digging and searching until he found answers to his questions. Rod managed to Read More…

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Brain cancer, electromagnetic field radiation, cell phones, nutrition, superfoods etc

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