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How Your To-Do Lists Are Killing You, Reaction Kills Creativity, Listener Questions & More!

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Talk about a fun show we did today!

We had no interview scheduled for today because Kate was on her silent retreat high in the hills above Los Angeles so I decided to do a Free For All Wednesday show.

At the beginning of the show I talked about how our culture is so focused on doing things and accomplishing things. I talked about how our “to do” lists are really damaging to us how the stress caused from them is affecting our health.

I’m not a fan of to do lists and placing more importance on doing vs being as you can probably tell by listening to this latest episode.

I also talked a little bit about reaction and how reaction kills creativity. If you think about reaction, you’re re-acting something that happened in the past. Most of how we operate in the world has to do with reaction. Most media wants us to re-act.

But what are we re-acting? We’re not re-acting what they’re feeding us are we?


We’re reacting the “story” we’ve told ourselves about how we respond to specific situations. So if I have a situation that is designed to get a reaction in me, then the media will play off that and will feed me images and sounds in order to illicit an emotional re-action.

How can you be creative and respond to any situation if you’re living a pre-programmed story you created for certain situations?

We also took some listener questions and Kate called in from the road on her way back from her silent retreat to talk about her experiences being away for 3 days.

Sorry I didn’t write a whole lot of show notes in this blog post that is accompanying this show!

I hope you enjoy this show. Please pass it on if you do! 🙂

Other items mentioned:

“I think it’s every human’s job to inspire others, to feed one another’s senses. Inspiration begets inspiration times infinity. Imagine if the person that was inspired to create the phonograph didn’t share it with the world.”– Anonymous

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Show Date: Wednesday 11/13/2013
Topic: Reacting, to do lists, stress and more
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Podcast Transcript:

Episode #177—How Your To-Do Lists Are Killing You, Reaction Kills Creativity, Listener Questions & More—11-13-2013

Peter: I’m on here with Justin and Kate and my great partner, Tristan Truscott and we’re on Extreme Health Radio and we are excited!

Justin: Well, thank you so much, everybody, for joining us on another episode of Extreme Health Radio. As you probably know by now, the intro music is different. We no longer have our little friends. I don’t know. I just felt like that was a little explosive. Did you guys like that music, or that intro before? I’m not really sure about that intro. I don’t know. It always seemed to be so explosive and something about it was just too… a little too much for me and Kate.

As you probably know, this is just me on this episode. This is Episode 177 of Extreme Health Radio, a Free For All Wednesday, and I hope you guys are enjoying your day, whatever you’re doing. Today, for reference, is Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Yesterday was 11-12-13. That’s a weird date, isn’t it? So today is Wednesday, November 13, 2013, and Kate is on her silent retreat. She is being silent today. We’ve been calling her just about every day and talking to her and she’s having a great time. She’s actually going to be driving home right now, back to Orange County where we live, and she’s had a great time.

I think it’s really important, especially for someone like her, to get away, because in her salon and her life, is so busy; it’s so jam-packed with everything and she’s got people talking to her at the salon. It’s really interesting. For people that are hair stylists, you guys probably know this, but for people that don’t know—and I didn’t really think about this much—but being a hair stylist is really a crazy job. She has to perform a service on people’s hair and do a good job—good enough to want to make them come back—but then she also has to make them feel good, you know? So she has to be interested in their stories and give her time and her energy and her emotion to whatever it is they’re interested in.

And she’ll talk to me about how people will come and sit in her chair and they will just blab on and on and on and on about stories in their own life without ever asking her anything about what’s going on in her life, and it’s just a fascinating thing, you know? A lot of people tend to do that, where they will talk and talk and talk and talk and never ask you any questions about what you’re doing. And then so she has to make them feel good and then she’s standing all day, so she’s interacting with all these people, trying to please them, trying to make them feel good, and then she’s also standing and performing a service with that stress and then on top of that, she’s breathing toxins and all of that. So she needed to get away and I completely understand that. She is in the hills. I’m not sure where she is—somewhere north of LA—and she’s having a great time. She took her books and she took her water enema kit and she is really enjoying her time out there and I think it’s really cool that she was able to do that.

If you guys didn’t know, we are live now. If you would like to join us on the show, there are a lot of different ways you can do that. and you can enter the chat room there and you can join the show that way. My goal for the Friday shows is to create an environment and a community for you guys to be able to get your health questions answered. Kate and I don’t purport to have all the answers to all of your health questions. We are just the same as you guys. We’re just interested in getting healthier and have been following a healthier lifestyle—I have at least—since 2003. 2003 is about when I became 100% raw food vegan and so I did the raw food vegan diet 100% for seven years and immersed myself in everything related to health and disease prevention. And subsequently, my world has been turned upside down. But back then, it was quite a novelty and a lot of fun and is still a lot of fun today.

So if you have any health questions, please email them to or and that would be a great way to send your questions in to Kate or I and we can do our best to answer your questions. And what we’ll do is from time to time we’ll post them to our Facebook community. All of you guys that follow us on Facebook, thank you for doing that and what a fun thing that is. And if you’d like to follow us on Facebook and keep up to date with our shows, you can just go to and you’ll be able to click the “like” button on there and follow us that way and keep up to date with our show. So we’ll post your questions on there and we’ll keep them on our Free For All Friday Show. What we’d like to do is create a situation where you guys can join the chat room and give your two cents and ask your questions or you could call us on Skype. Our Free For All Friday Shows, we are allowing people to call in through Skype. Our Skype ID is Extreme Health Radio, and the actual phone number, if you’d like to call in, is 949-505-9585 and you can call in from your phone—you don’t even have to use Skype—and that will patch you through to Skype and we’ll be able to chat. So that would be a lot of fun if you want to join the show that way or if you want to just join the live chat room, that’s

It’s a beautiful day here in Southern California. Yesterday was a bit cloudy, a little bit cold; today… But the sunset yesterday was incredible. And then today it’s just clear blue skies and the sun is out. I took Maggie for a walk this morning. We went down by the park. She did her business. And let’s see… What else did we do? We walked down by the beach about 7:00 in the morning and had a great walk with Maggie, did a little bit of rebounding this morning…

You know, it’s interesting. I was thinking about this the other day. You ever think about how it’s just strange how in our culture we… I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s ingrained in us from the beginning, where we don’t like laziness or we don’t like people sitting around doing nothing, but it’s funny how we have our to-do lists, you know? I was just thinking about this this morning and I get up and you want to just accomplish things, you know? You want to just do things. You want to just get things crossed off your list. You ever get like that? Where it’s like all you care about is getting stuff crossed off the list? And then what you’ll do is you’ll put stuff on the list that you’ve already done just so that you can cross it off. I’m sure you guys have done that. You know, it’s just crazy, you know?

Why do we put so much value in accomplishing things? I don’t know. I mean it seems… It’s also not good to sit around and be a sloth and be lazy and not do anything, but at the same time, you get this idea that we have to accomplish things; we have to achieve goals and cross things off our list and do things. It’s so… I don’t know. I think it’s… I don’t know. I just don’t think it’s healthy. I think that we need to spend more time just relaxing and being and thinking about things, perhaps, or reading or… I don’t know. I mean those are all doing things too, but I just think that we run around so much in our culture and we place so much value on doing things and accomplishing things.

I think there’s a lot more to life than crossing things off a to-do list. And to-do lists… I think it’s really hurting people. I think it’s really a negative thing. I mean I have talked to people who—friends or whatever—have a to-do list, a honey-do list or something, that they have to get to on the weekend and their wife will get angry with them if they don’t complete everything that’s on the list that she made for them. I don’t know. I just think it’s backwards in our culture. I woke up today thinking, “What do I have to do? Okay, I’m going to walk Maggie before the show”—before I came into the studio—“and get my rebounding done and get my sauna done and get all these different things done,” but for what? You know? I mean I love doing those things. I love doing the sauna. I love doing the rebounder. And I love doing the show. And walking Maggie was fun. And at the same time, I understand—if we don’t have a to-do list, if we don’t have a list to get things done, then we don’t accomplish our goals, and there is such a fine line, isn’t there, between accomplishing your goals and also living a life of peace and relaxation and going inward and thinking about spiritual things and things like that? I mean there is such a fine balance.

And I think most importantly, about the to-do list, one of the things that’s probably most important is just to first have that awareness of what it’s doing to you and how you’re reacting to it, as opposed to letting it control you and letting it control your emotions and things like that because when you start letting your to-do list dictate whether or not you feel good, something’s probably wrong with that, right? I mean if you don’t feel somehow as good or as accomplished one day because you’ve crossed eight things off your list of ten things to do… It just seems like why can’t we look at that list and say, “Hey, we’ve crossed eight things off the list. Isn’t that great?”? Or what if we’ve crossed none off the list and we’ve just had the most amazing day?

I mean as a child, did we have to-do lists before we had things like school and things like that? I mean when we were out playing in the summertime, did we have to-do lists? I mean I understand that as adults and as responsible people, we have to get things done. I mean there’s no doubt about that. But letting these things control our life and letting these things control our emotions is really a negative thing in my mind. And taking the value off of these things and not placing so much value on accomplishing things… I mean it’s sort of similar to kids. You know how we want kids to be involved in school and practice and doing sports and running them around from everywhere to everywhere to get things done, to accomplish things? Pretty soon they’re 15 years old and they’re 30 years old. Then what? I mean what has all that really accomplished, except add a little bit of stress to our lives? I don’t know. I just see people running around here where we live and they are just running kids all around. They’re kids are involved in soccer and baseball and ballet and dance and all these different activities and then after school… They’ve got five hours of school and then we’ve got a couple hours of homework. When are we letting them be kids, you know? When are we letting ourselves live life instead of just accomplishing and doing things?

I think it’s okay to have a to-do list and want to get things done and want to be successful, but not letting those things run our life and not letting those things dictate how we feel and dictate the amount of stress that we have, you know? It’s just an interesting thought. I don’t know. I think that there are ways to deal with that. It’s funny. When I was on the walk with Maggie this morning…

It’s so funny how dogs do this. She ran up this hill to this house and there was a little dog there that she always plays with. But when the dog is behind the fence, she always barks and she goes and she just races off against the house and starts barking and wanting to start a fight. And so she did this the other day while I was walking her and the other dog was right there and they were barking, as if they were going to tear each other’s heads off, you know? But one was on the other side of the fence, the gate. And then it was so funny. I said, “No. Come on, Maggie. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go.” And she’s just going nuts. She was about ready to… I mean they were about ready to go to war here and they’re just barking, barking, barking. I’m sure all the other neighbors were looking—“What the heck is going on?” And so it was so funny. I told her “Come on, Maggie. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.” And she stopped for a second, ran, and then she stopped again, and then she just shook it off and then she just kept walking towards the beach. It was so funny because her mouth was open, tongue hanging out because she was tired, and she was breathing through her mouth. It was as if nothing ever happened.

Isn’t that funny how dogs do that? Could you imagine if that were us? The equivalent of that for us would be maybe something like being in a road rage situation where you’re on the freeway and somebody cuts you off and you throw your hands up and then all of a sudden the guy stops in front of you, if it’s like bumper to bumper, and he gets out of his car. Then you freak out, right? And then your heart starts beating and “What’s going to happen?” and maybe you get out or maybe you don’t. But having a situation like that happen and your adrenaline is going, your cortisol levels are raised, every sense about you is heightened and aware and you feel like you’re about ready to get into a fight or perhaps an altercation that could end poorly. And then let’s say somehow it deflates and you yell at each other and you get back in your car, and then you get back in your car—you’re going to be feeling that for the next few hours, aren’t you? Feeling like that guy could have pulled a gun on you, right? Or that guy could have done something really, really bad. And so you’re going to be feeling that adrenaline. But with dogs, the same situation happens and they just keep running. They don’t care. They’re just running along and they’re just happy to be alive. “Oh, that was a lot of fun.” And they just keep going.

It’s so funny how dogs are, you know? It’s crazy. It’s such a cool way to be and it’s such a lesson for us, you know? It’s such a lesson for us and I think it’s something that if we can help regulate in our life—the stress and how we view stress and how we view our to-do lists and how we view these things—if we could just let those things go, we’re just learning so much on this show and from our past guests about stress and our mental state and our exposure to EMFs and all this kind of stuff, where our reactions to things has such a determining factor on our physiology and our health. It’s just really fascinating to understand what’s going on and how much of an impact our reaction and our mental state and our stress levels have an impact on our health and then on our life. You know, when we react to things, you can’t be creative, right? I mean isn’t it interesting how…?

Like for example, for me, we live in a very loud neighborhood and that’s just my opinion and my preconceived notion upon where we live, but it’s very loud where we live and so when I woke up this morning, there were a couple cars out with their engines—their diesel engines—running and they’d created this background noise. It was really loud and a bunch of people outside our place. You know, it’s funny our reactions to things because when we react to something… I mean think about that word, “react.” We’re “re” “acting.” You can’t be creative when you’re acting something that’s already been acted out. We’re reacting something. And what are we reacting? Well, we’re reacting this story that we tell ourselves, right?

So like this morning, I was taking Maggie for a walk, like I said, and I saw two different people driving while looking down at their cell phones, and that really… On one level, that really bugs me, right? That really bugs me because I think, “Okay, they’re going to…” Well, I mean one of these people was driving in front of a school, like a kindergarten or whatever, and all these kids were running around. And I see him driving by and he’s on his cell phone, texting. My first reaction is to get angry and upset, because this guy’s going to hit someone—that’s not good—and he’s going to kill someone—that’s not good. But what am I reacting? I’m reacting the story I’ve already told myself. I’ve told myself that this is how I’m supposed to feel when I am exposed to this. And so it’s almost as if when I tell myself that, God’s going to give me more of that in order to work on myself, in order to show me more about who I am and how I am acting in this world.

And so you see that all the time. It’s sort of like getting a car, you know? You buy a brand new Nissan—a white, four-door Nissan—and then all of a sudden, you start seeing everybody with a four-door Nissan, right? It’s just interesting to pull back and to look at the stories that we create because we all live in stories, right? We create a story for ourselves and it’s not necessarily even true, but we tell ourselves “This is how I react to things when certain things happen” or “I am this way. I am not a very creative person” or “I am not a good public speaker” or “I’m not very good-looking” or “I’m not very this or that,” and we tell ourselves these things that are just stories. We live in a story that we have created for ourselves and we can create any kind of story we want, can’t we? I mean we have the ability to create any kind of story we want, but we’ve created a story about—or at least I have—getting upset when I see people driving around not only just talking on the cell phones, but texting, because they’re going to end up hitting someone and someone I love is going to die or they’re going to kill themselves or something, and so I’ve told myself a story that I am the type of person that gets upset when I see something like that happening. But that’s just a story. I can choose to react however I want.

When I was a child, I would react out of my feelings at the moment, but now, it’s like all of a sudden something happens and boom—I slip right into that story, telling myself “Oh, this is how I react when I see this.” And so what does God do? He sends more of that to show you “Hey, you don’t have to react that way. You can act any way you want. You don’t have to react. You can act and choose to be creative, any way you want. You don’t have to react to the story that you have already told yourself.” And we’ve all told ourselves a story and the story is whatever makes us feel good or whatever causes us to have that buffer inside of ourselves that allows us to complain about certain things or be upset or angry or allows us to solidify a preconceived notion or story about who we think we are in order for us to make ourselves feel better. So a lot of times we’ll be upset about something or we’ll tell ourselves some story so that it allows us to complain about something, because if we complain, we get sympathy from people, and if we get sympathy from people, then we feel like people will understand us, right? And if people understand us, they’ll understand where we’re coming from and they’ll maybe give us some more attention or they’ll do certain things so that it makes us feel better.

And it’s all just stroking the ego of which we’re not anyway, right? All these stories and egos and all these things—they’re not really us, right? I mean that’s not us at all. So what story are you telling yourself? Are you able to tell yourself a brand new story about who you think you are and what you’re doing here in this world and what God has told you or what God has given you in terms of gifts to give to the world? We’ve each been given gifts by God and what are those gifts and can we tell ourselves a story that would facilitate us living in such a way that would be able to expand those gifts to help more people and to be able to actually use those gifts to create the kind of world that we want our children to live in, that we would want in 30 or 50 years? And so telling ourselves a story of who we think we are, we just snap right into these pre-defined modes or roles, I should say, of reaction.

And like I said before, there is no creativity in reaction. When you are reacting something, you are living it over again and basically, you’re creating a deeper groove in your neurobiology that will cause you to continue on the path of that same reaction in the future. So you’re just carving out a deeper groove in your neurobiology that will cause you to continually be subject and to be a slave to your preconceived story that you’ve told yourself. And so having the ability to say, “Hey, I can act any way I want in this situation. I can choose to be anything I want. I can choose to react any way I want. I can choose to say, ‘Hey, maybe that guy is texting his wife who is going into the hospital and maybe everything is going to be okay’ or maybe I could pray for him and say, ‘God, please allow him to realize what he’s doing so that he doesn’t hit somebody,’” because I almost got hit by a car last week and I’m sure that many of you have heard that episode where a guy almost ran right into my door. And so perhaps he was texting, perhaps he wasn’t, but… And so really giving the person the benefit of the doubt and forgiving them and forgiving ourselves for snapping into a role like that, I think is really important.

It’s funny. If you start to really be aware of who you are and what types of mental reactions you have to things, it is really important, because you can choose to be a person that reacts like that and as a result, your cortisol levels go high and your stress levels go high, and pretty soon, when you’re 50 or 60 years old, you’ve aged a lot more than you would have wanted to, but not only that, the aging process has caused stress and those sorts of hormones like cortisol to cause damage to your internal organs and a disease could manifest as a result of years and years and years of settling into a groove that you’re a person that acts in a certain way. And it’s really important to realize that we can act however we want. We don’t have to re-live or react to the story that we’ve told ourselves. And the beautiful thing is that we can just tell ourselves any story we want. We can do anything we want. We can be anything we want.

And so being able to realize that and have that awareness instead of just snapping right into those modes is really a cool thing, because when you realize that you can choose these things, then you have that awareness and then when something like that happens, you’ll start to realize that “Hey, I have that awareness and not only do I have that awareness…” Sometimes you might have that awareness and still react and you get into that emotional state and you cause stress and anxiety to happen in your life, but that’s a cool step because you have that awareness. That’s the first step, right? Realizing that “Hey, something more is going on. There is a third-party witness here,” almost, you can say. And that third-party witness is really who I am. It’s really the essence of who I am and that person is witnessing how I am reacting.

And so then, if you have a few times of just having that awareness during a stressful situation, then you can start being in a situation where you have that awareness and then you can take it to another step and you can almost control the situation. You could say, “Okay. Okay. Step back. Step back. Step back.” In your mind, you can do this. “Okay, step back. Step back. Step back.” Take a deep breath and realize, “Okay, what am I doing here? I’m just acting out a role that I’ve told myself I am, which I’m not. But I’m just acting this out and now I can take a deep breath and I can just choose to not have any reaction and let it bounce off of me or I can choose to act in a positive way” and then I could do that. And when you start realizing you have that power, it’s amazing. I don’t know. I’ve been noticing it in my life over the past six months and it’s really, really an amazing thing. So think about trying to do that, if you can. Yeah, if you can, that would be just a cool experiment, I think, to do.

So we’ve got to take a little break here. We are going to take some listener questions people have emailed in. We’ll try to get to some of those. Let me run this ad for our favorite sauna. Have you guys tried out this sauna yet? Really, really good. I don’t just talk about things on our show to try to sell you these things. Just about every single thing that we sell on our site, we used or have used or own or have or use on a regular basis, and so I really, really stand behind everything that we sell, and this sauna is so good. I’m telling you. If you get it, please let me know what your experiences are. If you’ve bought one through us, please let me know. I’d love to hear your experiences with it. It’s really an incredible machine and I’m going to use mine today. I use it every single day. I will usually watch a documentary in there and it’s a good time. You sweat out toxins and all kinds of good stuff. So let’s run this ad and we’ll be right back after this break.


Justin: Kate and I have had our sauna for about a year now, I’d say, when we first got it from Phil Wilson. It’s an incredible machine. We use ours about every single day. Kate sits in about 20 minutes and I sit in there for about a half hour, usually watch a documentary, and it’s extremely relaxing. It’s a really, really incredible machine. And if you go to, you can learn all about it. We did an entire hour interview with Phil Wilson. You can check that out. You can look at the pictures of us with it. Then you can watch videos on that page. It helps you to sleep really, really well. You can lose a lot of weight with it. You can burn, I think, around 600 calories in about 20 minutes or so. It improves your skin, increases circulation all over the body and circulation is critical for your health. You can prevent and reverse diseases with it. If you have a cold or a flu, it’s incredible; it heats you down to the core. It heats four to six inches inside your body, so it’s really incredible. A lot of people use it for cancer as well, so if you have any kind of “incurable” disease, you can use it for that. And Dr. Shade is the foremost authority on detoxification and listen to what he says about it.

Shade: How do I detoxify from plastics? I mean you guys are using a sauna and what does a sauna do for us? A sauna is great. It’s moving a number of different toxins. Remember we talked about the mice that if you put PCBs in there, then that made the mercury all that much worse? And sweating moves out a lot of plastics, volatiles, fat-based toxins. It’s really good at moving those out, sweating those out. So that’s how you’re getting those out and those are contributing to this synergistic soup inside the body, and so that’s why they’re good is they’re taking out a bunch of the different things in the soup.

Justin: And Daniel Vitalis, one of our favorite guests, what do you have to say about the sauna?

Daniel: When you go into the sauna, like a far-infrared sauna like you discuss, your body goes into a deep relaxation mode and your sympathetic nervous system shuts down and your parasympathetic nervous system turns on. And when that’s active, that’s the nervous system—part of your nervous system—that’s active when you meditate. That becomes active and your detoxification pathways open up wide. Why is this important? It’s important because when you go running and you sweat, you’re not necessarily eliminating very much toxicity from your body. But when you sweat in the sauna, you eliminate a lot of toxicity from your body. So sweating in a relaxed state is how we eliminate. The other thing is that what’s wonderful about the sauna is that it puts you in a parasympathetic nervous system response as if you were meditating. So it’s almost a hack. It’s like a trick to get yourself into a meditative, relaxed state, to decompress stress, to reverse the effects of stress, and to get your body eliminating deep, deep toxicity that’s stored in your body fat because it can come out in the oils of your skin. So I think sauna is one of the most crucial detoxification… really health practices that we can take on, especially in this era of heavy toxicity, particularly fat-soluble toxins.

Justin: This sauna is really, really great. They offer payment plans because if you buy it through PayPal, it’s 100% secure; you don’t even need a PayPal account. I think you can do a payment plan through PayPal. It’s got low EMF electromagnetic fields coming off it. It’s portable, so that means you don’t have to knock down a wall in your house. You can just move it from room to room. It sets up in about two to five minutes. It’s super easy to clean. All you’ve got to do is wipe it down when you’re done and wipe the neck down. It produces energy and heat inside, very, very evenly throughout the whole machine. All you have to do is sit in there for about 15 minutes a day. And the great thing I like about it too is it requires zero preheating. So you turn it on and you’re starting to get warm and you’re starting to detoxify with that far-infrared light almost immediately. So it’s really great. It comes with a one-year warranty. It’s about $990 plus $25 shipping and that’s really, really a good deal because if you look at most of the regular saunas out there, they are in the $2,000-4,000 range, so this is really, really a good deal so check it out at


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And Stella says here “You know what I keep thinking about? How Constantine does not have fruits or veggies; he just has white rice and protein and says that we don’t need fruits or veggies but he has no problem with them. Very interesting and controversial for sure, compared to David Wolfe or Markus Rothkranz.” I know, Stella. I totally agree. It’s so interesting. I remember talking with him off the air as well as on the air and he was talking about how he doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables. Crazy, right? For a guy that’s really into digestion? But he has his reasons and he’s really a scientifically-minded guy and really cutting-edge researcher and if you’re interested in his stuff, he wrote a book called Gut Sense… No, wait. No, he didn’t write a book called Gut Sense. His website is called Gut Sense. Let me get my pen and paper here so that I can take notes for you. Kate is usually our resident note-taker and she is, like I said at the beginning of the show, on a silent retreat, so she’s doing anything other than taking notes right now. Let’s see. Gut Sense. You know how guys are—we can’t do more than two things at one time… or more than one thing at one time. Gut Sense, and then he wrote a book called Fiber Menace. So I’ll put a link to that if you’re interested on this show page, 177. Yeah, interesting, Stella. I don’t know about that. Really crazy. All I know is I eat fruits and vegetables and lots of them, mostly raw but some cooked. Like last night I had some free range, organic, high quality chicken with some steamed veggies and some steamed carrots, some steamed broccoli and a little while after that I had my green juice, which was obviously all raw—low-sugar green juice.

And before that, I did my coffee enema. That was quite an interesting experience. I’ll tell you. I hadn’t done a coffee enema for about a week and a half and I try to do them every single day… or not every day—who am I kidding? Every week. I try to do once a week. And Kate does them a lot because she’s in the salon and she’s trying to reverse some digestive issues. But she does them a lot. I try to do them once a week. I hadn’t done them for about a week and a half. Crazy. And so when I did the enema and I had the juice and I had the chicken, my stomach was so… I had so much gas. I was bloated. But now I feel fine. So I’m not sure if any of you guys have ever had that experience.

Yeah, Stella. I don’t know what to say. I would say I would eat more fruits and vegetables. That’s my opinion.

Joan writes in “Hi, Justin. Thank you. I enjoy writing emails to you. I am almost up to September on listening to your radio shows that are in the archive file. Learned much from Peskin, but I was disappointed with Mary Newport. I thought she would know more about coconut oil but I guess I know more about coconut oil than most people.” That’s true. I am saying this. That’s true, Joan, because her website is… She has a great website, So she continues on and she says, “I loved G. Edward Griffin. He is a real hero of mine. He was the leading light in my learning about America’s turn toward communism in the early 19th century. He is famous for his great reviews of American history and communism. His dealing with the Rockefellers and his book on cancer is great knowledge of the destruction of homeopathy and medicine and the growth of the monopoly cartels. I’m a better person because of his work. Good to hear him laugh. Good program. I love them all. Love, Joan.”

Well, thank you, Joan. That’s really nice. Yeah, we loved having him on—G. Edward Griffin. You could find his episode if you go to Resources on our show, Download Shows, and he was really good. He talked about cancer, vitamin B-17, and how to prevent cancer with vitamin B-17 and all that stuff. And if you haven’t gotten onto the vitamin B-17 yet, listen to our shows on cancer. There are a few of them, but you may want to go to and that will forward you to the B-17 that we take. Good stuff. Really, really good stuff. So thank you, Joan.

Did any of you guys get a chance to hear some of our latest episodes? Did you hear that one with Rod Czlonka, Episode 172, how he reverses terminal brain cancer naturally? Man, that was good. He is really, really good. I loved the show with Rod and he talked a lot about the EMF situation because he was diagnosed. He started having seizures. He took this new job. He had like a new sales job at 41 years old and I think it was a new sales job or something, where he was given a cell phone and he said he was using the cell phone over 1,000 minutes a month, which is not even that much, I mean considering today. This was, I think, in 2003, so it would have been ten years ago. But he used it for 1,000 minutes a month. That only equates to 33 minutes a day. I mean most people are using it longer than that. Thank God, I don’t have one. But yeah, he used it 1,000 minutes a month and it wasn’t too long until he started developing seizures and went in for a brain scan and had this incredible tumor. The doctors were able to take the tumor out and do brain surgery on him. He should have called Dr. Jack Kruse, actually. But he did a brain surgery and then they wanted to put him on chemo and then he was on all these different rounds of chemo and radiation. They basically told him “Hey, this stuff’s not working. The cancer’s coming back. You only have a certain amount of time to live. Get your affairs in order because it’s time to die.” And so it was quite a story he has about how he came back from that. He talks a lot about the acid-alkaline balance of the body and the electromagnetic field radiation. Man, it’s crazy. It was a good episode, Episode 172.

And then we had Dr. Victor Zeines on and he is… Talk about a top-notch, natural, holistic dentist—biological dentist—that you’ll ever hear, Episode 173. And we talked about the surprising link between oral health and disease and what we can do about it. And so he gave a lot of tips on what you can do to remineralize your teeth, to remineralize your gums, to prevent tooth decay and to turn your oral health around using herbs and essential oils. He gave a list of a bunch of different things. Good stuff. Really, really good stuff.

And then we had Dr. Jack Kruse. Now he has to be one of the more fascinating guys that I’ve ever heard because he’s a Paleo guy but we didn’t even talk about the Paleo diet, which was crazy. We barely even talked about that. We talked about his story, about being I think 354 pounds and how he was able to lose 133 pounds in 12 months without exercising. Isn’t that crazy? Wouldn’t that be…? It’s like don’t you want to just put a guy like that on Celebrity Fit Club or these weight loss TV shows—The Biggest Loser? You know? And show the people that hey, there’s more going on to your inability to lose weight than diet and exercise. I mean it’s absolutely crazy. He did this thing called The Leptin Protocol and as he said on the show, he locked himself into his man-cave for about six months because what happened was he was 350 pounds and he was giving a lecture. He’s a neurosurgeon, by the way—Dr. Jack Kruse.

And he was giving a lecture and he got up from the dinner table to give his presentation, wherever he was—somewhere in Alabama doing the lecture on surgery and that kind of thing—and he tore his meniscus. And so a friend of his gave him a book to look into and say, “Hey, I think I may know what’s going on with you,” you know? And so he started doing some research and he spent about the next eight months doing this incredible amount of research as to why he was overweight, why his hormones were out of balance, why he was having these health problems, why he tore his meniscus or whatever it was. And he came up with this thing called The Leptin Prescription and it’s absolutely fascinating. And then he also developed this thing called the Cold Thermogenesis Protocol. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that, but he goes into how ice and how cold affects our physiology and our biology and what it really does is it affects the brain and all of these diseases like obesity and all these types of things—diabetes—they’re all brain conditions and they have really nothing to do with the body. They’re just a brain imbalance—a chemical imbalance in the brain—and we go into that in that show, Episode 174. Really fascinating. Really, really fascinating show. So I encourage you guys to check that out.

And let’s see if there’s anybody in the chat room. It doesn’t look like there’s anybody in the chat room yet. Please dive in there if you like. I’d love to hear from you guys. But yeah, let’s go to our next question here from Deborah. She says, “Hey, Justin. I would love more information on thyroid health, anti-aging, energy and ways to escape toxicity. Thank you for all you’re doing. Deborah.” Wow, thanks, Deborah. Yeah, Deborah just signed up to our email list and when you sign up like that, I send you an email and in the very first email I ask you if you could help us out and if you could send me some ideas as to what you’re looking for because I want to create a show and an environment where we’re helping you… we’re delivering information to you that you want.

So she says, yeah, on thyroid health. So for thyroid health, catch the episode that we’re going to do with Daniel Vitalis. It’s actually in the future, but assuming he doesn’t cancel, that’s going to be Episode 178. Is that right? Yeah, 178. So you can go to our and you’ll be able to catch that. It’s going to be all about hormone health and obviously, the thyroid has a lot to do with hormone health. And also, I would look into a website called and check that out and that’s a great website on hormones and things. Also, listen to our show with Dr. Jack Kruse and if you go to, you’ll be able to see a really cool webinar that he’s put together on basically this issue—hormones. And he has a whole webinar on hormones and Leptin and thyroid and all that stuff. And we’ve also done an interview with Dr. Mark Starr, so you can search for him on our website—Mark Starr—he’ll be under the guest list or on the Live page, You can download all of our shows there.

And so you want to know about anti-aging? Well, I would say that one of the biggest things for anti-aging is stress management and learning about ways to deal with stress management—meditation, prayer, being silent, doing things like Qigong, if you haven’t already checked those out. Qigong—if you go to as well as 170, you’ll be able to listen to two interviews about Qigong and you can also check out the Qigong course at I can barely say that. And you’ll be able to check that out, because that helps restore chi and energy back into the body.

And if you’re looking for ways to escape toxicity, here are some things that I do. You don’t have to do them. You don’t have to support our work if you don’t want. You can buy them anywhere you want. But I take the Vitality Herbs and Clay, the Sacred Clay that’s really, really mineral-rich, really high in silica and tons of minerals and nutrients and that Sacred Clay helps to detox chemicals from your colon and from your organs. It’s really, really great. I put it in my smoothies every single day. Then I take… Let’s see. What is the other one? Zeolite. So if you go to, you’ll be able to see the Zeolite that we take and we were turned on to that from one of our guests, Debra Lynn Dadd, and you can listen to her show if you like. We also did an interview with the CEO of Touchstone Essentials. That’s the Zeolite we take. So I take that three times a day.

I like to do the rebounder to flush out my lymphatic system. You have, I think, three times the amount of lymph fluid than you do blood and so your lymphatic fluid is incredibly important because of the fact that there is so much of it. And also, there is no drainage for the lymphatic system. It doesn’t have a heart or doesn’t have any way to pump itself. And so one of the best and most effective ways to do that is through the up and down motion of a rebounder. So that’s what I like. Then I like our sauna as well. So if you want to check out the rebounder that we stand behind, you can check it out at or you can check out the sauna at And you don’t have to do any of these things. These are just things that I do and Kate does every single day. I would also do coffee enemas. I recently wrote a blog post on how to do coffee enemas, as well as where to get supplies, so if you go to, you’ll be able to see the blog post I wrote on what we use for those supplies. So I would do colonics. I would do enemas. I would do maybe like the Ejuva Cleanse that we promote at and you can listen to the show we did there and check that out. And all these things are in our store too. Yeah, I mean in today’s world, it’s just imperative. You’ve got to get rid of this stuff and I’ve heard doctors talk about “It doesn’t really matter what you eat or how you exercise; it matters how many toxins you get out of your body.” I tend to think that’s true.

And then Divine writes in “Hi, Justin. I cannot find a search box on the website. I’m looking for the episode about the low blue lights and glasses.” Wow, sorry about that, Divine. We do have a search box. You have to go into any blog post or page to see it and it’s on the right hand side. I don’t think it’s working as effectively as I would like it to work. I’ve got to work on that. And I don’t know what episode where it was that we talked about low blue lights. I think there were a few. But yeah, sorry about that. We’re going to be working on this. You know, this is a one-man show here. Until we can get Kate out of her salon, until we can build this thing up to be bigger and better, we are just a one-man show. It’s basically just me. So forgive me if I haven’t gotten back to everybody. I apologize for that. Yeah, I know if you go to Amazon… You can go to Amazon, if you like, through our link and we’ll get a little commission, but there are little blue light sunglasses you can check out on Amazon. If you go to our website and then click on the Amazon banner and then you’re on Amazon, you just type in “blue light sunglasses,” something like that. That’s what I would do. And also, there is a website called and you’ll be able to download a program that will lower the blue light coming off of your computers and your iPads and all of that stuff. So yeah, that’s something to consider. Dr. Jack Kruse was really big on that. He said that the Flux program wasn’t good enough. He said it wasn’t powerful enough to lower enough of the blue light, so now I’ve been going back to wearing my glasses—my low blue light glasses—as well as having the Flux program on my computer at all times during the night. So if I’m working at night—boom—that’s always on. Always on.

Last night it was cool. I lay down on the BioMat… Have you guys checked out the BioMat yet? It’s a pretty amazing thing. But I lay on there and my back has been really hurting me lately. I had a situation about six months ago where I injured my lower back at the gym and it never really quite recovered and so I’ve been getting on the BioMat at night and it has been helping so much. It’s incredible. Most of the day my back’s really tight and stiff and the range of motion is not very good at all, and since I’ve been laying on the BioMat, it’s been helping so much. It’s incredible. Yeah, interesting.

So let’s see here. It’s about time for another commercial. And you know what? I’m going to run the little ad for the Bellicon. That’s such a great machine. I think you guys should check that out. So we’ll be right back after this short break.


Justin: I have been a huge fan of rebounding for many, many years and if you want to get in great cardiovascular shape, tone your legs, back and butt and stomach, as well as cleanse your lymphatic system from toxins and chemicals, you just have to start rebounding. It’s imperative. And not only will it create endorphins that quickly become addictive to you, but it’s very low impact as well. It helps to prevent sicknesses and diseases, as well as increase bone density and it flushes toxins from your lymphatic system. It’s amazing. And not only that, but it’s a ton of fun also. I do it every single day for about 15 minutes. And we found the best rebounder on the market today in the world, bar none. It’s called the Bellicon rebounder. It’s the Roll’s Royce of rebounders, in my opinion. And let’s listen to some of what our guests have had to say about rebounding. Robert Von Sarbacher is a health researcher and creator of the Mini Beet Protocol and Robert, what’s your favorite exercise?

Robert: In general, probably one of the number one anti-aging exercises on the planet is rebounding. So 15 minutes a day is good for that. You can find people who have had thermography scans on cancers—giant tumors—and when they’re doing a rebounder it would start spewing out and shrinking right in front of your eyes, the tumor would, as they’re on the rebounder. So it’s really good for that sort of thing. It’s also very good for exercising internal organs. It’s the only internal organ exerciser that I know of, known to man.

Justin: Dr. Lindsey Duncan is the CEO and founder of Genesis Today and what’s the best way that you think of to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body?

Lindsey: Rebounding is incredible because it’s good for the lymphatic system and there’s more lymph fluid in the body than there is blood. And the quickest way and the most effective way to get the lymphatic system flowing is through rebounding itself.

Justin: Yeah, because the lymphatic system can’t really detox itself, can it? I think…

Lindsey: No, the heart… We have the heart, thank you, for pumping blood and we don’t have a heart to pump lymphatic fluid. The only thing that really can pump lymphatic fluid is cardiovascular exercise utilizing the thighs—the thigh muscles. And that’s why rebounding and getting a burn in that thigh muscle is so important for the flow and the stimulation of the lymphatic fluid.

Justin: Wow. And they even put cancer patients on rebounding, don’t they?

Lindsey: Nutritionists do.

Justin: Yeah.

Lindsey: Yeah, absolutely.

Justin: Yeah, but not a conventional doctor. But yeah, I’ve been learning about rebounding lately. It’s quite an amazing thing.

Lindsey: Yeah, rebounding is amazing.

Justin: Health researcher and author of Cancer: Step Outside The Box, Ty Bollinger, what do you do in your life to prevent cancer?

Ty: What do you do to treat cancer? What do you do to prevent it? Rebounding is something that I try to do on a daily basis, a little mini trampoline for those people that aren’t familiar with the term “rebounding.” But it’s basically just jumping up and down on that little mini tramp. What that does is it stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of our primary detoxification systems in our body and most folks don’t stimulate their lymph flow and so the toxicity in their body builds up because their lymph is not stimulated and the up-down motion on a rebounder stimulates the lymph flow better than just about any other exercise. So I do that almost on a daily… probably five days a week, I would say I average doing that.

Justin: And finally, author and speaker and creator of the Longevity Now program, David Wolfe, do you think the Bellicon is the best rebounder on the market today?

David: Absolutely. I was just with the crew in Europe that does the Bellicon rebounder, which is an incredible rebounder. My God, what a machine! And it doesn’t use metal springs. It uses like flexy ropes, so it’s very soft and fun and it’s just great to play with.

Justin: Well, there you have it, the up and down g-force actually stimulates every single cell in your body. It’s incredible. And as someone who works out in the gym a lot and does Qigong, I think that the best physical aerobic exercise, in my opinion, is rebounding. It’s just absolutely incredible for the human body. And the Bellicon is silent and it comes with a warranty and you can get them in several different sizes and colors and some of them have bars that you can hold onto in case you’re worried about balance. It’s a well worth it investment in your health and in your future. So check them out in our store if you’d like, or you can check out the videos on


All free shows, all the time, on Extreme Health Radio. Opening minds and transforming lives worldwide. Join our community today. Call using Skype at Extreme Health Radio or call 949-505-9585.

Justin: Sometimes I just can’t get over the fact that I’m doing a live radio show and people can be driving along in their car listening to this show live. Golly. That’s just so amazing. I never would have thought in a million years that I would be doing radio and have a live radio show. Wow. I can’t believe it. Amazing, amazing, amazing. So yeah, if you guys are interested in that Bellicon, make sure to check that out. It’s really, really, really good. I think you’re going to love it and I think it’s well worth buying the highest quality product that you can. I know it’s expensive, but it’s sort of like a Vitamix blender, you know? You really get what you pay for. Kate and I have had our Vitamix blender forever, I think since 2005 is when we got it? And it’s just really, really good. And prior to that we had purchased a bunch of different blenders. When you save up and get something like that, with appliances and with furniture and things like that, you really do get what you pay for. So I would suggest just saving up and checking out that Bellicon. It’s just an incredible machine. It’s like jumping on a cloud. You’re going to love it.

So let’s see if we have any other listener questions here. We’ve got lots of stuff here. We have one from Susie and she says, “Thanks so much for replying so quickly. Indeed we are in the midst of fall, a bit gloomy as the last couple days it was raining. It’s always a little confusing when the skies get dark from 4:00 pm onwards. Regarding the far infrared sauna, I shall listen to this show again. I have written to them and hope they will get back to me soon about the technical details for what Amazon is selling in the UK, pound sterling, it is much cheaper, but I’d rather stand by your recommendation. Let’s see what they come back with and I might just give them a call. Thanks for the explanation with the Qigong. It’s now on my wish list. You guys are great and thanks for all your help.” Wow, thanks, Susie. Yeah. I would definitely, definitely, definitely not purchase… There are a couple different saunas that are on Amazon that are similar to the Relax. Having talked with Phil—I’m not an expert in the technology of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna—but having talked with Phil in person and on the phone off the air, as well as on the air, I know that his products are just top of the line and so worth the money. So like I said before, whenever you try to go the cheaper route, what you’re going to end up doing is just buying something else because that will fall apart soon. So it’s just worth it. It’s just worth it to purchase.

So we’ve got a call from Kate here. She’s probably driving home. Miss Katie-Kate! Are you there?

Kate: I hear you’re having a live show without me.

Justin: I know. Where are you?

Kate: I’m your partner in crime, driving by… I’m leaving Santa Barbara area, headed toward LA.

Justin: Really?

Kate: Yeah. Can you hear me okay?

Justin: I can hear you just fine. So you called our little number and you’re coming back from your retreat, huh?

Kate: Coming back from my three-day, silent, solitude retreat and it was amazing.

Justin: Really?

Kate: Yep. I had some really cool things happen and it was just a great time away to reflect and be by myself. But I miss you and Maggie and I am headed home.

Justin: I know. So you said the weather was pretty good up there, right?

Kate: The weather’s amazing. It’s probably 80… 75 and super sunny.

Justin: Really?

Kate: It’s gorgeous, yeah.

Justin: And you went on a couple hikes, yeah?

Kate: Three nights.

Justin: Wow. No, but you went on a couple hikes, right?

Kate: Hikes—I’m sorry. Yes, I did. I went on close to a two-hour one yesterday.

Justin: Really?

Kate: And went on another about an hour one. It’s phenomenal. You wind through these hills. Just Montecito is gorgeous, above Santa Barbara, and there are just the neatest houses. They are so gorgeous. They are pretty Spanish-style and tons of grounds and paths and fountains and one house had like a parakeet sanctuary in their backyard.

Justin: Really?

Kate: Pretty amazing.

Justin: Wow. Did you have breakfast this morning? Do you have a time-release breakfast with Atom Bergstrom?

Kate: You know what? I think I might have seen Atom Bergstrom.

Justin: Really?

Kate: I’m not sure. I was walking… Actually, I’m drinking my smoothie right now as I drive home, but I had a fresh-picked orange off of the tree out in the orchard outside my hermitage I was staying at. It was amazing. But I was doing that hike this morning and coming down the main road and this man driving a car kind of slowed down and I waved and he waved and I got a glimpse. It could have not been him, but I felt like “I just saw Atom Bergstrom.”

Justin: Oh my gosh. How funny. Wow.

Kate: I could be really wrong, but it looked like him from what I’ve seen. Isn’t that pretty funny?

Justin: Oh, that’s hilarious. So are you just leaving now?

Kate: I am an hour and 40 minutes into it.

Justin: Oh, so you’re going to be back here pretty soon.

Kate: I know. I wish I was there to be your sidekick today, but it’s not going to happen.

Justin: I know. It feels weird doing a show without you.

Kate: Aw, thanks. I know.

Justin: Yeah, it’s not the same. That’s for sure.

Kate: Aw. I know. I love my life. I love what I do. I gained a lot of things coming down the mountain, the hills, but what I feel like the most is I just love my life. I love everything that’s going on. I love where it’s leading up. I am very excited to see what’s going to happen as we keep going.

Justin: I know, huh?

Kate: Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Justin: That’s so cool. So when are you going to be back home, do you think?

Kate: Probably… Well, it’s 10:10 right now, by the way.

Justin: Oh my gosh. See? Look at this.

Kate: I just looked down at the clock because you asked me what time I’d be home. I keep seeing these numbers.

Justin: That’s crazy.

Kate: I’ll probably be home around, I’d say 12:00 or 12:30.

Justin: Nice. Okay. Well, maybe we’ll do the walk with Maggie—the second walk of the day—with you.

Kate: Let’s do it.

Justin: That’d be cool, because I’m not going to the gym today, so we could walk Maggie and spend some time in the sun.

Kate: Oh, that’s going to be fabulous. Beautiful there too?

Justin: Yeah. Oh my gosh. It’s incredible. It’s weird. It’s like yesterday was cloudy and very fall-like, like it was up there, like you said. And then today is sunny and blue and so nice.

Kate: Exactly how it is there.

Justin: I know. I know. So I did an enema last night. I think I told you, didn’t I?

Kate: You what?

Justin: I did an enema last night.

Kate: Oh yeah, you did, huh?

Justin: Yeah. Yeah.

Kate: How did that go?

Justin: It was good. I did it and I took your cue from you and I fished around with the big barbecue skewer stick thing—whatever it is—and I found absolutely nothing.

Kate: Really?

Justin: No worms, no weird flesh-like objects—nothing.

Kate: No monsters in your bowel?

Justin: No monsters in my bowel, no. Nothing with eyes on it.

Kate: Well, you are probably a lot healthier than you even know.

Justin: Well, I don’t know about that, but yeah, it was weird. I think after I had a juice and like I was telling the listeners before, I got really bloated by it.

Kate: Huh. Well, I’m listening to all kinds of interesting podcasts talking about digestion and how a lot of times you have digestive problems are just stemming from something more emotional or very intuitive people, listening to your… Oh gosh, I’m blanking on her name—Mona Lisa [inaudible 1:11:57.7].

Justin: Oh yeah.

Kate: One of the [inaudible 1:12:00.2] she’s mentioning how a lot of intuitive people are prone to digestive stuff. It’s not just a physical thing. It’s stemming from an emotional connection.

Justin: Wow. Crazy stuff, huh?

Kate: I know. [inaudible 1:12:17.7] though. You never know.

Justin: I know. Sometimes you have a fresh vegetable juice with no fiber in it and on an empty stomach and you look like you’re nine months pregnant.

Kate: [inaudible 1:12:32.6]

Justin: I know, right? That’s cool. So we’re testing out this live show. Are you able to hear—if you go to our show on your iPhone while you’re driving—can you hear us?

Kate: You know what? I tried to bring it up a couple times and it said it failed in the server on my phone.

Justin: Oh, you know what? We’ve been having some weird issues with our website. That’s not your phone. There’s been some strange issues with our website, so if you can on the way back, try it a couple times and see if you can hear us.

Kate: Okay, I will do.

Justin: Awesome. Okay, cool. Well, I’ll see you in a little bit.

Kate: I’ll look forward to our next show when I get back.

Justin: I know. Are we going to do it this Friday or when are we going to do it?

Kate: Oh gosh. Probably more like the weekend. Friday I have a full day of work, but we’ll make it happen.

Justin: Okay, awesome. Sounds good.

Kate: All right. Well, have fun, everybody out there, and enjoy the show. I’ll try to catch it.

Justin: Awesome. Sounds good. Love you and drive safe. I’ll see you in a couple hours.

Kate: Okay, love you.

Justin: Okay, bye.

Kate: Bye.

Justin: So there you have it. There is Kate, calling in. Doing a live show here without Kate, so it’s not really the same. I wish that she were here in the studio. It’s always a lot more fun. And the reason why we can’t take a live call during the show… You probably saw what happened there. I was finishing up the email that Susie wrote and Kate called in and I just don’t know how to put callers on hold and have them be able to listen to the show, sort of like a real radio station, not something that I just put together in our place. So I can’t figure out how to do that, so not sure how that could happen. So that’s why we take live calls during our Free For All Friday Show and then on the interview shows we do questions from the chat room. And we also take questions from the chat room as well on the live Friday shows because we realize a lot of people don’t want to call in and that kind of thing.

So yeah, we have another email here. Let’s see. What do we have? We have another email here from Julia. “Hi, Justin. My most extreme concern is for my ten-year-old type-1 diabetic son. He was diagnosed at 26 months old.” That’s crazy. Type-1 diabetic at 26 months old. That’s two-years old. Look how quick I am with math. “He was very sick with a virus before he was diagnosed. He is on the insulin pump. I am always looking for answers as to how this could happen when at 26 months he had only been given breast milk and some baby foods. His name is Jake and he was born on Christmas morning.” Wow. “He is a great kid. If you have any info on type-1, I would love to read it. I always have hope and there is a cure out there. Thanks, Julia.”

Wow, Julia. Gosh. If any of you listeners have any help that you can give to Julia and her type-1 diabetic son… I know type-2 diabetes is more manageable, but those are mostly situations and issues with people obviously older than 26 months old. I would go to Gabriel Cousens’ website. His book is called There Is A Cure For Diabetes and his website is TreeOfLife.NU and he has a lot of great information on diabetes.

I suspect that there could be some energetic things you could do, Julia. I’m thinking like the Rife machine. If you go to, there is a Rife machine that you might want to look at, as well as I would contact Dr. Gerald Smith. We did an interview with Dr. Gerald Smith. You can get all the shows from and Dr. Gerald Smith was someone who we interviewed a few months into our program starting, so it’s at the very beginning, but you can search for him and he has some extensive work that he’s done with Rife machines.

I would also look into… What is her name? I forget what her name is. Oh, she did a Rife frequency… Oh, I can’t remember her name. I’m sorry. What is her name? Not Estaryia Venus. It was… Sorry, I’m drawing a blank here. I can’t remember the name of the lady that we interviewed. But she does a whole thing on frequencies and I suspect that you might be able to get some things done with your son, Jake, using some energetic frequencies or energetic medicine.

You may want to call Chris Kehler. We did a few shows with him. You can listen to those. He’s a little bit more out there, but he does a lot of energetic work and you can check out his website at If you are more inclined to these types of energetic frequency type work practitioners, you might want to check into his work because at 26 months old, I’m guessing this is something that has been passed to him, either genetically or as some kind of miasm or something. Obviously, your son hasn’t been damaging his body, like most adults have that causes their health issues, so this is something that is a bit deeper and that’s why I’m thinking energetic medicine could help him. So I know we’ve got a bunch of shows on energetic medicine. You may want to look into those as well. But that’s what I would do, and check out TreeOfLife.NU for that.

And you also might want to check out a guy named Dr. Richard Massey who we’re going to have on our show. He was a former gas-passer. He was the guy… He would be… What do they call them? The guy that would inject you with whatever chemicals that would make you go to sleep for surgery? I forget what they call that. There is a term for that. There is an app for that. But I can’t figure out anything else that would help. So I would contact Richard Massey and his email is, Julia. You might want to check into him. He’s really a cutting-edge guy, so I would check that out.

Joyce writes in “I have an Urban Rebounder and love it. I find that I burn the same amount of calories in half the time as I used to. Great information. Thank you.” So she is responding to our post that we did on the benefits of rebounding. So thanks, Joyce. Yeah, we love the rebounder. Love, love, love that rebounder. It’s really, really… I think it’s one of the best exercises you can do. To be honest, I think that it’s better than… I mean I guess it’s just different. You’re not going to build muscle on it, but you’re going to give yourself an incredible cardiovascular exercise. You’re going to exercise every cell in your body. No other exercise can exercise every single cell of your body. No other exercise exercises your internal organs. So rebounding is… I mean it’s not going to take the place of lifting weights, in my opinion, because of the fact you’re not going to build bone density and bone muscle like that. You will build bone density doing a rebounder, but it’s more important, I think, than running or something like that. It’s one of the most incredible exercises you could ever do. And there is nothing like… I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this, but there is nothing like rebounding first thing in the morning, especially on a Bellicon. If you rebound first thing in the morning, it gives you these endorphins and this high that you have never felt before. It’s a crazy, weird feeling, but it’s really, really an amazing feeling. So I would look into rebounding if you haven’t added that to your regime.

And let’s see here. I have lots of stuff going on here. Let’s see here. What else do we have? We have another email from Matthew saying, “Thanks, Justin. You have a great thing going on. Each guest intrigues me. I’ve signed up for your newsletter and also subscribed to your YouTube channel. Thank you, Matthew.” Yeah, Matthew wrote in and was asking about some questions, initially. He says, “I’m looking at the BioMat, which seems very expensive. They seem a lot like Earthing or Grounding products, as they both tout negative ions. Have you experimented with the Earthing sheets as compared to the BioMat? Earthing stuff seems so much cheaper for the benefits, but I was wondering if you’ve experienced both. I am just trying to make a good purchase as I have a wife that is way skeptical about any of the products and I just want to get one where she will see the benefits. Thank you for your time.”

So I wrote him back and I just basically said, “Matt, if you’re looking to kind of convince someone, I’d get the BioMat and I’m just saying that because she’s going to be able to lay on that BioMat and she’s going to feel the heat and the warmth from it and that’s going to have a directly immediate benefit and impact on her health. So that’s something that she’s going to feel immediately and so having that warmth and that feeling of warmth like that is going to be very, very noticeable.” And so I’m not saying that just because we sell the BioMat, but I was saying also to Matthew that “If you are looking for strictly on price, I’d go with the Grounding sheets because they are much less expensive.”

But to be honest, we have the BioMat and I have a Grounding pad here, right by the computer, and to be honest, I don’t feel anything on it. They say the BioMat, you’re grounded on that too. But to be honest, I don’t feel any different. I’m sure if I got some testing done, which we’re going to start doing soon, we would notice and see a lot of different readings going on from the tri-field meter and things like that, but I don’t feel any difference. So if you’re looking to kind of convince someone like that, I would get the BioMat because she’s going to be able to feel the heat immediately. And plus, not only do you get the negative ions with the BioMat, but you also get the far infrared light and you’re not going to get that with the Grounding sheets. The Grounding sheets are merely going to give you the negative ions as well, just like the BioMat, but the Grounding sheets aren’t going to give you the far infrared light that helps to penetrate the body and the skin and it helps to create a detoxification effect in all of your cells, four to six inches deep into the body. So I would look into the BioMat first, but like I said, if you’re looking purely for cost and the effect on your wife doesn’t matter, get the Grounding sheets.

We’re going to get the Grounding sheets as well. I mean I don’t think you can go wrong getting both. The health game is kind of stacking the odds in your favor and just doing kind of everything—the BioMat, the sheets, the Grounding sheets, the pendants, the Vitamix—all the different tools. Over time you just kind of save up for them and you can get these things. I suggest just getting all of them. So I hope that helps, Matthew, and I hope that I was able to help you and not… I don’t really want to sell anyone on these things. I realize these things are expensive, so I don’t really want to sell anybody. I don’t consider myself a good salesperson. I just want to give you guys stuff that’s going to help you. So if you have any other questions about the BioMat… Is that in our store yet? I don’t think that’s in our store yet. You can go to and you can learn more about it on that page. But if you have any questions, just let me know. I’d love to help you out any way we possibly can. And I think it’s time… Let me run this little thing here. It’s time for an inspirational quote.


Before we will say goodbye, let’s leave you with something to ponder throughout your day. Here is the inspirational quote for this episode.

Justin: Inspirational quote—okay, I’ve got one for you. Hopefully you’re going to enjoy this one. I pulled this off the internet last night. It’s kind of long, so bear with me here. It’s by Doe Zantamata. Easy for you to say. Doe Zantamata. “When people insult you, don’t take offence. Don’t take it personally. But do listen to their words. They are telling you how they see the world and how they are telling you the exact negative qualities that they possess. ‘The law of mirrors’ states that one can only see what’s in them regardless if it is what is actually present in reality or not. Release the need to defend or try to explain to them that you’re not being whatever nasty insult they’ve thrown at you, but evaluate instead all of these insults and realize that this is who they are. Then decide if a person with those qualities is one who you would like in your life or not.” Interesting. Should I read that again? Let’s read that again. First I’m going to go make sure to go in our chat room and see if there’s anybody in there and make sure that there are no questions left unanswered. Okay.

Okay, let’s go back to that quote. I like that. “When people insult you, don’t take offence and don’t it personally, but do listen to their words. They are telling you how they see the world and they are telling you the exact negative qualities that they possess. ‘The law of mirrors’ states that one can only see what’s in them regardless if it is what is actually present in reality or not. So release the need to defend or try to explain to them that you are not being whatever nasty insult they’ve thrown at you, but evaluate instead all of these insults and realize that this is who they are and then decide if a person with those qualities is one who you’d like in your life or not.” Pretty good, huh? I like that. Something to think about.

All right, everybody. Thank you for listening and hopefully we answered a lot of your questions and covered some things that might help you. If there is anything that we can do—Kate or I—you can email us at or and we would love to help you out in any way we possibly can. Please forgive us. Recently we’re kind of backed up on email—at least I am—so please bear with me here. We’re trying to get back to everybody that we can and do our best here. So yeah, if there’s ever anything we can do, just let us know. We love to have you a part of our lives and we love the emails that you guys send in and we read every single one of them and it’s such an encouragement to read those too, to see how you guys are and what positive health effects you’ve been making in your life and how our show has impacted you and all that kind of good stuff.

So if you can, we are—like the lady said earlier—100% listener supported, so we work every single day for free for you guys and we would basically have it no other way. We don’t believe in charging for our shows. We don’t believe in making these shows something that you have to pay for because a lot of people just can’t afford that. So we rely heavily on your donations, so if you’re able to send a few dollars our way to help cover the costs that it takes to pay the bills and the monthly rent on the equipment and the internet connection and the phone lines and all this stuff that we have here to bring these shows to you, please consider doing that. We would be so, so, so grateful. I can’t tell you how much it helps us. So if you are interested in doing that and sending a couple dollars our way, you can do it a couple different ways. You could do it on a monthly basis. We have people do that, to send $5 or $10 a month, or you could send a one time gift and that would be incredibly helpful. You can go to And I know a lot of you might be listening and you might be driving around in your car right now or you might be on a run or doing some exercises or running errands. If you could remember to do that, that would be so, so helpful to us. We would be so grateful. So if you can remember to do that when you get back to your car or back to your computer, that would be so helpful. But if you can’t, we realize not everybody can do that and so it’s not a problem at all. There is never any obligation.

There are a couple other ways you can help support us. You can send our shows to your friends on Facebook or Twitter. That is a huge help. That is a huge, huge help to us. If you could just share our link on Facebook to all your friends, we would be really, really grateful. We rely on you guys for your help and all that. And if you’re not comfortable doing that and you are interested in some of the products we sell, you could always go to our store and we have tons of our products on there and we’re adding more all the time, and there’s really, really a ton of unique products that you’re not going to find in many other places—things like Qigong and rebounders and juicers and blenders and how-to programs and all kinds of stuff. So check out our store if you’re interested. And then lastly, if you are someone who doesn’t do any of that and not interested, but you do purchase on Amazon, go through our link and that would help support us as well. So a lot of different ways to support us. is that way to do it. And if you can’t or don’t want to do any of that, that’s totally fine too. Just enjoy our shows and maybe contribute to the community by joining the chat room or whatever.

So I hope you guys got some good information out of this episode and I’m going to talk to Kate in a couple hours. It’s going to be great to see her again. I love talking to her. She is so fun to talk to because she’s just so into all the same stuff that I’m into. I’m so blessed because it’s so much fun. We get to talk about all the same stuff and be excited about life together and it’s really a blessing to have her. It’s just so much fun. It’s been a good three days for me, being alone, because it’s always good to know that you can be alone and still be okay and live life and be an individual person, but it’s going to be good to have her back too. We’ll see her in a couple hours and if there’s ever anything we can do for you, I’d love to help you out. Just email me. Let me know what we can do for you. And I think it’s about time for me to go see how Maggie’s doing. She hasn’t barked very much so I’m going to go make sure she’s still okay out there and we’ll catch you guys on the next episode. Again, this is, so if you have any comments, you can post on that page and that’s about it. I’m ready to go have a green juice. I think it’s time for a green juice. So thanks so much, everybody. We’ll catch you on the next episode.


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