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Chris Wark – Healing Stage 3 Colon Cancer Naturally Without Chemotherapy And Radiation

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If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or know somebody that has, you must listen to this interview with Chris Wark from He was diagnosed with stage 3 (yes that’s 3!) colon cancer in 2003 at only 26 years old.

After removing the cancer tumor surgically, the doctors gave him little time to prepare for 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Chris said, thanks but no thanks. With little support and no knowledge Chris began a journey of healing that he’s still on today.

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After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • His life before cancer
  • A complete rundown on all the natural treatments Chris used to beat cancer
  • Find out which books and website Chris used on his cancer journey
  • Learn how sugar and stress play a MAJOR role in the growth of tumors
  • His thoughts on the Run For The Cure pink ribbon campaign
  • Why chemotherapy and radiation are toxic & don’t promote healing
  • What types of supplements, spices and teas do you like to help heal cancer?
  • How zappers, magnetic pulsers and the Bob Beck protocol promotes healing

Healing stage 3 colon cancer is entirely possible, if you’re willing 2 do WHATEVER it takes to live! Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 9/24/2012
Show Guest: Chris Wark
Guest Info: Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003 at only 26 years old. After surgery the doctors wanted him to start 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation almost immediately. Chris thankfully declined and with little support he started his cancer journey.
Topic: Cancer, Cleansing, Detoxification and Healing
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Items Mentioned: God’s Way to Ultimate Health: A Common Sense Guide for Eliminating Sickness Through Nutrition
Dr. Joel Fuhrman The Incurable Program
Jason Winters anti cancer tea
Primal Defense Garden of Life
RM10 Garden of Life
Cancer Step Outside the Box
Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing (Fourth Edition)
Killing Cancer – Not People
The Cancer Control Society
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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everybody for joining us today. We really appreciate you taking a little time out of your day to learn about cancer, health, nutrition and all kinds of good stuff like that. We have an awesome guest for you today. His name is Chris Wark and he runs a blog called and I’ll introduce you to him in just a moment.

Today is Monday, September 24, 2012 and it was actually my wife’s birthday yesterday and we had a nice little get-together with some wine and some friends and it was great.

We are really excited about today’s show and it is Episode #12 here on extremehealthradio and you can find it at I want to remind you again that all of our shows are transcribed, which means that anything I saw, or a guest says, on the show is searchable on our website. If you are interested in a product or a particular ailment you have,I encourage you to take advantage of the search feature on our website. Punch in whatever ailment you have and see what our guests have been saying about that. It’s a really powerful tool. Also, there are show notes too, so if Chris mentions both of our websites during today’s show and if you’re driving along, doing a workout, at the beach or doing whatever you’re doing, don’t worry about writing all the stuff down, it will be on the show notes. So, we’ll have all that down there for you on

If you have any questions for me, you can send them to If you have a question for any of our guests, you can call 949-391-7363 and we will play your voice mail on the air to our guest, so feel free to do that. And, this show is brought to you by the Vitamix Blender. It’s the best blender on the market today, and you probably already know that. You can find it in our store, which has a lot of great items, and if you buy it through us we will get a little commission, and you also get free shipping too if you buy it through us. You can check that out at

I want to introduce our guest, but before I do that I want to talk a little bit about our upcoming show schedule. Just so you know that we do shows about three days a week and we try to have them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This Wednesday we have Sean Croxton who runs He is a top paleo blogger and he has his own radio show and is doing a lot of great work.

We also have Dr. Bruce Shelton on Saturday this week. He is a physician out of Arizona who is doing a lot of great work with alternative healing. I think he uses chelation and oxygen therapy, cleansing and all kinds of great stuff. He is doing a lot of great work with people who have terminal issues. You want to stay tuned for that. We have Barry Carter, who works with an interesting substance call ormus. I don’t really know too much about ormus, but apparently it’s really an amazing thing. He is doing a lot of research on ormus, so you certainly want to listen to that show. We have an herbalist, I think she is a doctor, Dr Windy Wilson and Dr. Gerald Smith out of New York. He’s doing a lot of great work with root canals, cancer and fillings and there is an interesting connection between both of those things. So, check those interviews out.

I am really excited about today’s guest. It’s really a lot of fun to have guests who are authors and doctors on, and people like that, but it’s also more exciting for me to have people on our show who have actually put stuff to practice and have gotten results with themselves. Recently, we had Philip McCluskey on, who lost over 200 lbs on a raw food diet. It’s just amazing having guests that have real world experience and knowledge in their field.

Today, I’m really excited about Chris Wark. He is someone who was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer in 2003, at age 26, and he now runs a worldwide popular blog called He was able to beat colon cancer naturally, without drugs, chemotherapy or radiation. It is really an amazing story that he has, so I wanted to bring him and and just talk about cancer and his story and all that stuff. Thank you Chris for joining us. I know we had some technical problems there, but I appreciate you hanging out with us.

CHRIS: Thanks Justin, I’m glad to be here.

JUSTIN: So, you were saying that you are based out of Memphis, right?

CHRIS: Yes, I’m in Memphis, Tennessee.

JUSTIN: Were you born and raised there?

CHRIS: Yes, born and raised there,

JUSTIN: Excellent. I know that you were just starting to get into your story when we started having technical problems, and I know you have told your story 1000 times, but could you talk a little bit about your history and your life before cancer, and everything leading up to the diagnosis.

CHRIS: What I’ll do is give you a brief version of my story. All the details are on my site, and then you and I can talk about any other details that you want. I was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer when I was 26 years old. Before that, I had basically been living a horrible lifestyle. I didn’t really drink or smoke, but I was eating a lot of junk food and processed food.

I was in a high stress job and basically I was just living on junk food and had been that way for many, many years. I’d known about health and my mom’s always been into health, shopping in health food stores, but I’d never really been into it myself. I have always been thin, so thought I had a free pass to eat whatever I wanted. That’s basically what I did. Lots of microwaved food, lots of fast food and processed food. Very little raw fruits and vegetables and zero clean meat.

Anyway, I was having abdominal pain and I put it off for most of the year, but the pain gradually got worse and worse. Eventually, I conceded to go and see a doctor and after many tests and several referrals they found a golf ball size tumor in my large intestine after doing a colonoscopy. It was extremely rare for anyone in their 20s to get colon cancer. At least at that time. It’s becoming increasingly less rare now, because young adult cancer is on the rise across the board, and the reason is because my generation is the fast food generation. Most of the people in my age group in their 20s and 30s now, grew up eating fast food.

Fast food, cheeseburgers, pasta and pizza is, what I call, recreational food. It’s not health promoting, it’s okay to eat it every once in a while, but the problem is we are eating it all the time, every day, and because it’s completely nutrient deficient and full of toxic ingredients, chemicals, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, texture enhancers etc and what’s happening is that we are basically just polluting our bodies.

I had this cancer diagnosis and they immediately rushed me into surgery and took out 1/3 of my large intestine, took out the tumor as well as some lymph nodes that also were positive for cancer. They told me that I needed 6-9 months of chemotherapy. The surgeon also told me, I had asked him before I left the hospital, if there were any foods that I needed to avoid. He said, ‘no, just don’t lift anything heavier than a beer’.

JUSTIN: Oh, my gosh.

CHRIS: That was his health advice for me and the first meal they served me in the hospital was a sloppy joe. I love to tell that story because it is a perfect example of how little the medical establishment cares, or is interested in nutrition. You take a guy, cut his stomach open, cut out 1/3 of his large intestine and the first meal you give him after that is a sloppy joe. They just don’t care. They don’t care about food and they don’t care about nutrition. What they care about is making money and they only make money by doing surgical procedures and by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs that are patented.

I’m not against all doctors, but it’s important to understand that that is a business that has a very strict set of guidelines to treat disease and those methods they use to treat disease are the most profitable methods and not necessarily the best methods. Anyway, I was plugged into that system and was on the conveyor belt and didn’t know. They told me the next step would be 6-9 months of chemotherapy. So, I’m 26 years old and don’t know anything about anything, but intuitively the idea of chemotherapy did not make sense. I had very little knowledge about it and had no family members who had ever had chemotherapy, or any friends.

I really didn’t have any connection to cancer whatsoever. No experience to draw from. But, I’d seen enough people out in the world, on television and in movies to know that chemotherapy seemed pretty bad, that it was poisonous, makes you sick and makes your hair fall out and it’s some kind of chemical stuff they put in your body. That was about all I knew about it.

The idea of poisoning my way back to health didn’t make sense. I’m a very logical person and if I’m going to do something, I have to understand it and it has to make sense. I don’t have to understand it in every detail: I don’t even know how my car works and I still drive my car. Do you know what I mean? In principle, I have to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. So, chemotherapy I didn’t understand it and it didn’t make sense.

My wife and I were Christians and we prayed together and we just said ‘God, if there’s another way besides chemotherapy, just show us’. Two days later, a book arrived on my doorstep, it was mailed to me from a man in Alaska, who I’d never met, a friend of my dads. The book was called ‘Gods Way To Ultimate Health’, written by a man named George Malkmus. He was diagnosed with cancer, colon cancer, the same thing I had, in I want to say 1977, right around the time I was born.

His mom died of colon cancer and he saw her go through this brutal chemotherapy and radiation treatment and he basically said to himself, ‘if I ever get cancer, there’s no way I’m doing that’. He ended up getting cancer and radically changed his diet and lifestyle. He started juicing and and eating raw foods. What happened was, his body healed. He is still alive today and this is 2012.

He started a big ministry and calls himself a Health Minister, has written a bunch of books and sort of spread his message of the power of nutrition to assist the body in healing itself.

As I was reading his book, I knew it was an answer to prayer and it was very clear to me. Without a doubt in my mind, I said ‘this is what I’m doing’. I converted to a 100% raw vegan diet immediately, bought a juicer and started juicing and drinking about 54 oz of vegetable juice every day. My average blend of vegetable juice was typically carrots, celery, beets, a little ginger root and cucumber, or whatever we had handy.

I started doing that every day and I eat giant bowls full of vegetables, giant salads with all the cancer fighting vegetables in there. Specifically the cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, which all have incredible anti-cancer compounds that help your body heal. Also, the allium family of garlic and onions are extremely powerful foods. So I eat tons and tons of all that stuff, red peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, sprouted beans and lentils. We throw it all in a bowl and make a salad every day for lunch. It’s a huge salad. If anybody is listening to this who has had cancer, you don’t have to eat a huge salad, just eat as much as you are hungry for.

I just happen to have a big appetite, so I eat a huge salad, drink vegetable juice all day, every day, and make a fruit smoothie in the afternoon, with young coconut, fresh coconut juice, blend it up and make coconut milk and then I put in 4 different cancer fighting berries. I’ve done tons of research on this stuff, it’s out there. A lot of it is on my site and other website you can Google, but basically it’s just 4 anti-cancer berries which are blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. I figured, okay I’m going to eat those every day too. So that’s what I did. I made a berry smoothies with those berries and bananas and coconut.

It sounds so simple that how could it possibly work. But the reality is that we live on earth. Earth was created by God for us, and so everything that we humans need to thrive, comes from the earth. It doesn’t come from Kellogg or Post or General Mills, it comes from planet earth. Most of us, in our modern world are eating largely processed foods and we’re not getting enough nutrients in any raw or usable state from the earth, plant foods. It’s amazing what happens when you convert from eating a bunch of cooked and processed food to a diet that is very high in raw fruits and vegetables. Your body gets all the micronutrients it needs to thrive and to heal itself.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains this very well, but the modern standard American diet, processed food diet, has lots of macronutrients, which is protein, fat and carbs. We’re all getting plenty of those, but we’re not getting any micronutrients, so we’re really missing out on the vital nutrients and enzymes, all of these tiny molecular compounds that are abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables.

These are deficient in our diet and all of these compounds, there are hundreds and thousands of studies available out there on Pub Med for example, on cancer finding compounds in garlic and in mushrooms and in capsaicin which is the heat in things like hot peppers and the antioxidants in berries and all of this stuff. I could go on and on about it, but the bottom line is, is that you don’t even have to understand it. I think most people don’t have a hard time believing that the earth does supply everything that we need. We just have to put it in our bodies and our body heal itself.

There is no real cancer cure out there and there never will be. Your body has to heal itself. That’s the cure. There are ways we can support our body and nourish our body and give it the tools and ingredients necessary to heal. The good news is is that cancer really isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s the natural response the body has when it’s overloaded with toxins and it’s nutrient deficient and it’s starving. You are literally dying and cancer is the body’s response, it’s trying to stay alive.

When your body is poisoned and polluted, without you knowing it, cancer is going to develop in your body. It’s not anything to be scared about, you just have to change your life, change your diet and your lifestyle and give your body everything it needs.

The real fear comes from the medical industry. They have created this model of fear that they use to compel you into saying yes to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. They use fear to motivate you to take action immediately and to get on their conveyor belt.

JUSTIN: Right.

CHRIS: Those are all the profit centers you know, and the bottom line is that doctors are good people and mean well, but they don’t make money unless you do their treatment. They don’t have any interest in sending you home to eat raw fruits and vegetables and juice. If they told all of their patients that, they would make no money.

JUSTIN: It seems like a lot of doctors use the old salesman technique, like those late night commercials you see that say ‘order now and in the next minute, and it has a little count down timer, and it almost seems like doctors do the same thing, where they say ‘okay, you’ve just had surgery or you’ve had this procedure done and you have one week to start chemotherapy’. It’s like, you know, people have to start doing research and they feel like they’ve got this limited amount of time, which causes more pressure and more stress, right? They start putting you on that conveyor belt, but they use the count down timer, almost like late night TV.

CHRIS: Yes, it is a sales tactic and if anybody who has been in sales is listening to this, they will understand that one of the #1 things you want to do in order to sell something is to create a sense of urgency, buy it now, do it now, take action now. Fear is a huge motivator, so they use the fear of dying to give you that sense of urgency that you had better do this now. There’s no time to waste, we need to get you in surgery as soon as possible.

A lot of times, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, like let’s say they have a tumor, they’ll have the tumor removed and will have you in surgery the next day. It happens that fast. Literally, the next day. It’s not uncommon that the longest they wait is just a few days, if the patient just goes right along with the plan. They make some phone calls and they’ve got you in surgery. Before you know it, if you had a tiny lump in your breast, two days later your breasts are gone. They’ve cut them off.

JUSTIN: When we come back, we have a ton of questions for Chris, but on his website he has videos and I just looked at a bunch of them last night. He has all the videos for his smoothie, for his salads and juice. He has lot of great videos on his website, Definitely check out his website and I have so many more questions for you Chris. Let me take a quick break and we’ll be right back after the break.

I hope you are really enjoying the interview so far, and I know that I am. I just wanted to talk really briefly, if I could, about a product that a really, really recommend and strongly endorse. It’s called ‘Cancer-Step Outside The Box’ and it’s written by Ty Bollinger who we have had on our show. He is just a really good guy, well researched, and I think he said on our show that he put in 8,000 hours of research into this book. It’s about 500 pages and I’m reading it right now. It is absolutely the best book you could ever get on natural cancer treatments and ways to heal naturally, without using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and all of that stuff.

Ty Bollinger has really put together, in my mind, a masterpiece book and I wouldn’t want to not have it on my bookshelf, at least as a reference to give to people. It’s really just the gold standard of natural cancer treatments. He goes through all the best natural and effective cancer treatments out there in the world today. He also gives you a whole list of places that he recommends and endorses where you can go and get cancer treatment. Check it out at

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So, please visit our website and our store and check out some of the products to see if you might be interested in some of them.

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With all that said, let’s get back to this interview.

Okay, we are back with Chris Wark from Before the break we were talking a little bit about traditional cancer treatments and kind of how they rope you into their model. Chris, I want to ask you a couple of questions about what you think may have caused your cancer? Were there things in your life outside of diet, possible toxins or chemicals you might have been exposed to with your real estate career? What are some of the ways that you think maybe cancer could have started?

CHRIS: There actually were and there is now way to really know exactly what caused cancer, but what we do know is what causes cancer. It is my basic understanding that cancer is the body’s response to overwhelming toxicity. Too many toxins in the body that are building up faster than the body can get rid of them. By the way, the body has an amazing ability to detoxify, but it is possible that it can get overwhelmed. When it gets overwhelmed and your immune system is suppressed or compromised, then you have a recipe for cancer. Every cell in your body wants to live and cells are regenerating every day, and they’re dying every day. Sometimes you get this weird combination where your cells are starving for nutrients so that they don’t die, and they want to live.

What they will do is to convert to a healthy cell, which basically is healed by oxygen and nutrients, to a cancer cell which is fueled by glucose. They convert to a process called glycolysis, where they start off living on oxygen primarily and they start feeding on glucose, which is why they say that sugar feeds cancer, and it’s true. Cancer cells love sugar and that’s how basically a cell will mutate to stay alive. Your body is full of life force and it wants to live, so when they are starving for the nutrients they need, they will convert and feed on sugar. This happens every day in the body by the way.

The body’s immune system is designed to identify these rogue cells, kill them and expel them from the body. But, when we’re just constantly pumping in all this junk into our bodies, it’s like the immune system is distracted and busy. When the immune system is busy and distracted, and maybe even overwhelmed, trying to deal with all the crap we’re putting into our body, then you have an environment where cancer cells can thrive. It’s almost like they go unnoticed, because the body is so busy trying to deal with all the crap we’re putting in it. Does that make sense?

JUSTIN: Right.

CHRIS: Having said all that, yes, I was eating a bunch of junk food, full of artificial ingredients that the body was never designed to ingest. These artificial flavors and preservatives and colors, all this stuff in processed food, your body doesn’t know what to do with. On top of that, processed food has vitamins and minerals added back into it to fortify. All of these vitamins and minerals that are added back into food, because the USDA and FDA want them to be more nutritious, but the vitamins and minerals are not in a form that the body can use either. If you can imagine taking a railroad spike and grinding it up into a fine powder and putting it in a pill, you’ve got an iron pill now. But that iron is not in a form that your body can use.

So, I had two things happening at once. One was my body was starving for real nutrients and two, it was being bombarded with toxins. Also, in real estate, I was going into houses with paint fumes, construction debris and all that kind of junk. I was using chemical shampoos, conditioner, lotion, soap, body care products, cologne and whatever. Not to mention the pollution that’s in our air and in our water. We are really bombarded with chemicals in our world and we don’t realize it.

In fact, there are estimated to be 70,000 man made chemicals in our environment, 70,000 man made, not natural chemicals or compounds, man made chemical compounds. Anyway, they are everywhere and that’s why it’s increasingly more important that we are so conscious about what we put in our bodies, to feed and nourish our body so that it has the ability to detoxify.

Another thing is that I wasn’t exercising at that time in my life and exercise is an amazing way to detoxify the body. A lot of people don’t even think about the detoxification benefit of exercise. They just think that it improves your circulation and helps you build muscle, etc. All of that is true, but exercise also moves your lymphatic system and when you sweat, you’re expelling toxins from your body and when you move your lymphatic system, you’re encouraging toxins to be expelled through your various eliminating organs. If anyone doesn’t know h how your lymphatic system works, it’s like a series of vessels, like your blood vessels. Your blood vessels take nutrients to your cells and your lymphatic system removes toxins.

So that’s the systems vessels that your body uses to detoxify with and it carries into your liver and other organs to be eliminated. Anyway, the lymph system doesn’t have a pump, so the only way to move it is to move your body. Exercise is an amazing way to do that, especially rebounding, which is jumping on a mini-trampoline. That’s the best way to move your lymphatic system and I do that every day, once I figured out how good it was for me.

JUSTIN: Outside of diet, as we are just touching on a little bit now, what are some of the other exercises that maybe you have done, once you were diagnosed? Can you just give us a rundown of basically everything you did to change your life, whether it was more prayer or more medication.

CHRIS: I basically did more of everything. In a simple way, of course I radically changed my diet, stopped eating all the processed food and junk food. I was raw vegan for 90 days and working with a doctor of natural medicine. He actually added some clean meat back into my diet, because my body needed a bit more animal protein than I was getting. I wasn’t able to maintain a healthy weight on a raw vegan diet.

So, what we ended up doing was something that would now be called a paleo diet. This was eight years ago, actually nine years ago in December. Back then, nobody knew what paleo meant. It is simply eating a lot of raw foods and vegetables and a little bit of clean meat from organic sources, grass fed beef and free range chicken and that kind of stuff.

I started exercising every day, jumping on the rebounder between one and three times a day, for maybe 10-15 minutes. I started going back to the gym a few times a week. Working out at a gym is really good, because what you’re doing is when you are signaling your muscles to grow, you are also sending signals to your body to live. Do you know what I mean? These are signals to grow and get stronger. So, that was really important. Then, I would run occasionally too, a few times a week I would go for a short run, like a mile. All of that is extremely beneficial. The only thing that can really work against you is extreme exercise. Extreme exercise would be triathlons, marathons and that kind of stuff. They are incredibly taxing on the body and the immune system.

I completely understand why people do them because they are fun and a sense of accomplishment and competitiveness but they are really very, very hard on the body. So, I didn’t do any of that and I still don’t.

Basically, if you can exercise for 20 minutes to an hour three times a week, you are doing yourself a hug favor. As far as emotionally, spiritually and mentally, (stress and cancer are connected, there is a big connection there) because stress hampers the immune system. Cortisol and Adrenaline are phytophyte hormones and they are elevated when you’re under stress. If someone punches you in a dark alley, they are going to go through the roof. That doesn’t happen often, but what people don’t understand that regular daily stress elevates your cortisol and it suppresses your immune system. So, when your cortisol is up, your immune system is down.

So, what is stressing us out? Well, the news, watching the news every day, hearing bad news about the world and the economy and all that stuff every day, people getting murdered and all that stuff. That, psychologically, is stressing us, and we don’t realize it.

A lot of our work environments are very stressful and have high demand. Having relationships with people who are unhealthy, and unnatural relationships, cause psychological and emotional stress. So what I had to do was to evaluate every area of my life and identify anything that could possibly be stressing me out and get rid of it.

That was a big part of it, and spiritually I was very, very dependent on God to lead me in the path of healing in my daily prayer life and meditating on a lot of healing scriptures from the bible. I really focused on that, because you know, when you make a decision to do things the way I did, to go against ‘conventional wisdom’ and not do chemotherapy or radiation, you get a lot of opposition. You have very little support, and are basically alone.
Some people have the benefit of having a spouse who supports them, who is on board and have an ally and advocate. I didn’t have that, my wife was freaked out and thought I was nuts.

JUSTIN: Oh really.

CHRIS: Her whole family did too. I don’t blame them, because I know it sounded crazy what I was doing. Of course, everything is fine now. But I had very little support in the beginning. My mom was supporting me and I was working with the doctor of natural medicine and he was the first person who told me that I was doing the right thing, which was huge. The point is, when you decide to take your life and your health into your own hands and take responsibility for yourself and decide that you are going to doctor yourself and treat yourself. Basically, you are just going to be alone, so yes, I was very, very dependent on God.

I need you to lead me, I need you to show me and remind me that what I’m on the right path and I’m doing the right thing’. Ultimately, I didn’t want to die and I didn’t want to look like a fool. I didn’t want to be that guy that you know, like ‘Oh yeah, he’s got cancer and he’s doing a bunch of weird stuff and it didn’t work, and then he died’. I didn’t want that to be my life story.

JUSTIN: Right.

CHRIS: Unfortunately, the world of alternative and natural therapies get a very bad rap, because the reality is that most people do not try them until it’s too late. And so, they don’t work, because many cancer patient’s bodies have been ravaged and destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation. Then, the doctors send them home to die. Then, and it’s only then, after the doctors send them home to die, that they start looking into alternative therapy and natural therapy. For many, not all, but for many they are past the point of no return. Their bodies have been so destroyed by these brutal treatments, not by the cancer, but by the brutal treatments that cause additional cancers. You know, they may try some things, but they don’t work, it’s just too late.

JUSTIN: I think the order in which the treatments are done play a huge role. As you know, there are a lot of famous people who have them in the opposite I think they should be, and like you said, they’ll do the chemo and the radiation and then they’ll try the natural thing and the natural thing always gets the blame. It’s not fair really, because if you’re trying to promote healing and trying to heal the body and give your immune system a boost, you can’t do that after you’ve destroyed it with chemo.

CHRIS: Yeah, chemo is a catch-22, because chemotherapy will definitely kill some cancer cells and it will definitely shrink a tumor, but the problem is that it causes more cancers in the body. It energizes cancer stem cells and makes them more aggressive and resistant to chemotherapy. What happens when you do chemo is that you’ll get short term results that seem good, and the doctor says ‘we’ve shrunk the tumor by 50%’, or that we’ve shrunk the tumor completely and we can’t find any evidence of cancer in your body.

And then you think, oh that’s good, but the reality is that they’ve destroyed your immune system and they have poisoned your body on every level, and in only a short matter of time, in most cases, not every, but most, the cancer will return more aggressive and in more areas. So it starts off with a little lump in your breast, you get a mastectomy (both of your breasts off) and they give you chemotherapy and then that’s good for a short period of time, and then all of a sudden there’s spots on your liver, spots on your lungs and some spots in your brain. That’s from the chemo.

I have an aunt, right now, who is almost that exact same story. It started in her lungs, and she has had tons of rounds of chemotherapy. She didn’t ask me about anything about what I did. Now she has brain damage and her neuropathy is so bad that she cannot use her hands, because chemotherapy has destroyed the ability of her to use her hands. Think about that. So, my cousins are now taking care of her. She is in her house and can barely get from the bed to a chair and really can hardly feed herself. She is still smoking cigarettes and drinking beer, by the way, but beyond that, her hands are just like crinkled up. She can’t do anything with them.

The sad thing is that most people are not told about the effects of chemotherapy. They are only told that your type of cancer has been shown to be most responsive to this kind of chemotherapy, so that’s what we recommend. That’s it. They don’t tell you that, by the way, it’s going to cause brain damage and you’re going to have a hard time remembering people you know, or how to do things you used to know how to do, or even thinking clearly. You might also lose the use of your hands and it may cause more cancers. All of these things are just conveniently ignored.

JUSTIN: It’s just amazing and I think the reason why people get so fearful when someone, like a family member or a loved one, wants to do an alternative treatment first, is simply because we have been so indoctrinated with cancer commercials our whole life, with the media telling us that the only people who are on the cutting edge of research is the medical industry. Unfortunately, that plays a big role in people’s, I guess baseline understanding, of health and things like that.

When we come back, I want to ask you a couple of questions. You did a really cool video recently on the Pink Ribbon Campaign, the run for the cure. I want to talk a little bit about that. Also, you have a video on your website that frankly, I can’t believe it’s still on there or that they allow it to still be available on the internet. It is with, I think, Fox Memphis. There is a whole new story, and I was just blown away and cannot believe that they allowed that video to still be playing. It really just breaks everything down with the absolute truth. Check out Chris’s site, it’s and we’ll be right back. We’ll run a quick ad and I want to ask Chris about some of his thoughts on the Pink Ribbon Campaign. I also want to talk to you Chris about some of the herbs and spices and additional things you do on a daily basis. We’ll just run this quick spot and we’ll be right back.

I’ll be really quick, but I just wanted to talk a little bit about a product that I really believe in, which is really a high quality product. I have it myself and it’s called ‘Cure Tooth Decay’ by Ramiel Nagel and you can check it out at I don’t know if you’ve heard that tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis and all of these problems that we’re having in our culture today, especially with the young ones, is completely not normal and it’s all based on diet. It is possible to reverse and remineralize your teeth and reverse cavities.

If you dentist is scaring you into getting a root canal, I would definitely recommend reading this book first, because lots of cancers and other diseases can be tied to each tooth. A lot of people, like Dr. Bob Dowling, has been making that connection between the health of your teeth and diseases like cancer. He even says that all cancers are called by problems with your mouth, such as cavities and tooth decay, I think most particularly root canals. I highly recommend getting his book, it’s called ‘Cure Tooth Decay’ and you can check it out at I think you will really be surprised and blown away by all the natural ways that you can reverse cavities. If you buy it and like it, let me know. Send me an email as I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to check out our store, where we have tons of great products that I think you will really like. All kinds of high quality products, like a dehydrator, certain kinds of cleanses, herbal products, blenders and all kind of really great products. So, check out our store and I think you’ll really be impressed by what we have there and how it can benefit you. Also, if you’d like to make a donation, feel free to do that. You can donate as little as $1 or any little bit you can donate we would really love it. It would help us to continue our work here.

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Any little bit will be an amazing way to help keep us running. We just want to provide the best and high quality content so that you can heal and continue to get healthier and not be reliant on pharmaceutical medications and things. Every little bit will support us, but if you can’t donate and don’t want to do any of that, that’s okay too. Feel free to just ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, send our link to your friends and sign up to our mailing list. That would really be greatly appreciated. Any bit of help you can give us to spread the word of natural health and natural healing would be just awesome.

Thank you so much for listening, and with that said, let’s get back to this interview. Okay, we are back with Chris Wark from and in our final segment, I wanted to ask Chris a few questions about the video I was referring to about the Pink Ribbon Campaign, the run for the cure. I wrote an article myself about this type of media campaign, about a year ago, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts about all of that.

CHRIS: My thoughts about it are not good. I think the reality is that there are millions of people who want to help and support cancer research and that kind of thing, but they don’t really understand where their money is going. So there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cancer charities that have sprung up over the years. Most of them were created and funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical companies create a charity and people give to the charity and that money is funneled to the pharmaceutical company. By law, a charity only has to give about 19% of the money it raises to an actual beneficiary.

So they can keep 81% of the money they raise, and they account for it as administrative costs, salaries, marketing and promotion and things like that. And the Komen charity is one of the worst in that respect, because the put pink ribbons on everything and it’s just ridiculous, and the race for the cure. The reality is that people are supporting it because they think they are doing some good and think they are helping, but most of the money is wasted. Even the 19% that goes to cancer research is just going to the pharmaceutical companies anyway, who you’re giving free money too to do research, which they don’t need. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of year, they don’t need any research money, they don’t need your help, as they have plenty of money to do research.

It’s just like a joke, you know. It’s like ‘wow, all of these people are giving us money to do research and this is great’. Really, it’s the inside joke of the pharmaceutical industry, because people have been convinced that they won’t find a cure without your help. It’s so important, please give. It’s a complete lie, total deception. Stand up to cancer, that stuff is complete baloney. They do not need your help, they don’t need your money as they have plenty. The reality is that, you mentioned this before the break, about all the cutting edge research. I feel that there is amazing cutting edge research happening in laboratories all over the world in regards to the power of natural medicine and the anti-cancer compounds in plants. The research is out there, but the industry ignores it.

Research is happening every day. There are new articles and reports in research papers published every day. You can find them on PubMed and search ‘garlic and cancer’ and you will find thousands of articles about it. The problem is that there is money to be made using a natural substance to treat cancer. Therefore, they will never use nutrition and natural therapy in the cancer treatment industry. It will not happen because there is no money in it.

One of the things that the average person doesn’t know is that they think that if there was a better option, they would be using it. Right? The pharmaceutical industry and medical industry are only interested in using therapies they can patent for profit. Natural medicines and nutrition cannot be patented and therefore they will never be used in cancer treatment.

So, that’s the world we live in. We have to educate ourselves and that’s my mission. To just share my story, educate people and encourage people. They don’t have to believe a single think I’ve said today, but if anything I’m saying makes sense, please start educating yourself. Go to Google, go to PubMed, start searching for information and you will find more information than you can ever consume. It’s just unbelievable how much information about nutrition and natural therapy to treat cancer, and every other disease, is out there.

JUSTIN: Yeah, it’s all out there, especially with the Internet today. You can get your hands on research and cutting edge stuff, just like you’re saying. It’s all available, people just have to do the work of spending some time and sitting at the computer. I wanted to ask you, did you use any alternative treatments, such as magnetic pulsors, the essiac tea or zappers from Don Croft and all these kinds of things. Did you use any kind of, I don’t know how to describe these things.

CHRIS: Yes, I did. My approach was if you think about the food pyramid, right, food was my foundational strategy, at the bottom of the pyramid. That was the main thing I did. Then, everything else I did was supplemental. Right? I did everything else I could find and afford. But if someone has cancer and they are sick and want to get well, just going and drinking an herbal tea is not a good approach. You have to radically transform your diet and lifestyle, number one. And then, okay, go and drink some herbal tea on top of what y ou’re doing. I drank tons of herbal tea.

I used a Hulda Clark zapper which is a parasite zapping device. I did a lot of parasite cleanses. I did Dr. Schulze I did his ‘incurables program’, which is a very comprehensive intestinal parasite bowel, kidney, liver, gallbladder cleanse, immune boosting herbs and all that crazy stuff. It was the ‘incurables program’, very powerful.

I drank a ton of green tea, Jason Winters Tea, which is an anti-cancer tea. I took a lot of supplements that were recommended to me by my naturopath. So those were neutraceutical grade supplements that only practitioners can sell. They were really catered to my specific needs. For example, there were some supplements to help support my adrenal system, which was struggling, there were supplements that helped my liver detoxify and to help boost my white blood cell activity. Things like that. But there were specialized, so there were not really things that I would say, take this brand or that brand, you know.

I took a lot of probiotics, a couple of brands that I do like and recommend. I really like Garden of Life a lot and I took a probiotic supplement called Primal Defense which is kind of like eating dirt. It has homeostatic soil organisms in it. I took copious amounts of that. I took a ton of RM-10 which is the Garden of Life Tonic Mushrooms, I think it has 10-12 tonic mushrooms in a supplement that are immune boosting.

I took a lot of enzymes, because enzymes are critical to every function in the body and also for the body to rebuild and identify and break down cancer cells and tumors. Garden of Life makes a good enzyme product as well, called Omegazyme. By the way, I don’t get paid to endorse Garden of Life, I just really believe in that company as they have very high quality organic whole food based supplements, and that to me is very important.


CHRIS: The supplement industry is so vast and a lot of supplements are not made with good ingredients and your body can’t use them, so you are just wasting your money. Oh, I did Vitamin-C IV’s. An oncologist who had come out of retirement here in Memphis, Dr. Roy Page, started studying Eastern medicine and all kinds of stuff. He came out of retirement and started treating patients again, but he was using alternative therapies. He was doing Vitamin-C IV’s, so I would go into his office for two hours and was getting 50,000 mg of Vitamin-C pumped into my arm.

I also did structural integration, I did reiki, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and the list goes on and on. The reality is that I was determined to live, you know what I mean? To me that is, if I had the will to live, I didn’t care what it took, I was willing to do whatever I could. I didn’t have an unlimited source of money and of course I didn’t do all of those things every day. I went through phases of like, I read about this or that and I want to take this supplement and I want to take that supplement. So, I was constantly trying new things and taking new things and doing as much as I could find and afford. The bottom line always, the foundation was always the diet first.

If someone has very little money, the best they can do is to radically change their diet. Eat a high, high percentage of raw fruits and vegetables, clean meat in small doses is okay, but working with a doctor of natural medicine can really help you kind of zone in and narrow in on the best diet for your body. There is no perfect diet in my opinion. We all have different metabolic needs and so different diets work better for different people. Some people need a little more meat and some people can thrive without any meat at all, just as an example.

A lot of that stuff is detailed on and you know, there are massive amounts of information on the Internet about nutrition and natural therapies and it can be a little overwhelming. People start searching and think ‘oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to start’. I don’t know who to believe and even in the natural health world there are tons of conflicting opinions. Some people say you should never eat animal products ever, and there are people like me who say ‘no, some people need animal products’.

The point is to absorb and read as much information as you can and to deduce what really makes sense, what resonates with you. I think the more you read, you will find a lot of common thread from people like me, natural survivors, natural practitioners, integrated oncologists and people who are in the trenches. You will find that there is a lot of common thread and the most common thread is a diet that is very high in raw fruits and vegetables, and juicing. Fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies and giant salads. Those are key to helping your body heal itself.

JUSTIN: Right. I know we’re kind of wrapping up, but before that, I want to ask you a couple more things. I want to ask you, at the very end, about where you’re going with your website and your work. Before that, I know you have a bunch of this stuff on your website, but can you just name a few books and/or websites that if someone was just diagnosed with cancer, what are a couple of books or websites, aside from your own obviously, that you would recommend.

CHRIS: Well, my site is the only site you should ever go to!! There is a really great site that I like a lot,, it’s run by Webster Kehr it’s excellent. A very good resource.

Books that I would recommend is Guide to Ultimate Health, which is the first book I read, Cancer-Step Outside The Box is a very good book. Cancer Free by Bill Henderson is another great book. Killing Cancer, Not People by Robert G. Wright is another really good book. Natural News and Dr. Mercola are both great sites for natural health information. They are very broad and content rich and you can find articles about everything under the sun on those sites, but they are very good. Those are the two, in my opinion, the biggest and most influential leaders in the nutritional and natural health world. I like those sites a lot.

What I try to do on my site is that there is so much information that can get overwhelming and people don’t know where to start, so I really try to just break it down and make it very simple. I think that’s the key. You mentioned essiac tea. I drink essiac tea as well. There is a lot of stuff you can do and I think most of it should be a very simple approach. I do cancer coaching and health coaching and creating a very simple meal plan for people that they can do every day. Okay, here’s your breakfast, here’s your lunch and here’s your dinner.

Here are your snacks and just really make it so simple. Without a plan, you’re just going to end up eating Burger King for lunch, you know what I mean? The key to success with nutritional therapy is to just have a good plan, you have to know what to buy at the grocery store and make sure it’s in the house when you’re hungry so that you can eat it. And make sure you can take it with you and eat it where you’re going.

Again, it does not have to be complicated at all. I just enjoy sharing information and probably like you, you do interviews and I’ve got a huge list of topics and people who I like to interview and just try to find the time to plough through them. I like to interview people who I think have really good things to say. My goal is to really just keep sharing information and to keep spreading my message. It’s amazing how many people visit my site, people from all over the world. It’s not because I’m anything special, it just so happens that they are looking for the information that I have.

People are waking up and realizing that the options they’ve been given, chemotherapy, radiation and therapy, are not great. They are seeing their loved ones suffer and when it comes time for them, if they’re diagnosed, or have someone else who has been diagnosed, they are using their experience and things, you know, we have try something different. I don’t want to go through what they went through. Everyone is looking for this kind of information. The nutrition and natural therapy community and world is exploding because people are just waking up. They are realizing that there has to be something better than chemicals, surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. None of those things heal the body.

JUSTIN: That’s so true. Would you mind staying on for just a moment after I close out the show.


JUSTIN: Awesome. Thank you Chris for being on the show and thank you everybody for listening. Again, visit our show page at and there will be links to Chris’s website and there will be links to his social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter and youtube and all that good stuff. Also, don’t forget to visit If you found value in this show, please consider visiting our store, liking us on Facebook or sharing it with your friends who may have cancer.

That’s my goal and that’s Chris’s goal. It’s just to show people that there are alternative methods to healing and you don’t have to believe everything the doctor’s say. We’re not advocating any kind of medical advice here, but just start taking a little bit of control yourself and really just understand that the body can heal itself from cancer and things like that.

Again, if you liked this show, pass it on to your friends and we would be really grateful. Thanks for joining us today everybody and we will catch you on the next interview.

JUSTIN: Yes, it’s all out there.

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