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Dr. Bob Dowling – Is Having AMAZING Success With Cancer By Treating The Mouth

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    Dr. Bob Dowling was really great to have on the show and we had such a great time with him. He’s got a clinic in Ecaudor where he helps people with cancer in all “stages” whether terminal or late stage. The entire idea of there being a stage of cancer seems odd to me in the first place. The medical industry loves to label things with fancy names and terms.

    It’s like being pregnant, you either are or you’re not pregnant. You either have cancer or you don’t.

    But anyway he’s doing some great work involving teeth. Turns out dental and oral pathology plays a HUGE role in the development of cancers. Dr. Dowling rarely sees somebody who has cancer that doesn’t have problems with their teeth. If he does see patients like this, it’s usually because they live downwind from an apple orchard where they’re constantly spraying herbicides, fungicides and pesticides into the air.

    If there are no oral issues in their mouth, and they indeed have cancer it’s usually a result of some highly toxic and icidious living situation they’re currently in.

    I understand that the whole idea that our teeth can cause cancer is so far out of the ordinary for the average person to even think about. But consider this, even mainstream radio and tv commercials are advertising the dental connection between bacteria, toxins and poisons in the mouth and heart disease and heart attacks. I’ve heard commercials on mainstream radio shows talking about this connection.

    I suspect Dr. Bob Dowling is 50 years ahead of his time and it’ll take that long for the medical community to wake up.

    What are the word dental procedures that link to cancer? From the research that I’ve done, the winner of this award has to be root canals. The second place winner would probably go to cavitations as the result of molar and wisdom teeth extraction.

    Most dentists don’t pull the dental ligament when they pull the tooth. You can’t have a dead organ collecting highly toxic bacteria in your mouth with no white blood cells or oxygen to fight them. Because each tooth corresponds to specific organs and glands in the body (as per Chinese Medicine) then these toxins travel through the meridian points and set up shop right in these organs.

    This causes these organs to not only become toxic in and of themselves but it dampens organ function and production. Later on in life when your immune system no longer has the capacity (due to poor nutrition, dietary habits and stress) to function at a high level it can no longer keep these toxins in check and that’s when you come back from the doctor to tell your wife or husband the bad news. You have cancer.

    The bacteria that get produced are deadly and many experiments have proven that. These poisons are toxic and day after day, week after week and month after month they weaken the immune system and toxify the body.

    Root canals are deadly. Before you spend money on super foods, supplements or other cleansing or healing protocols, spend money on your mouth. Get your mouth fixed and start taking care of your teeth. You can prevent cavities and therefore disease if you take care of your oral health properly by eating a proper diet and brushing/flossing after each meal.

    You’ll love this interview.

    Please pass it on to your friends!

    We discuss the following and so much more:

    • Why cavitations are so dangerous
    • How root canals undermine our health
    • How Dr. Bob Dowling uses Radial Ablation therapy to treat cancers
    • How full body thermal imaging scans can detect cancers 10 years before they’re detected
    • How low dose neltrexone helps to eliminate bone cancer
    • How he uses the cavitat machine to diagnose cancers
    • How Greg Caton has been put in jail for having great success with cancer
    • And so much more!

    The root cause of cancer are cavitations and root canals. Dr. Robert Dowling explains… – Click to tweet this!

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    Show Date: Wednesday 6/19/2013
    Show Guest: Dr. Bob Dowling
    Guest Info: Meet Dr. Bob Dowlin, President of North Carolina Institute of Technology. Robert Dowling has a Doctorate in Biology and has been involved with research in health matters for thirty years. Their main website is cancercured.com Dr. Dowling says their thermal screening can detect cancer anywhere in the body up to ten years before mamograms and other contemporary methods.

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    Topic: Cancer & Oral pathology
    Guest Website(s): http://www.breastcancercured.com

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