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Tips For Changing Your Diet, Food Addictions, Listener Questions & Much More!

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Once again Kate and I had another fun conversation on today’s Free For All Friday show. It’s really great fun to sit in the studio and talk about different health or life topics so that you can benefit. From the listener feedback that we’ve been getting people seem to be enjoying them.

We get the comments sometimes that it feels like you (the listener) are sitting on the couch in the same room with us, listening to our conversation. That’s exactly the way we wanted to structure these weekly recap shows. We wanted to make sure they stayed informal, fun, lively and most importantly inspirational and informational. So if that’s how they are coming across to you, then we’ve succeeded! 🙂

There’s always room for improvement though…

A couple of things I’d like to increase on the show is listener interaction. Once we get live shows working this will improve things quite significantly. We’d like to have lots of live listeners and so if somebody calls in with a particular ailment, other listeners can offer health tips and advice as to what’s been working for them for that particular health condition.

We’ll get there…

In the meantime we press on through the storm. In this particular show Kate and I took some listener questions. We had an interesting question about how to start from ground zero trying to get healthier. We spent the bulk of our time on this particular question.

Because it is quite an issue these days. Lots of people might find us who are people that don’t know anything about health, natural healing, herbs, cleansing and detoxification. So when you’ve been brought up your entire life eating processed junk food that causes cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s Disease and other health problems, how can you expect to understand the nuances of herbal cleansing or why detoxifying the liver is so important.

You just want one tip, one strategy to be healthier today than you were yesterday. Once again we introduced the most powerful life changing dietary strategy known to man, subtraction by addition. If you want to eat paleo, 100% raw vegan, raw primal or anything in between, you must understand, subtraction by addition.

It’s the most powerful law for changing food addiction, remineralizing your body, alkalizing your blood, killing parasites and getting rid of candida. This principle is not about the food at all. When starting out on a health quest, most people beat themselves up because they focus too much on the unhealthy food choices they make.

Subtraction by addition is a long term strategy for changing your internal terrain. Or as Dr. Robert Cassar says, terrain modification. You must change how your body works. You must teach your body to burn fats and proteins for energy and not processed genetically modified carbohydrates. Using the subtraction by addition strategy it can not only get rid of candida, prevent the main catastrophic diseases of our day, help you to lose weight by burning fat, and help to cleanse and detoxify on a daily basis but more importantly it can open your mind up to what’s possible in your life.

You see food is a daily discipline. Anything that’s a daily discipline has the ability to change your life in ways you never thought possible. Food is a tool to get you to where you want to be in life. Conquering food addictions seems impossible doesn’t it? But it’s not using the subtraction by addition principles over a long period of time.

The goal is to retrain your mind, to NOT focus on immediate physical results. The physical is merely a representation of what’s happening inside your body. It’s about focusing on cleansing your organs and changing your internal terrain and as a result you’ll start to see physical transformations you never thought possible.

Can you imagine walking by an Italian restaurant and smelling the odor of freshly cooked basil and garlic tomato sauce and having big bowl of pasta, but NOT being tempted by that in the least bit?

Can you imagine sitting down at a dinner table where your friends are eating the best pizza ever and not being tempted at all? Well I’m not bragging but that’s me now. Now that wasn’t always me. I was so addicted to carbohydrates it was sickening. But the power of subtraction by addition over time is nothing short of awe inspiring.

So listen to this show and you’ll find out what we’re talking about.

We also talked about laetrile also known as vitamin b-17 and how that affects cancer cells in the body. Vitamin b-17 can be found in high amounts if you eat apricot kernels.

We discussed the recent March Against Monsanto rally they had all around the world and why we didn’t attend that particular event.

Thanks for listening. Please comment below!

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“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up, it dies and ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower let it be. Love is not about possession, love is about appreciation.”

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Show Date: Sun 5/26/2013
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