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Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND – The Mystic Medicine of Castor Oil



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It was an honor to have on Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND to talk about her revolutionary castor oil packsUse code EHR10 for 10% off along with her book entitled Oh, Sh*T!: 3 Stress-Less Steps to Connect, Clear and Calm Digestion. Own the Throne! and digesetion.

Dr. Marisol is known as The Queen of the Thrones and her work with optimal liver function and digestive help. Did you know that digestion and a lack of energy are he #1 and #2 reasons why people go see a doctor?

Medical doctors (sorry to say) have no idea about the things we discussed on today’s podcast. If you go to a medical doctor and if they don’t know about the 500 functions of the liver or cannot explain the electron transport chain and how that affects ATP production in complex 5 of the mitochondria, see another doctor!

This was a great show because I love talking about powerful medicines that are cheap and you can do at home as a “discipline” to maintain and improve your health and healing.

What a powerful show!

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Show Notes


Show Guest:

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND

Guest Info:

Dr. Marisol ND is the Queen of the Thrones™ & director of Sanas Health Practice. Her goal is to help clear the confusion so you can feel better and OWN YOUR THRONE! She has been working in the natural healthcare industry for 20 years, teaching people, patients, health food stores, & practitioners! She is an international resource for helping people connect to the love messages their bodies are sending them.

She has designed a unique line of self-care tools, helped thousands of patients, & has now written an award-winning book! She wants to help YOU unlock your own legendary health & change your narrative… NATURALLY!

Show Topic:

Liver health, castor oil and digestion

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