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Dr. Kevin Conners – Cancer & How Rife Frequencies Might Help!


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  • In this show my friend Dr. Kevin Conners joined the show to discuss the history and efficacy of Rife frequencies and how they *may* effect the metabolism of cancer.

    Obviously we cannot say that Rife frequencies heal or cure anything. Always discuss Rife with your medical doctor! Ya right, he’s so ill informed he doesn’t even know who Royal Raymond Rife even is!

    But this was a fascinating show about the history of Rife and how this technology can impact cancer metabolism.

    If you enjoy this show, it’ll really help if you share with your friends!

    Thank you for listening!

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    Show Guest:

    Dr. Kevin Conners

    Guest Info:

    Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy, Board Certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy; Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative

    Medicine; American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; currently studying for Certification in Cardiovascular and for Diplomate Status in Neurology, Carrick Institute as well as the Nutritional Diplomate program; Fellowship in Health Research Outcomes, National Institutes of Health; over 100 hours postgraduate study in Autism Spectrum Disorders; practicing Applied Kinesiologist.

    He is the author of 7 published books and numerous videos available on Amazon. Dr. Conners frequently lectures to doctors around the world at various seminars.

    NOTE: Dr. Conners practices natural, Biblical therapies under his Pastoral Medical Association license.

    Show Topic:

    Frequency, rife & cancer

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