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Don’t Beat Yourself Up Because You’re Doing The Best You Can!

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If you’re like me you are probably very nutritionally aware and as a result you are concerned with what you put into your body. When you start to learn how the body works and what key organs do, it’s hard to abuse your body like in times past. Back in the day don’t you remember, you ate pizza or ice-cream with no regard. Your body had so much hydrochloric acid you burned right through it.

After you learn that food is directly related to disease and how if you eat certain ways you might end up dead or stricken with some disease, you simply can’t abuse your body anymore.

That brings me to this point…

Just today I was at Mother’s Market here in Southern California and there was a huge flyer on a back wall that read, “What’s lurking in your salad greens?”

All food is a drug of some form. All food is a stress on the body to a greater or lesser degree. If you buy organic, that doesn’t mean that that food wasn’t grown in soils that were watered with city water that contains pollutants right? Or most likely that organic produce was picked long before it was ripe, meaning that it has a lot less enzymes, minerals and phyto-nutrients. Let’s say you grow your own food and you compost the soil and use ocean water on it to enhance your yield and food value. But maybe you don’t have water filters so you wash it with city water.

The point is, in some form or other no matter how well you’re eating, you’re still consuming something harmful. Because of this, food can become a HUGE psychological issue for people. Their thoughts about food can become more of a poison than the food itself.

What kind of relationship do you have with food?

People these days are struggling with bulimia, anorexia and all kinds of food disorders. Talk about having a harmful and destructive relationship with food.

Like I said, sometimes people can become so stressed out about food that the stress alone could be more harmful to them than whatever food they’re going to consume.

As Dr. David Jubb always says, “Be kind and gentle, soft and allowing.” Another way to say it is, do the best you can and God will kick in the rest.

Do your best to not be stressed and worried about what you’re eating.

You’re doing the best you can.

If you let it, food can be a teacher because it’s a discipline you can use every day to become more aware and more thankful to God for everything in your life. It’s hard to not have judgement about food. I totally get it. But try your best to enjoy what you’re eating and tell yourself you’ll do better next time.

Every time you eat, bless the food, thank God for it and ENJOY what your’e eating…yes even if it’s a piece of gluten filled cake.

If you’re going to eat the cake, better to be in a happy, grateful and thankful state than eating it stressed and worried about all the harm it might do to you.

So remember, try your best to eat well, do the best you can because there is always the next meal. The key here is to not use this philosophy as an excuse to eat harmful foods but don’t beat yourself up over the piece of pizza you had the other night. The pizza itself was already harmful enough. There’s no use making this a double whammy and add insult to injury by causing yourself psychological stress.

Bless your food and let God take care of the rest!

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