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Cal Washington – How To Win Against Forced Vaccines, 5G, Smart Meters & Geoengineering


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Cal Washington joined us on today’s show to talk about his work with 5G, smart meters, mandatory vaccinations and now geoengineering.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to talk with him and his work. I see far too many people in the natural health world “fighting” against the government that know no thing about contract law.

They don’t know who they are, they don’t know where they live and they don’t know what their name is. Most people do not know those three basic things.

Most people don’t know the difference between ownership verse control. They don’t know about contracting, paperwork and the private vs public. They don’t know about trust law or the birth certificate or how nations are corporations.

It’s fascinating to hear so many people complaining and fighting when they have no idea what they’re saying.

I highly recommend watching or listening to this podcast and sharing it with a friend.

Cal Washington is a great guy doing amazing work. If you’re new to all this, I hope this scratches the surface to go down this rabbit trail that will lead you to freedom.

Thank you for watching, listening and sharing on your social networks!

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Guest Bio

Cal and Mary maintain the roles of CEO and President of InPower, and also serve on the board, alongside four other volunteer industry leaders. They provide daily guidance to volunteer staff, which comprises the support desk and community leaders in training

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