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Belly Be Gone by Robert von Sarbacher

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Well first and foremost is the Foundation Protocol for belly removal also for perfect bowel movements and more… here’s what you do:

4 ingredients – ACE, Super Magnum pills (colon/rectal pills), Super Fiber (intestine pills), Super Enzymes (digestion pills) – all pills are based on weight of human being at 150lb… if you are more than that or less, adjust quantities accordingly.

Here’s how this works –

1 you blast open the colon/rectal area, the plug must be unplugged as it were, you must be near a bathroom at ALL times! 2 you will fix the intestines after fixing the colon/rectal area, and 3 you will fix the digestion.. you will in effect do it all backwards, b/c what good is good digestion if you’re plugged up and never took the silly plug off? Right?

3 days minimum, for the use of 1 above – this is not a hard and fast rule but it is a rule…. Some people take 4 or 5 or so days, but it will blast open that rear end… some amazing black filth and horrify smelling stuff will come out of you, you will scare every skunk in the neighborhood away!

They will shreak in terror at their new competition and will find more appetizing grounds.. you will scare everyone in your house as well! Open all the windows or buy an air cleaner lol… there are many that will not be able to get away from work for even a silly 3 days, NOOO problem, just do not take the ACE below with the Super magnum pills…just take the super magnums by themselves instead, 1 pill 3x/day per 150lbs of body weight… or if desperate on time then increase it to 2 pills 3x/day just do it without the ACE so that not having to be nailed in a bathroom all day….

Pre – preparation –

not necessary when doing this protocol since most are clogged up anyway! But even if not, you will have plenty of items to use with this ACE so that it will not give you diarrhea but if it does that’s ok too since it will be ONLYYYY temporary – still, if you have the time before getting started then – getting used to ACE by starting at 5 drops morning and night of ACE – then 6 drops morning and night, until you get to 20 drops morning and night of ACE = 40 drops all day per 150lbs of body weight.

That is, 15 days and you’re at the full amount of ACE just like that!

ACE – in short this liquid makes all the pills you are taking act as if they were on steroids! So to speak! See the attachment files for ACE for all info pertaining to ACE.

Part 1 –

First thing to do is to open the colon rectal system – this is simple as the Super Magnum Pills go straight to that location!!! Fast and good stuff! Here’s how this works, you take one pill and put it in your mouth, you take one cup of water, put in your ACE drops, (14 drops 3x/day = 40 drops per day total for 150lb person), so 14 drops in cup of water and drink that down with the Super Magnum pill… do this 3x/day…the rectal area will start allowing it all to come out and 3 days of that will be enough, then can start on fiber and only continue the Super Magnum pills until the bottle is gone, which will be 21 more days at the rate of one Super magnum pill per day… do NOT take that pill with any more ACE so that you can step away from the toilet after day # 3 ok??? Restated, make sure there’s a good 1 ½ hours since last took ACE with anything or alone by itself b4 you take another Super Magnum You will be taking the Super magnum pills for longer than 3 days if it took too long for the miracle of this combo to start working? Do it for 2 more days then! That’s fine! No worries! It’s not like you can take too much Super Magnum pills! Right??

Part 2 Taking of the fiber –

Get off the Metamucil!! Finally!!! Yuck! once you start on this you will stop the Super Magnums with ACE and only take 1 x/day of Super Magnum pill – without ACE – away from the taking of ACE with Fiber now, because now you are taking ACE with the super Fiber only…and now Magnums are taken by their lonesome 1x/day ….

So here you go… 1 scoop per 150lbs of body weight of Fiber – put it in a ½ cup of Apple Sauce – eat that down and then take 1 cup of water with 14 drops of ACE (assuming you’re 150 lbs and doing ACE 3x/day to get in your 40ish drops per day total) – do this 3x/day – with or after or before or during meals, it makes NOOOO difference! It’s that good and powerful! Here’s what you are required to have as a human being living on earth – these 3 things :: 1 == #2s that float, 2 == #2s that are golden in color or tan at worst, 3 == #2s that have NOOO odor and no matter the worst fart on earth, no one will be the wiser if it came out of you! This is how all human beings on earth are supposed to be and if you lack any of these you are in need of more of Part 1 or Part 2 or Part 3…

Continue on this fiber for 2 or 3 weeks, – ie, what we’re looking for here is the 3 requirements and once you have reached them and have them perfectly for a period of 2 weeks then you’re on to the next step! Now what you are expecting from Part 2, what absolutely must happen each and every time is – somewhere into the 3rd, 4th or 5th day of this you will have bowel movement that will come out your rear end like a giant snake!!

It will be 2 or 3 or 7 feet long! But it will be long… what the fiber is doing is undoing all impacted bowels – NOTTT referring to the endless impacted layer of crud on insides of bowels – in fact that whole topic is confusing for most and ESPECIALLY for Drs b/c even gastroenterologists have almost never seen an impacted bowel in all their 40 years of doctoring… worse yet, they see perfect clean and clear bowels almost always – esp in those with weird bowel disorders!

LOL go figure… no, what we are after here are the invisible impacted layers.. ie, the little wavy hands, the intestinal flora and fili – that wave back and forth pushing and ushering thru all the waste, and doing so well and without these you’re in trouble! These are impacted and crushed down and flat on the surface… they are not doing the Wave nor can they even stand up… this fiber will go in there and fix all of that! And do so quickly!!! You will have a snake come out your rear end in no time!

Start with that! Now that that is occurring you are to keep up and start your 2 week count of this, then you will add in Part 3 as long as everything comes out sufficiently well for you with this! Ok?

Part 3 is the Enzymes –

Now we begin on the digestion since the rectum and the intestines is flowing now ok? 3x/day you are to take 1 cup of water with ACE in it and drink as you did previously in Part 2 right after you finish your ½ or full cup of apple sauce with Fiber in it… but in this case from now on you will open up 2 of the Enzymes caps and place it right on top of the Fiber in the apple sauce and then eat the apple sauce…That’s 2 caps of enzymes per 150lbs of body weight obviously…

Do this process until you have no more belly!!! Since everything is moving now! Keep up with the ACE and take more if necessary at all times… nothing wrong with making it 60 drops per 150lbs of body weight IF it does NOT cause any diarrhea at all! Whatever it takes for perfect bowel movements for ever all the time!

I have people that keep the Magnums with them at all times, and many more I tell to keep with them at all times… they use this until – they go out to eat with friends and cheat on their diet or otherwise… This is annoying for them and they want a get well quick pill to take right after eating or 2 hours later when they come home… I also use this as a travel pill!! I use this and Microhydrin Plus pills and living real form of Vit D as travel pills and cheaters pills and etc to keep them healthy when going out or when on travel or more so when on vacation!

1)My version of Candy

2)Tomato Asparagus blender drink

Situps… and …. Fasting…

In order to remove a belly, what you’re dealing with is lots of stored up fecal matter that is blocked or, as with most people, it is just slow bowels b/c of junk food and not enough bowel foods that promote strong movement and clearage of the bowels… and the last reason is that old age and or lack of exercise have set in to make the stomach muscles very weak thus no longer complementing the bowels or bowel movements or slenderness of waist b/c those muscle have just “gone out” with no use, thus they are “hanging out” instead of “keeping in” …since you’re not young anymore they (stomach muscles) will not just push in your gut like did when young even though you never exercised those muscles when younger (they kept your bowels in anyway instead of hanging out like you’re pregnant – ah, the wonders of youth)…thus people start to get to point of bloating b/c things are sooo slow moving thru the bowels not to mention stomach muscles have no energy nor toning, and thus lower bowel gets reallllly plugged or even stretched out of place, can form pockets etc, and thus belly under the belly button is now distended and not getting back in easily, not to mention belly above the belly button is distended but it’s really bad when the lower half is now also hanging out (lower half is that which is below the belly button!

The #1 belly remover in the world bar none is fasting… the reason for this is b/c it gives such undiluted energy recharging to the body that even bowels regain energy and the stomach muscles are in love with it? Why? B/c it is one of the only two ways known in the world to rev up HGH, Human Growth Hormone, to its full level and keep you young and healthy and always full of internal organ energy (adrenal glands, bowels, stomach muscles, skin rejuvenation, youthing, liver and all internal organs gain energy and recharge…) remember the effects of true HGH as produced by the human body… that is, it will grow muscles without working out, it will keep you slender no matter what filth you eat and it will make your muscles tone and cut without the slightest workout….

This is HGH… never mind the natural energy rejuvenation that goes with it… too bad we do NOT have much of it (HGH) as we grow older sigh, unless we supplement with the right foods so that body can make more or we fast!

(NOTE: I never recommend to my clients to take synthetic HGH or other hormones though they will work) so, 24 to 48 hours is usually all it takes to make the body produce 4x more HGH… now… there are synthetic amino acids you can take to accomplish the same thing… in about a month!!! And with plenty of side effects Lol… as you can see this (fasting) is vastly superior… I try to do this once a week just because, but if you’re trying to remove a belly, at the minimum you need to do this once every week of 36 to 60 hours each time, until belly is gone completely ie you stop eating after dinner Sunday night and don’t eat again until breakfast Tues or Wed morning (ie, 36 hours later or 60 hours later respectively)…. Once the belly is GONE… you simply do the fasting once a month to keep it off forever God willing….everyone should do it that much anyway… and here’s 2 ways you can do it so that it will be easier for you… 1) first is the 24 hour fast… you eat breakfast then no more food or drink except water until next morning’s breakfast… simple… but (2) if you do the 36 hour fast it is quite superior!

I try to do this once a week if I’m being good! You eat all the way thru dinner then nothing all the next day and nothing til the morning after that next day(see example above of Sun thru Tues)… this will be about 34 – 36 hours every time…perfect… you are only allowed to drink water on these fasts, NOTHING ELSE!!! That is the definition of a true fast that revs up HGH, juice fast is NOT the same thing at all but it is good for health too, does NOTHING for HGH unfortunately.

Personal Note:

I personally do this fast if my stomach ever gets distended and I start to get a belly, and do this on a 60 hour fast, I eat my dinner, and nothing the next 2 days, then start of 3rd I start with breakfast again…(see example above of Sun thru Wed fast) last time I had this happen, I did one 36 day fast, didn’t work, then another next week, didn’t work, and said, forget it, I’m doing 60, and it was done! No more belly, all fecal matter vacated from below my belly button, and flat stomach again above my belly button, but to retain this I just do the healthy thing and fast every week or every month… though to be honest, I would only get a “belly once every 4 years or so”, then another fast every week for 2 to 4 weeks, and it was gone again!

Many people care nothing for fasting but I found this one below by accident when I started to notice that the eating of the 2 items below sucked my stomach in in such a way that it felt every morning like someone had put a vacuum on my belly button that they had inserted thru my back, and it was keeping things in without the distended belly thing going on, it freaked me out b/c I had not fasted… but it made sense to me since I had found thru trial and error and endless nutrition experiments that this food had the weird effect of cleaning out the lower bowels like nothing that I’d ever experienced before, it just would not allow anything to stay in there (using just (1)my version of Candy and (2)tomato asparagus drink, but (3)few other things added for good measure)… hmmm… well, here we go:

First thing is … congratulations you’re about to become a vegetarian til your belly is gone, no grains of any kind either!!!! Just veggies, fruit, juices, water, no sodas either… also, stop eating at 8pm max until the belly is gone, unless you’re eating my version of what I call Candy or if you’re eating broccoli or a salad… these are the only things you can eat after 8pm, however I prefer you eat these by 8pm also but ok if eat those and only those after, they are: (broccoli and/or salads with plenty of tomatoes, and the salads cannot be ANY OTHER KIND OF LETTUCE except either romaine or iceberg! ONLY and plenty of tomatoes to be redundant!) after 8pm if you have to but prefer 8pm or sooner …

Next is something Totally optional but for those with bowel problems already you see my point of doing this: it is a bowel mover (and specifically stomach healer as well – like stomach sensitivities and also etc) but it is a tea that takes no time to make and do once a day, preferably at night so that you are not “loose” all day long having diarhhea..… first put in one or two cups of water in a bowl and turn it on hi and put in 4 T of flax seeds and 2 tbl of senna leaves (from herb store or just go here for senna leaves 888-372-4372)… bring to a boil then turn off and pour and strain into a cup and let sit til cool enough to drink… do once or twice a day, but if doing this only one time, then do it at night before bed definitely.

Next is the use of taking 5 giant tablets, 3x/day, of pure powdered juice of Wheat Grass – NOT powdered wheat grass but powdered wheat grass juice, just google for this and prefer it to be like this, however, if you prefer you can get the smaller tablets and take 10+ 3x/day instead…. b/c they are just small tablet size and easy to take in. In all your life you will never experience such bowel movements as these as if you are having a small child. LOL Very relieving.

Next you need to get some oil in you every day… I prefer coconut oil the most but cod liver oil and/or flax oil is good too, one tbl of any of them is good, but coconut oil recharges adrenal glands and the thyroid which regulates the metabolism therefore it might be best, whereas cod liver oil is pure bowel food b/c it makes it so that body will readily absorb tons of calcium that it would not have otherwise and it will also absorb B vitamins as cod liver oil contains Vit D, and thus without Vit D (which by itself is vastly superior to all B vitamins) the body cannot absorb any B Vits without Vit D! That is, Vit D is the activator of all B vitamins… but feel free to do them all as all good oils are a bowel “easer” that makes things move realllly easily thru the bowels… fee free to do this at night or when you get home for the day after 5, up to you…anyway, only 3 versions of super powerful and super cheap Thank God coconut oil in the world that I know of, the super expensive ones will not work from health food stores, I do not know why but they are always messed up, either rancid or pressed so hard they destroyed all the living enzymes or otherwise: I have top 3 therapeutic coconut oils in the world – so order thru me, just call and see, I also sell the world’s only Grade 10 coconut oil as well if you wish to order that thru me too, let me know.

Next is the most powerful lower bowel and “all” bowel mover I’ve seen in a long time, you must do this a min of two times a day and one of those times must be at breakfast… 4 roma tomatoes and 7 sprigs of skinny asparagus (4 fat ones) and water and blend and drink as smoothie, maybe add some Trocomare or Herbamare spice if like or good salt or whichever… or nothing … add enough water to make it easily drinkable…I do this for Breakfast and Lunch (before I eat if I’m eating anything) and “candy” (see recipe below) for dessert after dinner or even during day but also I get it in around after 5pm anytime too for this belly removal formula …

Do not eat any meat or fish or grains (breads or pastas or etc) – maybe Salmon minimum if you must have some type of meat thing, but otherwise, give the bowels a rest from all meats of all forms for a few weeks til belly is gone… do not eat any hydrogenated oils… nor canola – no bad oils basically…

Lastly is situps… do 60 in a day, though may take a 3 weeks before you can do that many in one sitting… what you are after is doing 60 in 60 seconds, might take 3 to 6 weeks for this depending on age, or weight or maybe never depending on age, b/c if you’re 88, then might be happy if you get in 10 a day lol…

Recipe for Candy:

½ apple cut up in small squares or whatever, and 1 whole banana, ( I use one apple and 2 bananas b/c I like it a lot!) and 3-4 tbl fresh ground flax seeds from coffee grinder, and 1-2 tbl of nutritional yeast flakes and 1-2 tbl of Tocotriene, and some white honey preferably as it has the best taste (add no salt to this recipe)…but any honey will do if no white honey found (will NOTT taste as good without white honey), also, you can use the Mesquite honey from the source list, everyone should have a gallon of this stuff on hand for always! This recipe if used for belly removal will NOT work without the flax seeds or the tocotriene, ( I have never tried it without the nutritional yeast flakes as they taste too good lol) But under the circumstances, I’m pretty sure the flakes make it work better and faster!

Last of all is an old technique sometimes used alone to get rid of a belly and it is the little device called a special foot stool used with/next to the toilet so that you are in the perfect position to take a #2 when you go to the bathroom lol… this makes it so that your body can more easily get rid of fecal matter and make it so that section of distended bowel can empty itself whereas before it might have been responsible for all your fecal retention, etc… can get that here: – “the Health Step” – for Belly B Gone formula – the stool for putting feet up on while doing a #2 LOL. This no longer exists sorry – but just buying some simple little stool to place your feet on while going #2 is all you need! It does NOT have to be fancy like this.

Next I highly prefer but it is totally optional for THIS protocol, the use of ACE lightning tablets (called Rocket Fuel Pills) … don’t use at night since you don’t want to stay up.. but use 1 tablet morning noon and 5ish whatever pm… You will find if you have water weight gain that by day 2 or 3 you will be pee’ing out more than you drink if you have excess water to be removed…

For those who have my free smoothies file – do smoothie #11 – it will freak you out as to how well it works on strengthening the liver and kidneys !! It’s called Wonder smoothie! Should do it every day of your life if you don’t like wrinkles ever.

At a minimum of the above, to remove a belly, must do the situps, the fresh ground flax seeds (or the Candy recipe with flax seeds in them) and the roma/asparagus drink (- this last one – 2x/day min)

Tocotriene called Genesis (see file on Genesis), White Gold Honey from Canada, and Nutritional Flakes are all available thru me just let me know if you want to use these items…

Seasonings – Trocomare – and Herbamare These are the seasoning above I have at my place.


Eating Veggies at night (broccoli for example) and no breads or meats b4 bed is a major key regardless. Also, taking the HCL Detox (from myself) is also a huge deal since you will be forcing out more than you take in therefore the buildup in bowels will be expelled over a period of weeks…There is also the issue of those with major acid reflux or lighter version like heartburn that will have this completely reversed within 2, maybe 4 months of use of HCL Detox using Betaine and Activator after every meal… Lastly, ACE Lightning Tabs, since it makes you pee out more than you drink in, it is a major diuretic and energy booster! Order that from me at 940-233-0484 Robert von


Keep in mind I do eat a healthy diet and it was years without eating any grains, and little red meat except lots of lamb, but when I did the fasting as above and did it as described, that was it, belly was GONE in no time!! NO change in my diet but as you can see my diet is different from everyone’s as I am a nutrition freak and loveeee the freaky things that happen to the body when you eat healthy and do nutrition experiments so this works for me…easily… might give this a try with 36 or 60 hour fasts as described above if do not wish to change diet….but if want to at the very least add something to your diet then can do this with the CANDY + asp/tomato drink right? One at night and other in morning… with or without fasting, do you see my point as how you can tailor this to fit you like you want it to?


Though I have no proof this is true, as I have not had any clients try this and this alone…I was told the old Chinese method of “belly removal” was to drink one cup of hot water upon awakening every morning and you would lose that belly of yours…. Nice to think that this alone could fix a belly, but I do not know… if you try it, let me know if this alone added to your diet, fixed your belly to perfection or not? And how long? 1 month? 6 months? No change in diet except adding cup of hot water to diet in the morning? Let me know… be good and good luck to you all.

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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