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Are You A Good Steward?


“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…”

I believe that every blessing and every good thing in our life comes from God. The very fact that you can breathe, be animated, walk around and do things is a blessing in the highest order.

If you want those blessings to keep coming, live in a state of thankfulness, gratitude and wonder in every moment. As we are more thankful for the life and body we’ve been given, the more good things will come our way.

I say that we should live in a state of wonder and gratitude because all too frequently I see people living reckless lives. I see them squandering their precious time that they can’t get back for money. I see them using that money to buy food that is slowly killing them. I see people not caring about their health and really about their life.

Living in a modern industrial world has many challenges. We become addicted (or should I say our parasites living inside of us become addicted) to foods that are literally killing the cells inside our body.

I see people smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and prescription drugs like they’re candy. People don’t seem to have any regard or concern for their health until it’s gone or it is taken from them.

I’ve heard this quote:

Youth is wasted on the young.

But why do we have to be 80 years old before we can begin to value the body that we’ve been given? Why do people live such reckless, careless and most importantly unconscious lives?

The answer to this question is multi layered but I can take a shot. I think it’s pretty obvious. When we’re young we’re filled with hormones and enough digestive acids to burn through a meal consisting of 5 slices of pizza, a 32 ounce coke or Pepsi, some chips and a big bowl of ice cream.

When we’re young we can burn through food like that like it’s no problem at all. We feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world. As a result we’re not smart enough to make the connection between the food we eat and our health.

Media and advertising have made people more aware of how the food we eat affects how we look, but nobody really thinks the food they’re eating causes, low thyroid, migraines, depression, brain fog, lack of sex drive or any number of emotional and psychological disorders.

We’re just not trained to think this way. We’re trained to think of macro nutrients. We think of calories in vs calories out or how ripped we look.

The food we eat has a profound effect on EVERYTHING we say, think, and do. It has the capacity to open our minds, be more spiritual and even be more compassionate.

Yes food can do all this.

So I ask you how are you being a good steward of this body and life that you were given? Are you squandering it away and think you’ll regain it when you get older? Do you think diet and lifestyle have no effect on your health?

One way we can honor God is to be a good steward of everything we’ve been given. What have we been given?

Well let’s count some: Our bodies, our family, our time, our gifts, talents and abilities, our resources like income and the list goes on. You were given countless gifts.

What are you doing with them?

How are you making the world a better place as a result of managing your unique abilities?

Without our health we have no energy to pursue these gifts we’ve been given.

Every time you eat food that’s killing your cells, you’re trampling on a gift that God has given you. He gave it to you so you can impact the world in a uniquely positive way and when you recklessly eat that pizza or hamburger, you’re saying to God that your desires to eat food you’re addicted to, trumps anything he wants you to do.

Then we cry out to God and blame him for giving us cancer.

We’re all backwards people. Let’s start really valuing all the gifts we’ve been given so we can change the world in the only way we each know how.


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