Adzuki Sludge For Potassium Source Highest In The World by Robert von Sarbhacer


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Adzuki Sludge For Potassium Source Highest In The World by Robert von Sarbhacer

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Adzuki sludge for Potassium source highest in the world

[highest in the world – not b/c there aren’t higher, but b/c the higher ones have a ratio to sodium almost equal to potassium and that’s not what you need, you need a potassium prejudiced supplement]

This increases power and strength of Kidneys therefore it is also a good (1) diuretic and since kidneys regulate all salt and potassium in the body then this will make for great way to get rid of problems of (2)water weight gain or water retention or problems with (3) kidney failure or (4) salt retention or (5) potassium retention when kidneys not functioning up to par.

Adzuki Sludge:

The technique used calls for boiling 1 cup of Adzuki beans in 1 quart (4 cups) of RO or distilled water – you’re after removal of all nutrients of beans putting them into the water! You can find Adzuki beans in a health food store, usually in bulk or order them online – it’s not hard to find them online or at Whole Foods organic. When the water simmers down then add another quart. When this simmers down 50% – discard the beans and keep the sludgy water, it’s good for maybe 4 + days, and drink (2-4 tbls) of the sludge 2x a day. DO NOT EAT THE BRANS THROW THEM AWAY, DO NOTTTT SOAK THE BEAN YOU MUST SIMMER THEM DOWN!! Some people freeze the sludge in ice cube trays and used it as needed. In 2 months the kidneys should be considerably stronger. If too sludgy to drink once refrigerated, then just eat it, do not add salt in this case…just eat it plain… Pretty simple stuff…If kidney’s come to total working level in 2 weeks or so, then ‘up’ the recommended amount …

This is a great protocol to use to get someone off of dialysis machine from kidney failure within a couple months usually, if they respond well to it. Use Dr.’s care to manage doing something like this, as this is of course 100x superior to taking a Dr.’s fake/inorganic potassium pills, yet they need to be able to monitor the situation all the same when in a situation like a dialysis machine…so they do not get potassium poisoned… but since this strengthens the kidneys which are responsible for potassium regulation so that you never get potassium poisoned and since kidneys eat potassium as a main food source… you can see why kidneys that are weak are able to easily keep up with taking potassium like this…

Remember: kidneys regulate salt and potassium in the body both… by making sure not too much of either in the body so you don’t die, however, potassium is the main food source also of kidneys… so how do you get kidneys to be better without it…so here’s a little note for those with kidney failure… so Drs. see the kidney’s as weak and in failure and take a person off of potassium so that the patient does not get potassium poisoning since kidneys not regulating potassium correctly (build up could kill you)… this is often a fallacy to take a person off of all potassium, (when all they needed was right KIND of potassium – the kind that feeds kidneys – real potassium from adzuki not from any other source like veggie drinks etc (all veggies have potassium) ) so be careful, have Dr. monitor you to make sure this minor amount of adzuki sludge you are taking in does not cause problems, and that kidneys are handling the extra potassium kidney food without any build up of potassium in the body that kidneys can’t handle… thus with kidneys handling, properly, the potassium from adzuki sludge, and being properly fed so that they are rejuvenating, (usually in 2 weeks God willing,) that then they are no longer failing or weak (or at 50% or worse function), but instead making it back up to 100% functioning – only then can you increase recommended amount.

Why does this work??? If there is too much salt in the system and kidneys can’t process it all b/c kidneys are weak or whatever, then it does not matter if there is plenty of potassium as it is not the amount of salt that is to be regulated NORRRR is it the amount of potassium that is to be regulated by kidneys – but rather the ratio of one to the other that is regulated! Get it? Therefore, when you have too much salt no problem, add potassium to balance it out… problem with most super high sources of potassium is that they have equally high amounts of sodium… whereas Adzuki beans are highest source of Potassium in comparison to amount of sodium in them which is nearly none (almost no sodium)….this is why this works….now you’re getting pure potassium and very little sodium… thus kidney’s are fed what they are looking for most… also for those with potassium deficiency… this is intense… but never underestimate the power of bananas with oranges for potassium… though you’ll have LITTLE luck with bananas alone, but when you EAT (not juice) an orange, with the banana, now body feels immediate potassium relief! (or just by eating the orange alone.) (don’t try this latter trick with dialysis people – ONLY adzuki sludge for dialysis people) (after all – even Kiwi fruit has the potassium of about 20 to 40 bananas! But with dialysis use the adzuki sludge)

(For those with an interest, 3 other major and massive kidney specific foods are apples, asparagus and coconut oil – uh, though technically the coconut oil is for the adrenal glands that are ONE TOP OF the kidneys… kidneys do in fact LOVE it when you eat some coconut oil & then go out walking…, NOT jogging, but walking is what kidneys are in love with, most esp. after having had coconut oil – results are amazing.)

So to reiterate this all, adzuki sludge 2x/day is great for you, but adzuki sludge 2x/day with eating one orange and few kiwis in the PM is better for you (unless on dialysis then skip the orange or kiwi).

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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