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A Glass Full of Joy: Tips For Finding Beauty in Daily Life



When I’m asked whether I prefer a glass half full or half empty, I settle for the full glass, filled to the brim with the joy of the moment. Sounds surreal? Impossible? Undoable? Well, let me share a story with you, which will shed light on my perspective.

When I was 11.5 years old, my father died in a car accident. Until his death, my life was pretty free of trauma and filled with joy and friends. The day he died, everything changed. His death was so sudden and unexpected that disbelief, not anger or grief, was my very first reaction. In an instant, my life was devoid of happiness and my childhood was over. For several years after my father’s death, a simple smile was not a frequent visitor on my face.

A precious life lesson that I learned the day my father died, however, has stayed with me ever since. Because the day before he had died we spent a wonderful evening together, and the next day he was gone, I acknowledge the fragility and the fragile beauty of everyday life. I know that nothing lasts for ever and that we don’t always have control over our future or the future of our loved ones. So the best thing we can do is to cherish them and the world around us now, in this very moment. Deepak Chopra once said, and this is a paraphrase, that the past is history, the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift–and that’s why it’s called the “present.”

Naturally, I do not wish that any of you go through my experience in order to appreciate the beauty of the moment. My story has taught me a reverent appreciation for the present and I’d like to share some tips with you, things you may include in your daily routine to ensure the acknowledgement of beauty in each day of your amazing life.

  • List 3 things that make you happy in your day. The “things” don’t have to be fancy. In fact, the simpler and easier to obtain, the better. For me, at the moment, they are: a decaf late with homemade almond milk, the beautiful blue sky outside my window, and the relaxing music I’m listening to.
  • When you’re in the shower in the morning, reflect on 3 things you’re grateful for in your life. For me, it’s the fact that my family & friends are healthy, that I get to work on things I care about, and that I’ll share a tasty cup of green smoothie with hubby for breakfast.
  • Do not wish misfortune to anyone, even your greatest “enemy.” Wish them well instead.
  • Don’t be jealous and don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on your own needs instead.

Once you follow these simple rules, you’ll wake up one day and notice how amazing it is to live your daily life.

Wishing you a full glass filled with joy and happiness at all times.


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